Online psychic reading (need advice)

I paid for a online psychic reading and (two items to help me psychic development) on Etsy which was accurate.
I asked about ways I can further develop psychic abilities, what to do about career, love life, if I should be single/in a relationship, how to make friends so the psychic’s response for the reading relates to that.

The psychic told me that they know that I am a spiritual person with a sixth sense and that calcification of the pineal gland is needed.
My energies are open and luxuriating and spiritual protection would be beneficial (not sure what type of spiritual protection would help)
I have fluctuations of energy in my chakras and this is why I don’t connect with the right people or situations in my life. So I need to raise my vibrational energy, balance my chakras, use spiritual protection and work on the pineal gland.
So do I need to regularly cleanse my aura, chakras or energy in general? How do I know if my chakras are balanced or my energy is fluctuating?
What is the difference between the pituitary gland, pineal gland and the third eye? What is the simple way of raising my vibrational energy?

I have bought a item that could help me with psychic abilities, becoming a medium and a spirit vessel with a vampire/werewolf hybrid spirit but I won’t receive for awhile due to the virus quarantine.

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This is all very sound, if generic, advice. I hope they gave you something personally meaningful as well.

Meditate - any way you like, this is how you raise energy. As you continue you’ll start to notice and learn about yourself and your energy. Try keeping a journal. and at times just pause and study how you feel, why, what is you an what came from outside.

Ground after meditation, use cleansing techniques - e.g. smudging/enchanted water/lbrp - try a few and keep what works, don’t worry about what doesn’t.

I’m just going to put my opinion here - there’s no such thing as a ‘vampire/werewolf hybrid spirit’, and you were scammed, Sorry. If you can cancel this order, do so, at best, it’s pure bullshit at worst you have a non-consensually bound lesser entity that doesn’t want to help you and will harm you or escape the first chance it gets.

If you really want a vessel for an entity, get a real entity that is known and trusted to be helpful, that matches your needs, like a Goetic daemon, and invite it into a pendant or ring of your choosing to wear.
You’ll both develop your experience and get something real.


I did ask the Etsy sellor about thee item, she told the spirit wanted to choose it’s vessel and asked me what would be a suitable vessel.
The Other item is a bottle with herbs, crystals in it that would help with psychic development.

A trusted and known daemon? I don’t have experience with the Goetia to be honest.

This sounds like a possible servitor or thoughtform created by the seller.

I have a chimera spirit that was created for me by a former member of this forum.


Okay. Different people have/are telling me conflicting things.
I recently asked about psychic abilities, if working with spirits changes you, learning vampiric psychic abilities.
They have a satanic YouTube channel, (Satania) I was listening to a vampiric subliminal, they told me vampires in many forms are real, Including astral parasites.

Yes that’s normal. This isn’t like college where you get definitive answers you can trust. Everything is subjective to you.
It’s best to learn as much as you can, hear all the opinions, read everything you can get your hands on, try a few ideas and techniques on for size and build your own personal experience.

Don’t believe as read anything anyone says. Not me, not youtubers, not published authors - nobody.
Make up your own mind.

Have you personally met a vampire spirit such that you understood why you agreed it was a vampire?
No? Then why believe such a thing exists? It’s a hypothesis you haven’t discounted yet at best.
Getting this vessel would be a great opportunity for you to talk to this entity and ask it.

I personally know why I don’t - it might involve views of the universe you don’t share, but they make sense to me and they’re not someone else’s regurgitated opinions, they’re mine. That’s what I shared … in time you will naturally form your own.

The servitor possibility makes more sense to me as well. My concern is it’s a lesser entity, which are often parasitic. Persuading the seller to let it infect people through thier store is well within the capabilities of a parasite - some even infect energy healers and the practitioner is hurting people without even knowing… You have to be very careful with such things, especially starting out, since you don’t know how to feel it or protect yourself if it goes sideways.

That makes sense and it’s helpful. That’s why I only bought one spirit vessel so if anything goes wrong I could figure out what to do. Someone has suggested a Goetia demon, w(hich might be known, trusted and helpful to them but it doesn’t garantee they will help me) plus I don’t have much experience with demons other than via
other people,which was problematic and abusive.

I’ve discussed the whole third eye nonsense on here before. Feeling to lazy to say the same thing over and over again so here.

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Okay, thank you.

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No problem and also this should help with psychic development.

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It’s like a muscle that needs to be trained , everyone has bicep incertions but if you don’t train it you won’t see what it’s capable of , the only problem I have is I can’t shut mine off at night I visualize random stuff like it’s right in front of me with no focus , so how do tune it down at night ,

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Nyquil Lol

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Fuck Fr dawg , melatonin it is then

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I fforgot to add the sell or of the spirit vessel told me that the spirit would be protective of me if I have a good bond/relationship with them. I have had a servitude sent to me, but at the time he just told me it was a protective spirit, I asked it to show itself to me, then I saw a lot of white orbs of light in my bedroom. He is a sanguinarian vampire, satanist cult leader, he told me I have potential but never will know what I have potential for. No idea what happened to the servitor, or the guy since he ghosted me on purpose.

Hi I agree with the above posters but I do believe you are being scammed and you could save a lot of money by learning evocation. I understand the allure of getting a spirit vessel as I also have one myself. A lot of this spirit keepers and sellers are not selling genuine spirits but most likely a thought form or servit that will eventually dissipate anyways.

I have bought a spirit vessel that is wiccan and associated with angels, the seller is a witch. The other seller is also a witch (a follower of Anubis and other deities)

I don’t know basic philosophy of witchcraft, I am a novice in terms of witchcraft. People keep saying about evocation like they expect me to know everything about it but I don’t, so it would be helpful if someone explained the purpose of evocation, what evocation is for or how it could be helpful. A lot of what I know about witchcraft is what I have read, or it relates to my own personal experiences, that were paranormal, occult related.
I want divine help, my health and family members health is not the best, we have a lot of financial problems. I’ve tried to be successful, but nothing ever improves.

Please explain more about evocation since I don’t have much experience with witchcraft.

Did you get the vessel yet? Click the above link for more information on evocation.