Very Simple Candle Spells, Even Beginners Can Do These

I thought I would share a very simply yet highly effective type of candle magick that I have been doing for about 8 years now. I know there is a stigma that if it sounds too easy it probably will not work, but this is not true by any means. Some of the most powerful magick I have done was done using very simple and easy spells that took very little effort. I am not trying to encourage laziness or magickal shortcuts, this type of magick is perfect for those looking for a quick solution and great for beginners because they are so easy that when the results manifest, it’s easier for a beginner to see the results and when they realize how easy it was to get a result from such a simple spell, they usually end up delving further into the occult and seeking out more advanced methods. I see this as more of a way to encourage you to keep pushing forward. These spells are so easy and effective, they can become an addictive method of candle magick.


-Any type of long candle that is not contained within a jar such as a Taper, Chime, or Pillar but even a votive will do if that’s all you can get. I have also mastered using tealights for this but that’s a whole different topic. Make sure the wax is colored all the way thru, no white layer underneath the colored surface.

-A carving tool. This can be a kitchen knife, pocket knife, dagger, wood carving tool, needle, or anything else with a fine point sharp tip. If you do scrapbooking or card making, you can even use a plastic or bone based scoring and folding tool.

-Optional: An oil of some sort, a thick essential oil. Do not use the scented oils that are made for incense burners only. You can either buy a pre-made oil with a pre-determined purpose and then consecrate the oil to make sure the oil actually contains the intent of that purpose as many companies sell pre-purposed oils claiming they are for finding love, making money etc. and in fact, no one even charged the oil with that purpose, they just sell you a bottle of scented oil ad label it as whatever oil. You can also buy an all purpose non-colored non-scented oil and do the same as above, consecrate and charge the oil with your intent, or if you are like me you can make an oil from scratch.


-Make sure the oil has in some way been charged with the intentions of your desired outcome! If you do not charge it and you buy a pre-purposed oil already labeled for use with certain types of magick, it may not work as the company probably didn’t even charge the oil. They just filled a bottle with colored oil and labeled it.

-Research! Make sure the color of the candle matches the purpose of the outcome. In many cases you can substitute candle colors with whatever you have on hand but this type of magick is strictly candle based, no fancy incantations, so color is of upmost importance here however, if a particular goal is associated with multiple candle colors, you CAN substitute for another suitable color. For example if doing love magick and you have no red candles, you can substitute for pink but it would not make sense to substitute with a green candle.


  1. Take your candle of choice in your right hand. Gaze at the candles just as you would with a sigil and clear your mind. Focus on the outcome you desire for at least 3 minutes. Do not visualize the goal happening like a movie that part will come in a minute. Instead, only focus on For example “I will make John Doe fall madly in love with me”. Focus only on seeing John Doe in your mind, see only him do not visualize any outcomes yet. This part is the first step, by thinking if John Doe in your mind, his image frozen in your head while meditating on the candle this is telling the candle and your mind, that this is no longer just a simple candle. That this candle now has a magickal purpose and it’s purpose is to manifest your desire or to reach a specific target person.

When you begin to see an aura form around the edges of the candle and the candle begins to pulsate in your hand as if it’s coming alive, move on to the next step. Some do not feel pulsating, some feel heat, cool sensations, electrical impulses etc.

  1. Take your carving tool and lightly carve into the surface of the candle, does not matter if you write on it in a vertical or horizontal direction, make the words fit however you can. Carve just enough so you can see what you write onto the surface, but be careful not to push to hard or you may break or chip the candle.

If your goal involves an outcome for your own self gain then you would carve something like “I will get the job at ABCD corp.” Always write WILL instead of WANT, this also affirms to your mind that you have no doubt the magick will indeed work. If your magick involves a target person carve something like “John Doe will become very ill” or “My mother will get better”. Keep the carving short, limit it to 3 to 8 words tops if you can, no need to write a paragraph as the exact details of the intent or how it will play out in your mind will be made known during the final visualization. While carving, continue to hold the still image of the person in your mind. You may optionally draw a symbol or sigil on the candle if you feel it will help for some reason, any symbol you like as long as it in some way forms a connection with your outcome or with the target person.

  1. Optional: If you choose to purchase or make an oil, dress the candle in the oil. Some people do this before carving, but it can junk up your carving tool so I do it after the carving, which also symbolically seals the carving into the candle by locking it between the wax and the layer of oil.

To dress a candle, pour a small amount of oil onto your hand, a little drop goes a LONG way so don’t over do it. Rub your palms together as if you are applying lotion to coat the oil onto both of your palms. Apply the oil to the candle by grasping your palm around the candle, excuse my perversion but this was the best example I could think of, while the candle is on a table or in a taper holder place your palm around it like you would if you were holding a penis in your hand and begin to stroke the candle in an up and down motion while rotating your wrists from side to side, seriously pretend like you are stroking the bishop, this will help you figure out how to effectively rub the oil onto the candle.

If doing white magick, dress the candle with your left hand first and end by repeating the same step with your right hand. If doing black or baneful magick, reverse that. Start with right hand and end with the left hand.

  1. Once done, make sure the candle is placed back into its holder, drip plate, etc. Meditate again on the desired goal, going into a slight trance again until you see an aura form around the candle, only this time see the desired outcome playing out like a movie in your mind or like a series of still photographs playing a slideshow. Do this until you finally see yourself obtaining the desired results. Do this until you feel like you will without doubt get what you desire. When it feels just right, you are done but for added measure you may create an incantation to recite or just repeat the words you carved into the candle out loud 3 times. It’s not necessary but if it helps you feel better about the results, then go for it.

  2. Dispose of the candle in whatever way you believe is best after reading the following paragraph.

DO NOT put the candle out, leaving it burning. For smaller candles likes tapers, chimes, or votives, let it burn all day or night until the candle burns all the way the end and extinguishes itself. This type of magick, since there are no entities or incantations involved, requires the candle to be burned all the way down to be effective. So only do this when you can stay with the candle, common sense, don’t go to the grocery store and leave the candle burning in your home.


However, there is one exception. If you only have a larger pillar candle on hand you may use that too but it will be impossible to burn it all the way down in one day, it may take 4-7 days depending on the size of the candle.

Obviously, you cannot leave a candle burning for 7 days straight. If you choose to use a pillar, you will have to extinguish the candle once done and say out loud

“In blowing out this flame the magick is not done, I will continue this working tomorrow upon a newly arisen sun”

This will affirm to the candle and yourself that the magick is not done and will be continued tomorrow. In this case, do not blow the candle out. Snuff it out or use your hands to wave a gust of air in front of the candle. The following day relight the candle and continue to repeat this process every day until the candle does burn all the way out. However, with the pillar method you will have to repeat the meditation and oil dressing process every day so the pillar method is very long and tedious.

These spells are very quick to manifest and very powerful if your belief and intent is strong! Even if you do not use an oil. These spells can be tailored to your individual needs too. Instead of using an oil to dress the candle, you may sprinkle a pinch of herbs that are also associated with the intent of your goal onto the flame of the candle while burning.


You can do this simple spell with any desired outcome you choose. If new to candle magick or magick in general though, start with something more simple. King Paimon just revealed to me a way to use this type of candle magick for a curse I have been wanting to do. Thank you King Paimon!


thanks very much for sharing this! Just one question , as far as i know the affirmation must be at the present time not at the future. Ex. I get the job not I will get the job. Is it correct?

That is just E.A.'s personal method. Either way “I get the job” or “I will get the job” will still reaffirm that the job will indeed be yours. Same meaning, just phrased in two different ways. They both work effectively as I have used both.

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That is just E.A.'s personal method. Either way “I get the job” or “I will get the job” will still reaffirm that the job will indeed be yours. Same meaning, just phrased in two different ways. They both work effectively as I have used both.[/quote]
OK, i asked because i have been told the energy is taking the shortest way. I will means that it will happen anytime in the future ( a day, month, year, years). Affirmation at the present time is like you already have what you want or already achieved the goal.

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Thanks for posting this. There’s nothing wrong with so-called low magick. Most of my experience is with Chaos style sigil magick. It’s been very effective for me, and now I can add this as well. One question, though, at which point do you light the candle?

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Sorry Chef,
I figured I probably left something out. I went thru and edited this like 9 times before I posted it, a lot of steps to write down so easy to miss something.

You light the candle after you carve it if you choose not to use oils, carve it, light it, and then do the final meditation where you visualize the outcome while focusing on the candle again. If you do use oils, you carve the candle, dress it with oils, then light it and do the visualization.


Thank you for this. I’m beginning with candle magick for the “beginner” reasons you described. I’m also interested in learning more about bottle magick too. Working with demons still scares me quite a bit but I’m warning up quickly.

I appreciate your explanation of when to leave the candle burning. I’ve been reading a few books on the topic and they seem to vary on how long to let it burn, and whether or not one can reuse the candles in a future session. Is the magick in my intent or the candle and color. If it must burn all the way down then I’m thinking the candle is more important. If it’s in my intent, can the candle be snuffed our after a predetermined length of time?

Sorry if those are stupid questions.

Thanks for sharing …
just ask… maybe it a stupid question but English is not my native language
in the step 4 before meditate i light the candle first ? or not ?


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The writer of the post hasn’t been on since Feb 4, '17 so you may not get a reply anytime soon.

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yeah i know … hahaha just hope maybe other person will answer …

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Yes u should light the candle before the last meditation… Before u visualize the last outcome

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How long do you have to mediatate the final result before you can leave the candle to burn?

When i do candle spells it is at least 10 minutes. 30+ would be better over all.

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So, after long hard thinking(I don´t know if anybody here is for little finger prickin to get couple drops of ones own blood) I decided to post a link here to give whoever who doesn´t mind pricking their finger, to do this spell:Spell from lucifer amaymon. Again, you don´t have to but it certainly helps out anybody who does it.

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So “I get” will most likely work faster than “I will” you say?

Also, for example, if you are trying to get someone to do something should you say “You (action)” instead of “You will (action)”?

The only time i am able to do this is at night. I can’t simply wait around forever while the candle burns. i am in school. Like he said, common sense. Is there a way i can work around the candle burning fully? or do i really need to find a time where i can check on the candle full-time?

I like your how-to! My biggest hurdle seems to be a lack of patience.

What type of practice can I do to make me forget I’ve casted the spell? Any techniques?

okay… so … tall flame and slight smoke out of it what does the flame mean? i see in other sites that smoke is bad //is it ?