Non-human soul in human form

Are there an non-human entities here, that are in mortal form? I know 2, but I would like to know if there are more.

Thank you.
Be blessed.


You’ll find it more useful to explore otherkin forums, albeit they tend to be pretty cringy. But yes there’s people here with nonhuman souls (and human souls but I digress) though I find that ones that are less pushy and “loud” about what their soul is tends to have a bit more legitimacy.


Thanks, I’ll take a look, because I think I may be a star-seed

I’m new to the topic of non-human souls in human form. Which type of souls were the 2 you knew?

Most of us don’t tell publicly. @DarkestKnight

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You have to make an introduction.

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Oh ok. I’m definitely a human soul.

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Welcome @Jack_of_Tridents It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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Some spirits incarnate as humans, so yes.


Im personally looking into my own soul “origins”, and while yes may have suspicions I can’t say for sure, as I’ve only really begun my “path” into magick and spirituality.

@anon48079295 I also agree that those who don’t draw attention on this matter are more legitimate, however there is also those who are naturally curious about their origins which might be a reason for drawing attention to the matter?

Just my thoughts.

*I tend to outright avoid otherkin communities, it kind of makes me cringe as well, although I don’t doubt the legitimacy behind the concept of “otherkin” just the general crowd lol.

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Personally, I don’t believe in such as thing as a “human soul”. A human is a higher being incarnate into an animal body, a symbiotic composite thing.

As such, becoming aware of non-human past experiences is part of awakening.
It’s a wonderful excuse to feel special for a while I guess - but needing this is a human thing, it comes from the animal level and is related to survival not the higher consciousness.

But practically everybody you speak to, unless they have actually died and the body taken over by a parasite, is non-human by this definition. … a being pretending to be human is another way of putting it.


That’s under the assumption humans aren’t “higher” beings, most people minds are limited to thinking humans are only here. However, I’ve met and seen human souls so from experience humans souls is a thing. Because humans are by no means excluded from “higher” beings. However humans are old beings as well just because the humans on this rock aren’t doesn’t mean the humans that reside in the spiritual planes are the same.

Being curious and being loud about what you believe you are is two separate things. One is a means to learn more while another is a means to flaunt.


I was referring to the curiosity more so, and sometimes that can be seen as loud (although in a different manner then flaunting).

Most humans on earth think humans are the “center of the universe” and everything revolves around humans…so I don’t think people have a problem believing that humans have a “higher self”.

In the bible, it says humans were “created in gods image”, in health documentaries “human bodies are seen as the most complex organism to exist”, then just people thinking that humans are the “only intelligent life forms”…so I don’t think humans/people would have an issue with believing that they to have a higher self, which is most likely true.

Of course this might just be more of an issue of another matter and not really related. It’s something throughout life I’ve noticed, and always gets on my nerves.

This is most likely an ego problem then if human souls/higher selves exist though

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You’d be surprised how many people think humans are beneath these other “higher” beings. Its silly to me but I can’t judge too much as it requires experience to change ones mindset and without it then it is what it is.

However, to me an ego is a necessity whereas an inflated ego is not.


I don’t think humans are below but equal. Although I do notice the same thing, certain posts from people I’ve noticed that seem to think humans are below demons, etc.

Although another side note, to me EVERYTHING is equal and has its place in this thing called existence BUT some individuals/beings might be in a “better position” then others due to their experience/knowledge and how they practice that vs someone just learning.

If you would ask me,humans are neither higher or lover than other species, of course for example, a god seems much more powerful but ask yourself how powerful they are in their own planes.Of course we are higher than thoughtforms and stuff like that tho.


What do you have on your mind?

For example, alot of people (myself included) seem to have parasite/imposter problems, especially when just starting out. It doesn’t mean we are LESSER then the parasites but due to our lack of knowledge and such…in this situation UNTIL we take BACK power, the parasite has an advantage over us.

There’s all kinds of souls here human and non human. But we are all in human bodies so we are all human and will all die as humans.


That was a terrible typo aight? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: