Pictures of Altars



Man, I wish i had enough money so I could get the Draconian Ritual Book. :c


Manifest the book. Not the money.


For Mother Day i decide to perform a small rite and to dress my Altar in honour of my Goddesses.
I offered a portugese drink called ‘cavello negra’(thought on wine but in my dream i had a vision that this drink was good aswell), a Apple, Sperm + orgasm and a Poem/prayer/hymn, whatever one would call it in praise of my Goddesses and Women in general which i’ve burned.

Hereby i would like to thank the almighty Goddesses for all what they’ve done for me and hopefully will keep doing:

Mother Kali, you gave me my first nightside Gnosis, purified me, made me find my way back to martial arts.
I love you! i love you so much!! You have no idea how much i am grateful to you…

Ma"at, you kept me down to earth and made me realize Balance was a priority before progress on the occult path

Lilith and Hekate, i know our relationship was at times abit confusîng, i wasnt always ready for what you had to offer but man, i am so grateful i’ve found my way to you two.

Naamah, thank you for guiding me towards my sexual shadow aspects.
Abuse can leave scars so damn deep but there is shame in everybody, thank you beautiful woman!

Bastet, i know i need to have some more fun, just like Kali and Lilith tell me often… I hope i will.

My mother, may she rest in peace.
It is hard to forget everything, but know that i have forgiven you.

For everybody on BALG working with these awesome ladies, may all of you progress for the greater good of your Will!


This is so so so precious. Thanks for sharing.


My pleasure!


Pure fucking, limitless, immortal, infinite LIBERATION!
That’s what they show me, what they want me to be, keep being and keep fighting for!
All of us…
Man what an energy… unbelievable i sometimes tend to forget all this powerful energy… this feeling of primal non conformity.
Liberation in it’s purest essence


This is my fancy altar, for big jobs.


My daily working altar:

Those two altars are all i’ve used to do my magick since 2011.

A full-blown setup for me looks like this:

Again all the magick i’ve done since 2011 has been using one of these two setups.

Beyond that i draw sigils and write requests on scrap paper.

That’s it.

My shit is so simple, man. All i can do is laugh when it actually works.


Please make a post about it, it seems like an altar the future,
Do you only have faith in this altar or this is scientifically based ?


Radionics is a pseudoscience at best, but it works great. The machines are very versatile.

I swear those machines have a mind of their own. To this day i regularly leave my altars blank when i’m not using them. Sometimes they do work on their own without my input. I regularly have people coming back to me asking ‘did you do a job for me? I felt something’ and i tell them i left one of my altars empty for 3 or 4 days. They do work of their own accord all the time, with no input from me, and often without my knowledge.

They’re incredible once you get them going

I can’t wait to upgrade to a better machine. When i do, it’s ON. The really good ones can do some powerful stuff, man.

Uncle Chuckie is the go-to for how to use these things. Check out his books, they’re very informative.


Here’s the update I promised. I still have some touch-ups to do, but Santa Muerte now has her own dedicated altar in my home.




In love. Santa Muerte must be pleased.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awwwww, thank you so much! :hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Especially in regard of the “scientific magick” current, a radionics altar is truly great :slight_smile:


Radionic altars are homely and unattractive to look at, but those things got the job done when everything else failed and i had nowhere to turn.

It’s crazy how your altar becomes a part of you after a while.


This is the picture of my altar. Still be not finished!


I love that dagger!


It was bought at the souvenir shop. Sometimes I am also using a clasp-knife as a ritual dagger.


I’m still looking for “my” ritual dagger, but haven’t quite felt a connection to one, so far :slight_smile:
Anyway, your set up is really neat and maybe I’ll steal that idea with that slice of tree as a plate (mir fällt gerade das Wort für “Baumscheibe” nicht ein, haha) :grinning:


I still looking for a good ritual chalice. I have seen a lot of different daggers and even swords at the Medieval markets (Mittelaltermarkt).


Good ol’ dark ritualistic spears, one for the right hand which has a masculine figure on the top.
This channels masculine power and the power of eternal light.

The other has a feminine figure on the top.
This channels feminine power and the power of darkness eternal.

Together wielding them both creates potent synergy. I consecrated them with blood, semen, menstrual blood, dragon’s blood oil and fumigated the spears in charged solar and lunar incense.