Physical manifestation / Full evocation

Before anyone says I should use the search, I’d like to say I’ve already done that! =P

I’d like to know what do I have to do to see and hear them fully, I was wondering, if this is all I have to do, since what I have now in full (and what I was born with) apparently is called Clairsentience, knowing things by intuition and energy presence/feeling.

For now, this is what I know I should do:

*Obsidian mirror scrying and fire scrying during evocations,
*Having their sigils carved or drawn in metals,
*The Soham Akaal meditation (I have tried this one and this is very hard for me, I don’t know why!)

So far, I have had some of them showing me flashes/lights in the room (and as it looked like, also on a sigil), and candle tricks.
And some level of possession but only with one specific demon.

Other than chamomile, I cannot find the other herbs for putting on the eyes and ears, so for now I have skipped that technique.

I’d like to get tips and advice from the most experienced, please. I appreciate it!

PS: Probably not important, but when I was a child I used to see a demon in my home’s living room quite often, but I can’t say if that was true or not. As an adult now on the LHP, it made me curious. But that’s ok. Also, I used to see many shadows.


Forget so much about the formalities of the rituals and focus mostly on developing your Astral Senses.

Meditate, practice, evoke often.

Don’t forget to ensure you give the spirit a clear way to manifest physically.
It may be through smoke, through the scrying mirror.

Ensure you’re CLEAR with the entity on HOW you want it to manifest.

“Manifest physically to me through the smoke of this incense!”


Hmm. Hadn’t really considered that was something I needed to do/ I’m not hearing them anyways. Inscense/ smoke is not something I can currently implement so I guess my question is does it need to be a black mirror? I mean I’ve read some pretty simple instructions for making one/ just would be another think to have to stow away when I’m not alone.

Curious about what other methods there may be as well… offf to research!

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:thinking: it’s much easier to meet them in the astral plane than manifest them physically! :woman_shrugging: some say you can be at the astral plane and the physical plane at the same time! Working on your astral double is the key! I am yet to do that!


Something that I keep getting left wondering in all of these threads is what people really mean by visual and physical or full manifestation. Like, being able to feel spirits when they touch you, or seeing their outline in the air is all well and good, but I wouldn’t have thought that those were what were meant. Occasionally I can get into a good enough state that I can leverage the auditory hallucinations I get while half-asleep in order to hear them clearly.

While most people say that you need a way to allow them to manifest, I do know that some magical phenomena can allow you to physically see things that may not physically be there. I’ve experienced that in the form of discolorations and bright flashes a bunch of times. Haven’t ever encountered telekinesis on stationary objects before, but maybe full tangible manifestation would have little to do with it.

Now that I think on it, full evocation is a strangely modern focus. Look at the shamanic groups, mostly meet their spirits in dreams. The Mesopotamian priests did not expect it, nor the Greeks nor Romans, nor any of the ancient religions I am aware of. The Goetic magicians of the past didn’t even require this full of one. Full evocation doesn’t even relate to how effective the spirit would be at a task, it is solely to satisfy the pride and lingering doubts of the magician. The first period I know of where it started to become expected would have been during the seance craze of the 1800’s, around the same time that the predecessors of the New Age movement, New Thought, got started.


@Zirnitra Sorry but I must disagree. I need to go beyond, because I have the need and because I want it. If you are okay with where you are currently at, OK, but don’t just generalize like that.
I have very serious reasons to be seeking full communication with them, otherwise I would not seek it.
I’m sure that many will not like that generalization.

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Hi Jaydos447, that was so inspiring, thank you for your reply!
I have asked that to some of them already, but I wonder if I’m missing something regarding the development of the astral senses. What do you suggest?

Hi MiKu, thanks for yor reply. I have no idea on how to do that, for now. What do you suggest?
I don’t know if the Soham Akaal meditation (indigo light visualization) is also for that purpose, but I find it very hard and I’m looking for alternatives. I can meditate with other methods/techniques and relax quite a lot though.
I always try to see them with my eyes closed too. But so far, I feel like I’m missing something. I’m sure there’s something I’m missing!

