Overthinking, Anxiety, OCD, practical stagnation and too much AIR element. Magickal help to find balance and to be more assertive, practical, acting and less brooding?

I suffer from social anxiety in general and i tend to really stack in comfort zones.
Two years of lockdowns plus me living a little distant from my friends led me to isolate myself.
I renounced to study and still not managed to find a work.
Once i started the journey on esoterism i found out that excess of one element can lead to disbalance, looking to my natal chart i have basically only air element in myself which is representative of all my problems.
I tend to overthink things, ocd and social anxiety.
I have difficulty to actually do things and not only to think about it.
I really get lost in my thoughts. I rather imagine myself doing things that i really should do in reality but i won’t.
How can i fix it?


You might like to check out the topics of other on here who also have this issue. A lot of people use a lot of different spirits and they all work out. Paimon can remove weaknesses.


For myself, I’m not anxious but I can seriously procrastinate, and Amducias was helpful for getting motivated and moving. He can make others compliant, so I guess he can make you compliant to your own wants as well.