One Week Fitness Challenge (Mind, Body & Spirit) ~ Who's In?

It’s Saturday night, finish your tendies, entrails, big bowls of crack and whatever other routine weekend recreational delights you enjoy, and pick a fitness challenge for the next 7 days.

Simple concept:

  • pick one thing and commnit to the next 7 days
  • post here every day, set a timer on your phone or whatever


  • choose an avater forfeit, something dumb or gross that you have to keep for one week if you wimp out - mine is to put a pink pussy hat and some problem glasses on my avater. Chose something that represents not-you to remind yourself you pussed out on a commitment of just 7 days…

Because “some people”:

  • don’t be a retard and get injured or dead, or we’ll laugh at you and use your skin to bind our grimoires, so ONLY pick something you know you can make safe progress on

  • no need to post specifics if you prefer not to, just commit the progression/amount of increase for sets or rep, etc.

I’m going to do planks, I fucking hate them, I’m a fabulous Electric Goddess of the New Aeon and pretending to be a plank of wood is about as far from my natural state as possible, but they’re a good workout.

I commit to starting at 3 x 60s using our back doortsep (about 8 inches high) and working up 10s a day through to 130s, by next Saturday - more than doubling my time.

@Drachir, you’re volunteered for this, anyone else? :+1:


I’m in. I am a former power lifter and have always loved training, but I had to stop a few years ago for two spinal surgeries. I have been pain free for a little over a year now, so it is time to train again. It would be a fool’s errand to go with heavy weight, so I want to try new things. I’m thinking body weight and flexibility training this time around. This week I am going to loosen my hamstrings and start a new core routine. Btw,
planks are awesome.


Excellent!! :smiley:

There are many cool sites with lists of bodyweight exercises for anyone new to this idea, you do not need a gym, at all, you can do stuff with just bodyweight, and get great results. :slight_smile:


Sure I’m in gonna do full body workout at least 40 mins with dumbbells because I can’t afford the gym ATM.
If you can or have a barbell you’re much better off doing StrongLifts.


… and i though i was a psycho :flushed:
~Now i get why people like you :wink:


What i did three years ago, in order to become stronger and healthier for some fake bitch was:

Jogging -at night, at least a kilometers

night/evening -a combination of squats and arm circles with a weight in each hand.
i did that while watching some series.

sometimes was i doing crunches in between -longer series’s like berserk from 1997 were great to keep me ongoing, or stupid lets plays from the witcher 3.

I’ll first start my squad combination.
~I’m allready cycling multible times per week, i could start do that daily
(but i couldn’t do that in the winter, or rain) so… i can only hope that my financial situation will get better, so i could buy some tools as a alternative, sometime.

When i do that daily, i could try to add stuff.


THIS IS NO EXCUSE - I only have limited equipment at home, I am doing PLANKS for this, on a STEP - do you have steps in Germany? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you have a step somewhere, that you can:

1: lookup how to do plank position correctly

2: find step, and use stopwatch on phone/watch/in head

3: find what is the longest time you cxan do a plank without passing out, hurting yourself

D: post that information here and commit to maybe increasing by 5s a day, because you’re a wuss

iii: set a timer on your phone/computetr to do the planks, then log-in right after and share your compliance

Z: be a small part of this amazing entire thing and not be a whiny big excuse maker! :grin:


You Already know Im in. Pushups and situps for me

20 pushups
25 situps

Increase by 5 a day


BADASS, I love it! :smiley:


LOL I just caught that error :joy:


It’s a big step each time, I figured one was a typo but still, huge leap, almost 230% by the end of the 7 days… :muscle:


Nice. -i’ll something similar. :smirk:


I think we need to up the stakes - I’m at a loss for an award that would work right now but we can all make a pledge, right, for a forfeit? To tun for one week, to balance not being able to commit to who and what we want to be for the same 7-day period?

@Drachir - pledge to change your avatar to a photo of Angela Merkel naked if you drop out! :smirk_cat:

Srs: think how nice it would be, to see those pasty greenish-beige rolls, the ripples and shimmies, every time you make a post… attached to you, through the aether, like some kind of vast and slightly ammoniac spirit waifu! :kiss:

Or something, dunno, juast to make it more real. :sunglasses:

I’ll put a fucking pussy hat on mine if I puss out and don’t do the planks, or maybe photoshop on some nice bright red problem glasses, something horrible. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So, pick a forfeit for your avater people, let’s get serious! :sunglasses:


OK… WOW! :flushed:
#THAT, is pure evil. :fearful:


Ill change my Avatar to Jesus Christ AND return to Christianity if i drop out :sunglasses:


Strong body. Strong mind. Ok push ups & sit ups while eating better. Count me in.


lol it’s probably going to be really nice weather, we’re all going to drop out and the forum front page will be full of pictures of saints, jesus, chicks in burqas and ugly politicians, it’s going to be a riot either way! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Goit to be worth singing up for that alone right folks? :wink:


I don’t know what this means,:neutral_face: but i assume that its …“good”? :thinking:

Hm… its not a boob-pic, but i guess that it would look funny :blush:


Lol my Avatar shall remain the same. Im not dropping out. Expect a post of results in 1-2 hours. On my way home right now :sunglasses:


That is… a kinda overkill. :flushed:
~Don’t you think?:smirk: