Pictures of Altars


Love it


This alter is constantly changing. It’s a work space for me
And work in progress, what you can’t see is the book shelf to the side stacked full of supplies :joy::joy:
Cicada shells dirts, candles …Uploading…


Love this!



Nice Altar, i can usually fit all my ritual supplies in a small leather bag i have, i really go for the minimalist view, plus i need to stay secret because of my family, maybe ill post it on here and how i fit it.


I tend to like neat, organization, lots of containers.
This is Enkis box. I’d like to have a box for The Princes.


I moved my alter space to face the south. We shall see how that flows.


I would love to change my altar up a bit but i like it right now.
Here is my altar top;

The shit under my altar;

The shit in my altar drawer;

But i seriously need to go through it completely and redo everything.
(This doesn’t count my occult books lol).


Just gonna link my thread about my portable ritual altar.


Mine is not really impressive. It’s a makeshift solution since I don’t have much space and we are moving soon, anyway.


For my best friend, my daddy and an amazing awesome God, Here is Lucifer’s Altar


I just moved and now I’m moving again soon but this is what I have for right now…

This was part of my Rite to Leviathan on the Equinox.


Love the blood!


That is awesome!


We use this symbol as mockery of Yeshua been Josef. As seeing him unworthy as well. Or being crucified upside down and facefucked by Roman legionnaires.


I love it… Where did you get that journal/grimoire?.. Very cool.


Thank you so much!!

I actually got it on Etsy/Ebay, one of the two… I got this one specifically because it’s handmade paper and I love the red pentagram. I just have to use it upside down, so the latch is a little finicky, but I love it!


Aww so cool. I might get one if i can.


Here is my new updated altar set up… I will get another picture going up here after i buy some things for it. Will have to wait until after this next weekend.


Papa Legba?