Pictures of Altars



Ignore the poorly drawn sigil, I’m much better with a guitar than I am with a pen and paper. We just moved into this place, and I don’t have any nice cups with me at the moment so a red solo cup will do for now.


Lucifer’s altar


New photo by Alton J Reid Sr

New photo by Alton J Reid Sr

New photo by Alton J Reid Sr

New photo by Alton J Reid Sr

New photo by Alton J Reid Sr



Looks pretty good to me!


Don’t let the cigar box fool you, it actually only has cigars and matches in it LOL




This isn’t much but the purpose of this is I anointed the oil for protection and other stuff for myself with Raphaels help and others, also I said the names of God and cough Yeshua cough and Mother Mary. I put my hands over it and my hands tingled a lot. 0:


How cute!


My new, humble bedside altar. Ironically, the items I use are common household items contributed by my Christian friends. I can easily clear it away and hide it somewhere.

Without flash:

I made the wand myself using a tree branch that was lying on the ground, I attached a quartz crystal to the end and wrapped the entire thing in aluminum foil and black duct tape. The idea is to channel my energy into an electrical conductor like a wire.

This is smaller and simpler than the first altar that started this topic.


Here’s a little alter I made for Loki, offering and such. Ye know


It has been too long since I’ve done any magick.
4 money candles
1 love candle
1 candle for power and psychic prowess, spiritual capabilities
1 candle for protection, balance, and wisdom
1 candle for Belial because he is the best


I like the altar. Is that a Christain Atar?


It is a boveda espiritual.


Thank you.




Alright, who does this belong to…


I’m sorry but when I noticed the bowling pin I almost died :joy: :rofl: . I’m not knocking the setup but it’s a little too stiff for me.


Yes, this is an altar to male phallic gods I suppose. Very practical and modern.

I saw a similar setup once before to the female vaginal goddesses, but not as neat, detailed and organized.


My outdoor Taoist altar “The Altar Of The Seven Stars” recently got an upgrade.