Pictures of Altars



Altar for my beloved Shemhazay/Shemyaza


Absolutely beautiful mate :ok_hand::heart:




beautiful altar!


If you don’t mind saying, where did you get the incense with Bael and Azriel at? Very cool


Luciferian apostle


My beginner altar.


A minimal alter of Duke Bime, Bune, and of God Ganesh/a.


Fantastic altar. Love it. :slight_smile:


An update on my altar, changing seasons and new beginnings.


Before Assembly.

After Assembly.

Pictures of my three altars, doing different work at each.


So beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Badass bro :facepunch:


I recognize the statue is it from Skyrim? One of the dagon princes


Correct, he is one of the Daedric princes, one of the evil gods of the Elder Scrolls universe.
It is Molag Bal, I use him as an archetype for the aspect represented by that altar.
That altar represent a state of purity for my violent darker side, anchoring it so that I can work with it.


Here’s my altar currently


Looks awesome dude! Love the statue on your first setup.


(our Instagram is hedera..helix if someone is interested in altar pictures)


What book is this ??