Free Readings

I m bored and i am in the mood to give a reading to a few people.
I m a beginner so it will be a good practice. I will do my best to answer questions.

I will appreciate a reading in return


Hey thanks for the offer. My question is what can I do to be happier?

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Thank You for offering!!

My question is for how longer will this struggle go for?


I will pm you

Can i take?
Should i be courageous and perform lilith ritual with different intention?

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Welcome @Captainsk It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so, before asking members for readings, PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


If you have time I’d like a general one.

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Can i have a reading too?

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I’d also like a general Reading, if you have time.

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You are at a stage in your life that there is some form of blockage into being your true carefree self. I see that you are trying to find some balance within your life and focus on self love but one part of your life has overtaken the other.
Your struggle will end when you will get in tune with your leadership qualities and you will allow help to come into your life. I mean help in terms of helping people to assist you. You cannot do everything by yourself.

Cards drawn: fool rv, queen of pentacles rv and king of wands.

Please let me know how it resonates.

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You need to ask me a question so i can give you a reading. I dont know what to ask the cards :woman_shrugging:. I am a beginner.

I didnt even need to pull too many cards to answer yours. As soon as i asked Lilith i got the direct answer no. She dropped the knight of wands rv out of my hands and on the clear question she sent me the world card rv.
I immediately felt that she doesnt want you to take further aciton. You want to complete a big goal but you arent taking the necessaemry steps. You are trying to find shortcuts but you need to go through all the stages in order to get where you want to be. Stay focused.
You are the knight of wands rv you might have motivation and enthusiasm but you are staying on the surface. And you need to learn how to channel your energy. Stick to your original idea

Please provide me feedback to help me improve.

What type of general reading do you have in mind? Is a message from your spirits? I dont understand. Please clarify

Yes my darling. What would you like to know?

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I can give you a reading but i am happy to answer more specific questions.

Thanks for your attention <3

what does lucifer actually think of me, he expects me to call him and should i call him?

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Hahaha omg father Lucifer has some sense of humour .
I asked him what does he think about you and he gave me the 2 of pentacles reversed. I sense that he wants you to find some balance.
Then i asked him if you should call him and he replied with ace of cups reverse… which i sense it means that is kinda pointless… :woman_shrugging:. Find the balance.
Then i asked him if he would come and find you himself haha and he gave me the four of cups… and i sensed that he replied to me :No way are you joking right? Hahaha. He is an Emperor.

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can i have a reading about my spesific person? she contacted me 2 months ago and i didn’t respond i want to know if she call me again and when?

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can i have it too?

My question is, should I call Lucifer? Can he help me develop my energy?


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I got the 8 of wands reversed. This is abtrupt energy cancelled.
I wanted to go deeper into your question and i asked some further question what are her feelings about you…
And i got some very clear message.
10 of swords, the devil reversed and the 10 of wands reversed.
These are cards that show a person who is crushed from being hurt … who is trying to break free from this connection and she is trying to release the burden.
I asked spirit what you are advised to do in order to improve this connection and the answer was 9 of pentacles. I sense this means you need to work on your self improvement before taking any further action.

Please provide me with feedback.

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