Pictures of Altars


Yup Papa Legba.


I just moved recently so I had to condense things down, everything fits into the box beneath. I’ve also got my incense and oils inside along with a tarot deck (classic Rider) and Amethyst stones carved into sacred geometry shapes. Once I get set up better I’ll probably update the pic.


Nice and compact. It even has an almost aged, elegant feel to it. I like it.


Thank you, the box is quite old. What I like about it is that it’s covered in black velvet, a material I just recently learned in EA’s newest video that keeps the energy of my tools contained. Once I get a desk it’s going to be a centrepiece.


I will be getting my altar set up in a totally new way from this. So;

  • A new altar cloth (really its a Halloween table cloth that i love so much).
  • Two new black Candlestick holders that i have never had.
  • A Glass Skull mug.
  • Orange Halloween-ie type electrical lights.
  • New Red plate.
  • (Hopefully tomorrow i will get a new ritual knife… Aka a machete).

I hope it will be awesome at least for me :slight_smile:


Mines really new and far from completed!


but you remind me of my stupidity: even this little a space,
means that you got a place dedicated for practice… and i keep looking for excuses :astonished:


…respect :fearful:


@Drachir I understand completely. I can’t make altars like some of these pictures because religious parents. This didn’t start out as an altar at all. It is the desk where I first evoked my guide though. I felt urged to buy the minotaur and the little amethyst tree. The rocks I already had. I got those little felt bagged tourist polished rocks at 2 or 3 different locations when i was younger (aquariums in new Orleans and chicago and maybe one other spot). It turned into this. One of the things I’m really learning (because beginner) is how important intent is. Not just in spellcasting, but every aspect of life. My intention has been to honor my guide and through that intention he’s provided me with a way to do that. Which I’m super dooper grateful for! To think that it just started as a candle and a drawing pad!


@Drachir thanks by the way. I didnt think anyone was actually going to reply to mine because the others do seriously look more impressive lol


@Florry - please do. I’m in the same boat


I just got done redoing my altar with brand new items.
I have a new altar cloth, two new crosses which symbolize the crossroads, a machete, two new candlestick holders, a book stand to hold my grimoire, a skull mug, an offering plate and some cool orange Halloween lights.
I love my new set up!

I hope everyone enjoys :slight_smile:

That Moment When 3

That’s a beautiful display. :heart:

Mine gets tucked away in that box, on a bottom shelf in my room when not in use. I miss having somewhere to keep my stones out on display. Love the Amethyst tree btw, great idea!


@Mercury - Thanks :slight_smile: A woman I know is asking someone how to make them. If her and I can learn how, I’m going to make a shelf for them : 7 for the colors of the rainbow and then a quartz one for light.


I’ve seen guides for that craft on Pinterest, not all the blogs give designs but the odd one does. They are beautiful ways to keep stones. The amethyst specifically is a neat idea because it naturally cleanses energies in stones when they’re kept nearby. I need a weeping willow of the stuff now that I’ve seen your display. XD


@Mercury That’s a super great idea. I do have some amethyst that I keep for protection. A few stones and some jewelry. I might put little rock-sized stones (corresponding ones) by the trees. Amethyst in front of amethyst and so on. Be an easy way to keep cleansed all the gems I buy and use.


I’d love to see a picture of that when it’s assembled! :heart:


@Mercury I’ll definitely upload a picture!


At this point my main altar is a big layed out news paper with symbols drawn on it.


amazing!i feel the energy of it!