Pacts for a specific afterlife

Something that has been on my mind is the afterlife, and it’s possibilities if it even exists. My afterlife goals are honestly kind of really embarrassing escapist in nature, I’ve tried to invoke specific entities related to the afterlife I want, and I have been told it’s possible but I feel like it’s just me talking to myself whenever I invoke, or an imposter.

For further context I invoked Lilith, lust is a big part of my afterlife desires, the only sign that I got when I invoked her was half a chub, which was a little surprising but very subtle so I’m not sure it was her.

I have a standing offer from Ebuhuel to help anyone needing to to get out of the Earth’s sphere of influence after the 2nd death if you’re interested.

Ebuhuel is a being specializing in healing from Jared Tempest’s Angels of Omnipotence book.

If you communicate with him in this life he can discuss strategy and options with you. This is just my UPG so far so I’d love to hear about it if you try this whatever you find, yay or nay.

You don’t need a pact, those are for within this life ideally and so don’t apply. This guy just makes a point of helping humans understand their situation and options. Almost a freedom fighter, you could say, though that’s not at all how he’s put it.

I don’t know, but as far as I can tell this entity is an egregore that is fully linked with humanity on Earth, so pacting with her would probably imply staying on Earth and probably as a highly sexual primate species, of which homo sapiens is one. Dolphins are also highly sexual and a good option.

I would say, it’s not so much an “after” life as much as “next” life. If you want sex you pretty much are going to want a physical body with sex hormones that all work.


I’ll go read that post in a minute, although I will admit I don’t really know how much I accept reincarnation traps as a concept. It just seems like extreme doomer talk, especially since there’s really no evidence for well any spiritual stuff other than personal anticdeotal stuff. My current beliefs/hopes is that we can ultimately choose to go anywhere we want or that death is just the end of consciousness.

Let me go into further detail, the specific escapist fantasy universe I’m obsessed with is kind of a hug box it’s not really like our world. Sex is a big part of it but so are happy endings and love. The happy ending stuff is one of the biggest draws. Why do you think Lilith is an egregore? Something I considered which honestly makes me feel insane for even considering, is attempting to invoke the gods from that fictional universe to see what would happen, feel like it’s a pretty bad idea but it’s tempting.

Her etymology makes it pretty obvious she was never a being but a symbol, and the layering of what started as a way to explain wet dreams and cot death into a sex “demon” in the Middle Ages starts to look just a bit weird. :woman_shrugging:

Ah, yes I believe that all “heavens” and “hells” are invented locations in the astral. Some are in the shared astral similar to locations from books and fiction, some are in your personal astral which only you know about. The main difference between them is knowing they exist.

This means people take themselves to these places after death based on their beliefs. You could say it’s a way of having a rest, but also a stagnation as you’re basically entertaining yourself out of time and unlikely to be experiencing anything new. I suspect that eventually people have enough and then they move in with the rest of their spiritual life.

If they can do that then there’s no reason you can’t go to a Heaven that is all about sex. Islamic matyrs do exactly that with the whole 72 virgins thing, so all you have to do is find a way to convince yourself you will be going there, no matter what, and you will, imo. That’s literally how these places work.

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Personally I feel like that can be said for all entities.

Gaslighting myself into going to my fantasy universe sounds really funny. I actually do kind of agree that is what happens, doubt many Hindus see Jesus when they die type thing. The universe I’m obsessed with is the monster girl encyclopedia world, it’s fucking awful honestly. It’s embarrassing and makes me feel like a dumb bitch, and I have been trying to invoke entities to help me get over it. It has been helpful, since the obsession has lessened.

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