Pictures of Altars


What does your altar if any, look like? Please snap a photo and post here. No one will judge.
Mine first:

Sorry about the orientation of the photo. I use an old military knife as my athame/dagger. I have a mirror for scrying and jinn rituals. I practice fire safety so you see the pan with the incense holder. The extinguisher is nearby. A glass for the water element. An “Atomic Beam” flashlight. A lancet and alcohol pads from my diabetic kit. Two rings. That’s basically it along with my BoS. The table is an old materials shelf from a preschool. You can still see the old stickers!

Beginners & New Currents? Establish An Altar, Nov 7th

I will snap a picture when I get home later today! I don’t use my altar much, but its still nice


Sorry i don’t have a camera is it possible to hook up a camera to a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.


There was another thread like this can we combine them I know several people including myself posted altar pics in it.


i might post mine in a few hours


Mine looks like this right now.

I still feel like it’s missing elements of “me” but it’s nice for the space.



everyone has such cool altars. mine looks like im a kid :confused:


All your altars are so high. Do you perform your rituals while standing up?


My altar is like 5 feet high. I dnt like shorts altars ut tender to crow easily, my is 18,21 feet long. Plus 7_9 across such as l letter, plus in midle have my stuff oiks herbs on bittom is my books. Etc. In night i use oven baked pans full of sand on case ut fall or whatever, its goid bcse u dnt have to look under for whaever reason tall altars are great if u have cats, its way better


Holy shit!

Wait until you see mine.


Check this out, how majestic, awesome and lavish this is Totally extravagant eh?

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It’s portable, I could carry this around in a bag, haha.


its pretty close to what mine looks like :slight_smile:


Honestly having a portable altar in a bag isn’t a bad idea. Good for sneaking into the forest at night and then packing up as quickly as you set up.

I might make one just for the heck of it. Adding to list of stuff to do for short-term magic-related goals.


yeah get it in your suitcase on a plane also …then again, all I need is cardboard with triangle drawn on it and I can buy big red candles, ash trays and incense anywhere.


Goddamnit man! you beat me with that altar… and I have a fucking cabinet door for my altar lol




It’s not technically an altar, but it should do.


Wow! Excellent setups!


Thanks, I take great pride in my workings. Cheers!