Pictures of Altars



I see a couple of spirits in the photo


Wow this is so cool, I’m gonna make one like it




I’ve had this EAK / BALG Magick Circle. I communicated with EAK a few days ago who verified that he does an operation on all of these when they come in. He says it is a very simple operation involving an entity I assume gave him the idea for the design and that it is not absolutely necessary for those of us who acquire them to do anything at all before using them.

That being said, he did recommend a simple ritual for charging it up that is much like the Gallery of Magick method for charging a sigil. Then he recommended that I use my own blood on the writing to bind it to me. I did that just after this pic was taken.



I had mine made from another source as a blanket. As far as I’m aware, just the symbol/image of the universal circle is already very potent before charging it. Ever since I had mine, I have had awesome lucid dreams with it.


This is my small altar for Belial. There are some hidden parts of it which I use to give my blood to him. I found out years ago that he likes gold (King is a King) and for me he is earthy. Thats why I put the plants around all.

Kind regards




Nice and simple. It has an ancient, regal look to it.


Thanks to both of you! Sometimes I really think, simple things are the best. Although I want it much bigger, but Belial needs to earn a bigger one first :wink:


Kaos magik ftw.


Looks like my junk and setup at times.


I try to keep it simple and multi-purpose.


Altaration of Mined Power




Mine needs to be updated more for the new workings now. I have some plans as soon as i get some cash flow going. But here is mine!


I love my plants and as soon as i can get into the swing of things they will be in my space as well. I always keep some stones in the gardan as well😉


My altar after preforming a ritual from the Draconian Ritual Book


So beautiful :heart_eyes::heartpulse:


My altar for Lilith my Goddess with the section on the side for my Unholy Saint and Patroness Jezebel during New Moon ritual after adding a few bits and changing it around.