Nothing I have thrown at this b!tch has worked

I’m venting. I’m a bit confused. I’m just WTF… Yes im pouting.

Nothing has worked. She has posted pictures and yes she looks progressively “worse”. Looks like downright shit.

I know im a strong witch. I sent a charm to my niece to bring love to her life and after two months she now has a relationship. I’ve done money spells and they have worked wonders lately.

Why can’t I reach this b!tch???

I did a tarot reading and Queen of Cups and Ten of Cups jumped out together. Sounds pretty happy to me…

She apparently got her covid vaccine. I would love to turn that around on her into a negative but nothing else has been effective so why bother.


Eh… what did you do to her? Maybe if you tell us that part we can help you


Know the feeling, as I have the exact same issue going on over a year. Some people have natural protection and healing that means it takes more effort to work the energy into the right patterns.

Sometimes you get an effect, but it’s reduced - in my case, I targeted the car to crash, three times - twic he engine check light came on and it just went to the garage, I tried harder and the gfs car broke down and had to be towed, but no cigar.

I look on the side that something IS working, in your case the target looks ill, so keep at it, more, longer harder, layer techniques like undoing protections, binding and curses, use divination to find out what happened and adjust to adapt and get around the obstacles.

For the above feedback, I next did a working t undo the deflection shields, and bound the gf not to protect him against me.


Maybe it time to tweak your technique.

Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective and target them where it’s not expected.

What have you tried?


What have I done, let’s see.

She has a witches ladder (like nine charms on there and I dont remember what all for).

I did a spell to get her to want to leave the home. I even did one to bring a love into her life that would later “betray” her (another angle for her to “leave”).

I did one to cause her to lose all her FB friends. She only lost one.

I have a servitor on her. A vampire that takes the good energy from her and puts it in a candle I have designated. I think “she” is the reason she looks like shit right now. So I think that is a very slow but effective process. The candle is so strong with pos energy I can barely touch it lol I wish I could post a pic from yesterday to one a year ago. I can’t be imagining how much like shit she looks after a year.

Hell (pardon the pun…) I even said screw it and did Three Nights in Hell, three times in a month. Did not lift if. Nothing…

That’s just what I can recall off hand.


Oh and I have her bound to a sigil right now.

Uh, I once cursed this guy to sneeze. Loud :upside_down_face:

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

In any event, do you want her to leave her house to go homeless, I assume. Is this correct?


My favourite would be to target every aspect of their life, from their mental health, environmental, physical, relationships, finance and employment.

Destroy each one, one by one, make sure there is no return from it, no let up it has to be a continuous cycle.

My favourite part comes at the end as you get to watch as they give up.

But hey that’s just me :smirk:


Maybe you can do this for me, mine are too cute :wink:

They don’t match my personality :rofl:

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You want me to make you sneeze? Okay, I think I told you about the little green dust inside my yerba mate (link because there is always at least one person that doesn’t get it). That would be enough :smiley: See? No curses needed.


I don’t care if she is homeless or not. Just out of the home she shares with someone else I have got stuff on.

Simply put… when I was a kid she “took” someone I loved. Hurt him, treated him like shit. He realized he f’ed up choosing her and did a dance around me off and on. She literally got pregnant to save her marriage. He played with my head, saw him 18 months ago. Did a number on me and ghosted me. Now I want an apology from him. Thats it. He is scared of her finding out of him talking to me. I know he has feelings for me that are no longer reciprocated. And im sure she knows he does too. She isnt that stupid. But nothing will happen as long as she is around. And I hate her so bad (since day one of knowing her actually) I dont care what happens to her.


Have you considered possibly taking the reverse track, and destroying her by blessing her with a literal avalanche of “good things?” :thinking:

In my opinion, it is underrated method of baneful work, one that will slip through most protection because you can’t protect someone from themselves. Many people have been destroyed by their own desires so you give her everything her greedy little heart wants, and more.


Trouble is she/they live on the east coast. Im on the west. I cant see anything. I can only go by pics as she doesnt really post anything of “value”

Though I may be moving back “home” as I have a realtor coming today to list the house.

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There are exile curses in several grimoires, forced exile, problem is, I can’t really remember if they can be focused to one person while leaving the other unharmed or not.

But that may be the first thing you should research.


LMAO!!! That’s awesome

Eh… I was lying. To make a joke. Sorry.


How long have you used this method for?

You don’t have to see it, you have the essentials.
IMO you will always reap your rewards.
sits back and watches my latest work bloom

And there I was getting excited :smirk:
I will share Yerba mate with you, if it means I get to sneeze loud :wink::rofl:

There that sense of humour :rofl:

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I figured the love interest would work in getting her out. I thought about that but know she won’t let go of him easily. And with “alterative” motive if it would just backfire anyways. She has kept him “locked” for over three decades. She aint letting go easily. That would be humiliating for her to get “dumped” like that.

Trust me I could make her look like a total ass in a 10 second email or conversation. I could tell two different people things and I could ruin her with just words. But I would not get what I want from him as a result because it involves him too and things that happened in the past. Things he has said and considered.

But that’s not who I am.

As an alternative option, I bet if she won the lottery she’d kick him to the curb real quick. lol

Your real target is him though, correct? You want an apology from him.

I just made the bound sigil about a month ago. It’s the newest one.

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