Newbie need a guidance on a revenge

Hello, a newbie here. Need your guidance for a revenge that I will do to my ex. So long story short, my ex have left me almost 2 years ago at the exact when I’m in the bottom of my life. This feeling of hatred is still in here even after 2 years he had left me, like a fresh wound…what I wanted to do to him is for him to feel 10 times greater of what I feel when he left me. My scenario is I wanted him to get back to me be my slave, readily doing what I want. Then after a while, I want to get rid of his family one by one. After that I want to take all of his belonging and money from him. After that, all he have is me and nothing else. That time I will left him, with no one to lean on and nothing to have. Feeling worthless.

Currently he is in a relationship after he dumped me. What I want to do exactly right now is to make them break up then he get back to me. Is there a suggestion for me? Please I need your guidance :pray:


To be blunt, you are a long way from accomplishing this. You need to be able to overcome a lot of natural defenses, free will, and also make him want you back after him basically moving on. I personally think this could be a worthy catalyst for you building your own power. Thing is, by the time you get powerful enough, you will probably just not care about the guy at all.

A few reads to get you started:

Use the search button, and just type “beginner”. Also, check out Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics, as it is a rare book that has a complete system of initiation into magic.

You may be tempted to go looking for demons to evoke or contact to get the job done. Please resist the temptation. You will be better off if they can respect you for putting in the work to develop as a magician, rather than just approaching them as a complete beginner expecting them to pull off miracles for you.


You could get in contact with Beelzebub the Lord of flies as he might be able to send forth a plague of flies to annoy your ex, summer time there always alot of flies, so i been thinking if summer is flies as summer is to Beelzebub, let your ex go, an send forth a swarm of flies as a farewell gift, do it with rage.:metal:

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Maybe you need to examine your need for revenge. Will it truly ease your pain? At the risk of sounding RHP (like I gaf) swimming in your pain just wears you out and eventually you’ll drown in it.
By all means, if a mfkr was an evil person, punish him. But then walk away.


Hello! Thanks for the reply and also guidance. Myself have done research and also doing several ritual of local magic. But there is no outcome. The exact time I jump to this side of the world is since August 17. Mostly what I do is being a silent reader of a well known local forum specifically in their supernatural section. After several times I go to the local magician, there is no result. Until April 18 i’ve met someone from that local forum that slowly introduce me to black magic.

He guide me slowly to this path by changing my mindset, from paying a magician to do the ritual to actually do it myself. I’m grateful that I met him. What he recommend to me first is to perform a reiki attunement with a reiki master. And he guide me to see an aura of an object and also living things. And now, he offered me a channel to introduce me to Astaroth. Now the question is, does Astaroth suitable for my situation? As my friend see me as a learner and Astaroth is well known for giving the power of knowledge.

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That’s harsh feelings right there! xD

It is not about letting go. It is about to make the scale balance. Just annoy him will do no justice for me


I had think it through from last year till now. That is exactly what I want, it will truly relieve my pain as it will balance my scale. I wanted him to suffer. There is no walk away.


Yeah, I’ve got that.
You’ll need to work with death magick when taking down his family.
A hell of a lot there.

Astaroth is actually one of the Grand Female Deities among Ma’at and Lillith! :wink:
So yeah, trust that advice.


Admirable, even. If she stays true to the path and does this in time, it would be stuff of legend. :grin:


I still stand by what I said earlier… Focus on building your own power first. But if you want to evoke or channel Astaroth, by all means have at it. Demons are a hell a lot more patient than I am, apparently. :sweat_smile:


Yes it is. I want him to suffer. Suffer badly like 10 times what I suffer


I think you may be better growing from the experience and using him hurting you as a catalyst for self improvement. If you get stuck in this mindset after 2 years you will let it consume you and stop progressing through life. I mean well by saying this and I do condone revenge spells for when you have been fucked over royally.
Try and start with the newbie stuff and grow and yes, in time you will see this guy for a jerk anyway who did you a favour.
I have never hexed my ex from years ago who was abusive, I see he has wrecked his own life better than any hex and it would be pointless. Best wishes


Actually, the Company of Demons can have such nice little side effects. :wink:

I hope your ex is Christian or something along that lines.
Will make the job much easier. :wink:


My friend give me 2 choices. Whether I do it by myself or he introduce us by channeling. If I want to do it by myself. He advices me to remember the Astaroth sigil and buy 5 gold candle to be lit on the handmade sigil. For option 2, I only have to provide a white musk to be rub on my wrist and meditate for 30 minute. Then I will meet Astaroth

But myself hesistant to do both. Because he not giving the details of risk and consequences if I do meet Astaroth or make a pact with her. Do you know about the risk and the consequences?

Hello! Yes I see your point. By I stand still to what I want. What he have done is beyond forgivable. He left me when I broke, it is only 1 month after the passing of my father, I get a lot of debt inherited by my father, forced to sell my car, my sister got a cancer, situation in my home is fucked up, and at that I’m unemployed and the catalyst is I’ve contracted an STD from him, even after I told him, he don’t want to take responsibility for it, luckily it cured immediately. 2017 is really a fucked up year for me. Instead of being there when I need him the most he left me. That is why I want him beyond dead


Thanks for the feedback :dancer:, If you see me in this position. Am I ready to meet Astaroth or no?

My ex is a Moslem. Does it make any differences?

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Astaroth is not interested in such things…


Sooo true…! I second this! :wink::smirk:


Yes. Now I have advanced through the years I have had some crazy things happen to people who have wronged me without me asking for help from them