Pact with demon

I written yesterday pact with demon,I signed it with my own blood next I burn it.
I wanted protection and offer my blood 1 time per week for the rest of my life
of course I want to work with that demon in other things later, therefore it does not interfere with me offer blood.
then I put my blood on the sigil,I said I’d offer it to him that it was the first payment,then 7 days again
I burned it,then I felt weak energy,fatigue.
And I don’t know if demon accepted pact.
I just had a weird dream in the morning ,about another demon which I don’t work with and I don’t called him, and in dream I saw his sigil and he wanted me to give him my blood on hos sigil.
what should i do now ?i have to put that blood in his sigil or ?
It’s normal that you want one particular demon and other demon appears ?

Um…why would you offer blood to a demon you haven’t even communicated with yet?

A pact is a binding agreement between you and the demon. If you have never actually asked the demon if it wants your blood, or even if it agrees to your terms, then you are not in a pact, and are essentially offering a free meal to anything out there that might be interested.

My advice would be to stop with the blood offering, and evoke the demon properly, to ask it if it is actually willing to enter an agreement with you, because it sounds like you are just assuming that simply by writing on a piece of paper and offering blood that it is a done deal, without even asking the demon first. Remember, a demon can say no to a pact.

As for the dream, my guess is it’s an imposter looking for the free meal that you are so casually giving away.


Ok so I’ll take it that I don’t have a pact with anyone demon and I will ignore it all.

Why not ask the demon and find out?

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ok thank you for you answer

I would also advise you to never offer blood “for the rest of your life.” That is a huge commitment, and could lead to a lot of unintended consequences (accidents that draw blood when the demon wants it, or if you get busy and forget the offering, etc).

PS: Have a reading done on whether or not the pact is in effect. That should help give you some idea. There are a few threads open currently where people are offering free readings where you can ask for one.


pls give my link free readings ?

Current threads:


Rituals: (please read instructions before requesting a ritual)

Members often open threads giving free readings, usually on a first come first serve basis, so be on the lookout for those.


thank you

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It’s quite common for your magickal workings to attract unwanted entities. I would ignore this new entity and banish as well to be safe. If it’s someone you want to talk to later, you can always call them by name then.


Blood is a big expense.

I believe you should be more careful with that .
seek experts or pros advice in such practices.


Doing that if you haven’t got your senses developed is risky.

If you don’t know if the spirit is there or accepted or if the spirit you want is there it’s not a good idea to try a pact. Depending on how you worded it it could attract parasites (spirits that aren’t what you tried to contact but may pretend to be or nay just try feeding on your energies with or without causing troubles to generate said energies).

Since you said you don’t know if the pact was accepted I’m guessing your senses aren’t open enough to see spirits.

If you try again be more careful, and specify a sign of acceptance be given. As others have said, blood isn’t necessary.

You probably will wonder if I or others know what we are talking about. Well I definitely do.

I got myself in a mess doing the Hollywood style pact thing using blood before. Something came and to shorten a long story down to its essence, I got possessed by that spirit. I think the only reason I’m not still possessed or dead is because of how I worded the pact (it broke the rules set out in the attempted pact and afterwards it was either forced out by another spirit or left. When it was removed or left it felt kind of like a cork being pulled from a bottle).

So please take my advice and be more careful. Watch how you word things and if your senses aren’t developed avoid blood in a pact. Blood can firm a link that allows a parasite or imposter spirit or random spirit (depending on the wording of said pact) to forge a connection to you that could lead to possession

Add: Now I don’t know if there’s a spirit police they enforce not breaking pacts rules or if my ancestors spirits pulled it out or it got bored and left. All I know is I did the dumb shit and learned a hard lesson (the lesson for me was: Don’t do that!).

So be careful ok?

Because, if your senses aren’t developed enough it can go wrong. Even if they are it could (if you believe an imposter is the real spirit).

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Well this is just giving too much for too little to be honest. Better find out if it got accepted soon.

I wouldn’t do this before confirming it.


Thank you for your response. I’m already paying attention to that.

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in the end I didn’t do it and I used the LBRP.