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What are the benefits?

What I am doing is relaxing and trying to get my astral parts to move! Starting with my fingers! I am yet to move my astral body fully! Once you manage to move everything you should be good to go!
Other things I have tried is just asking the entities to pull me out! It’s a mess! :rofl: I think they enjoyed tossing me around! :thinking: what I have noticed with Belial he vibrate my third eye and root chakras until it’s solid and snatch me out! :woman_shrugging: but then I can’t move because I never learned how in the first place! Also when I keep trying to see hear feel everything I get overwhelmed! I blackout because my senses are weak…


There are multiple ways to try and fix this I’ll give a few suggestions but based on your post it seems like you have one astral sense for free which is a good starting point, it will help you to figure out if you are doing it right.

Before you bust out the obsidian mirror and scry away you need to deveop your astral senses. Here are few very well known methods that when practcied consistently should yield results.

  1. If you want something to rub on your skin I’d recommend laveder essential oil: in essence it’s stimulates receptivity, and psyhcic senses when applied to the skin esepcially in between the brow and temples ( a few drops should be enough).

  2. If you have ever heard about the chakras you’e probabaly heard about mantras as well, those are called bija mantras when combined with the visualization they produce responses in the body.
    So beginning from the root the mantras are

Om (Aum)

Dependng which school of thought you follow you will either do the mantras x - amount of times or some say you should combine with Yoga for optimum effect but I’ld leave that you as for the method it basically goes like this:

Before you begin with the mantras, visualize a golden light casting alight onto your crown and the let it cascade over your head and let it relax piece by piece, until it reacehes your feet, then you imagine a brighter white light above hitting your cown and give the mantra Om once, then you allow the light to cascade all over you down to your feet.

Then you begin with the traditional oulling energy through chakras from the bottom up. If you are apt at visualization imagine pulling the red energy from the ground you are standing upon (through your feet) or sitting on (directly into root chakra), the chakra at a basic level can be seen as a ball with a color, the color of the chakra is different as eac of the chakras has a desginated color starting from the root it’s visualized as red (to me at always looks like it red as a ruby and not blood red), when you the area tense and is loaded with energy almost can’t hold anymore and then give the mantra 3 - 5 times, when done right you should a feel a release and energization in that area and almost an automatic sensation of something like a string or smoke pillar rising from that area into the next chakra (visualizing this as a line entering the next chakra (an orange ball) can help with this) and repeat the process up until the heart chakra where aafter you’ve felt it releaseing relax and stay there for a bit meditate on your heart center before moving on to the next chakra all the way to third eye, here’s an exception instead of three times it should be fine vibrating either Ram/Krim once, once the release happens imagine like a small golfball in your head that your oll up into the final chakra. Here depending on the shool of though you either give Om or roll the ball from your crown to your zeal (bindhu) chakra - the point where your spinal cord meet your head I think it the nape of your neck, and release the energy through your hands. - this method as I’ve described is E.A’s take on opening the chakras which is found in the Soul travel course and it works really well.

In addition to that do Sohaam Akhaal meditation it’s hard in the beginning you need a few tips you can PM me and I’ll try to help you out, if I can’t try and find someone who might for example the man himself.

Also I’d recommend picking either tarot or runes as they will help your senses grow stronger, tarot is a really great way of developing your astral senses.

If you find that this isn’t enough to ehlp you out go and look into this thread this should help you out.

Or from a really apprecated member:

These resources will help you with senses once that is done and taken care of - this can vary but a general rule for me taken from Kurtis Jospeh is 30 - 40 days do an exercise/es, unlesss you get and get it results quick, you may move OR if you haven’t gained any result by then, then you need to continue doing the same thing until it clicks or get into a consultation that will help you.

  1. As for the full manifestation of a spirit here a few tips, if you can’t get incense there are other ways to create incense like conditions, if it’s summer or spring use the mist as your incense/manifestation base), you can cock water and use the steam as your manifestation base - I’ve read and tried it, it works but it can run out pretty fast as temperature cna be hard regulate.

