Pact with Lucifer what to offer him

Hey peeps ok so here is my problem im having im still fairly new to this so forgive me if this is been asked before alot but i been looking for ansewr cant get no actual response and im talking not offerings i mean like when u are writing a pact between you and lucifer cause im actully getting ready to make pact with him but i want to be sure its accepted and im worried what i put wont be good enough can you guys that have exp with this sort of thing mabye offerme sone input on acceptable things people usually offer when writing out a pact please? Thank you so much any help on this will be much appreciated thanx :wink::blush:

I haven’t worked with Big L himself, but I know that whatever the terms of your pact are, you MUST be willing and able to honor your end of it. Failing to do so will come back to bite you in the ass hard.

Also offering your soul to any spirit, regardless of whether they are demon, angel or otherwise, is not going to happen. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until it stops being true, no spirit is interested in having your soul. Souls are only useful to the bodies they are bound to from birth. If you try to give a spirit one, they’ll be like “What do I even do with this?”. It won’t make them mad, though I can only imagine the frustration Lucifer must go through every time someone tries to offer him their soul, the poor guy.

Uh ya i get that but i would never offer that in first place im not looking to do that but also thats my problem im having is i just have no clue like wuts good enough i dont want to put down a couple things and him laugh at me feel me that would suck

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Okay, good! Some newcomers try to go the extra mile and do this, only to end up feeling embarrassed.

As for the pact itself, why don’t you invoke/evoke him and ask him what he would like in return?

Well the problem is that im still so new that i havnt been able to do that on my own yet i will be able to eventully but not yet ive been studying this stuff for almost a year and still bern havin hard time with so i decided to go thru another person someone thats well known and respected in this sort of thing and she has assisted me with my pact with lucifer and part of the instructions for what i am suppost to do next is write out everything i want from him and then also things im willing to do in return for him so ya see thats my problem im havin and i actully tjought about it like damn if only i can ask mysekf but not able to do that as of yet so thats why im trying to find out what are some things people have offered when doing pacts with dosnt even have to be lucifer but just some like ideas is what i trying to find out sorry i kno what can i say newbies :wink: ill be so glad when i am no longer new at this stuff. :wink:

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All Lucifer wants is your dedication and sincerity in your own transformation. Call him with a true desire to be something more.


If I can go on a tangent, I’d like to know what to offer lilith.

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You can offer him a lot of things like roses, poems, loyalty, respect, etc. You should offer him anything you believe that it would be good to offer since an offering is as important as you make it.

However, if you want to offer something with the same value as your request then you can ask him about it.

Blood is a very powerful offering, if only it is agreed upon.

Check this out.


When I worked with Lucifer the first time, I made sure to ask what HE wanted in return. Without getting to specific, his request was fruit and drink, along with my time and positive word. Lucifer has been very good to me.


That’s easy, offer him your genitalia…

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