Or if you are not afarid of fire use alcohol and burn it, and scry into that.

If you aren’t squeamish you can use animal blood in a bowl and use it a scrying tool, the avpour that rises is an excellent manifestation base for spirits.

You can also scry into water if you can get a hold of a bowl preferbly black or a dark color.

Full manifestation

Once you get a solid image in either manifestation bases of the spirit then go right ahead and grab any sigil you can find with the entity that you want to call, go out in the wlderness or remain your temple and here some highly useful conjurations found in this video;

The intial one which heavily is by me is found at 5:27
And in addition to aid full manifestation of a spirit is the conjuration beginning at 6:30 is excellent, you can use either but when summoning a spirit fully, I prefer using the one at 6:30, the one at 5:27 feels more intimate, it’s hard to describe.

Although I highly recommend that you watch the full thing to also the purpose for the incantations as well.

Repeat incantation along with the spirits name to come like;

incantation, (name of spirit). come.

Once you feel its precense is there then structure the spirit, inside the manifestation base, you could say you use your scrying vision but you use on the manifestation base. Structuring a silhouette at first and then let the details and actual look of the spirit fill in by itself.

And if you have relaly developed your astral senses and your scrying vision that shouldn’t take too long to master for you. - if you need more in depth expaination I would recommend to get in a consultation with E.A or get one of his courses in your case Mastering Divination or Mastering Evocation Course, they are worth every penny I’ll swear by them any day.

With all of this I wish you luck and this should at least give you some kind of starting point. If yon’d like to suggestions I’ve made check around some more or try and get into a consultation with E.A as I am sure he can help you way better than I can.

All the best



The method detailed in the link leads to a fairly solid manifestation at times, though not as in “can put up shelves and leave bootprints in the rugs” level: Evocation Of My Personal Daemon

But be very careful about breathing your own life energy into any truly external being, they may decide they want more of it than you want to give, so, be responsible, do a reading and so on first and ONLY do it with a spirit you can already communicate with well enough to have them take an oath on boundaries.


These days I started to wonder if an entity manifesting through the incense smoke may eventually get a “realistic appearance” i.e. TGS and clairvoyance set in and it’s like being in front of (depending on the case) other people, an animal or a mythological creature.

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Wow that’s amazing

I’m sure there are black magicians that don’t/won’t use the chakra system. I haven’t had the time to practice daily yet but there’s for example one exercise recommended by VK Jehannum that starts from your head and goes down your body, imagining light and vibrating names like, Azazel, Astaroth, Belial, etc.


(Someone should perform this reversed pentagram banishing before the Infernal Middle Pillar - above -

So I was a little bit surprised by seeing that. I did a lot of chakra work in the past, before considering black magick and it never made me manifest anything good - not trying to be harsh here, just being extremely honest.

The things I said are actually also present in the Mastering Evocation. I have tried scrying with my own blood and water - didn’t work. I’m waiting for my special ‘pan’ for the fire scrying and my obsidian mirror to arrive.
About scrying with animal blood - have not tried that, but I imagine it should be done with fresh blood - right?

So yeah I have also got the Mastering Divination, but I am still finishing the Mastering Evocation course first. There are really many hours of teachings there!

I don’t know why the Soham Akaal is so hard for me to do. I can meditate and relax through other techniques but this one has been very hard on me. I don’t get why!
I’m looking for alternatives.

According to EA Koetting looks like that his first experience was through just a black mirror and King Paimon scaring the shit out of him - and he was still just kinda beginner, RHP style - that’s what I recall watching him say.

I love EA Koetting btw! When I sort out my life I’ll probably go meet him up and learn more from him. (He’s so attractive nowadays, it’s hard to not think other thoughts about that meeting :blush:)

@Teras390 I use all incantations mostly the one for summoning all powers and the one for calling them - I have also used the ic chalaz … (for physical manifestation) and sometimes, when necessary, the Santu’la one, for helping things manifest when they are hard.

I’ll check the second link. THank you