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Hello Gods and goddess, I just got my “Regular” badge and as a way of appreciating it. I decided I will create this thread to document;

  • All my past rituals.
  • All links and threads I used and will use to improve in my journey (from BALG or Youtube).
  • All future rituals: preparation, method, notes, results.
  • All Thoughts and ideas i am going through in my journey.

Note: I don’t mind you sharing your thoughts or showing support… just please stay respectful by remembering its my journal and the reason i have it here in BALG is to wish that i would be helpful for those looking to learn. Lastly, i don’t claim to be advanced… no I am still learning and working my skills. I just wish to help those who are in a beginner stages than me and I would appreciate any notes or advises on how to proceed or improve. Be Blessed.

Hail King Lucifer
Hail King Belial


Cleansing your tools

There a re a lot of methods megicians use to cleanse their homes, tools, and selves. One of which is;

  • First relax [ Take a minute ].
  • Take 3 deep breaths
  • Hold your [ Sage ] with your dominant hand. Hold the object [ you want to cleanse] in your other hand.
  • Then say the following while you are passing the object through the smoke;
    “with this smoke i cleanse [Object] of all negative and harmful energies. So that it maybe used to achieve my highest good and my highest potential”
  • While saying the incantation visualize the item being cleansed and filled with light.

*Be blessed.


Banishing Incantation from the kingdoms of flames book

“Ashtu malku ta dat arkata
sastus seckz altamu partu
iretempal krez ta felta
vaskalla regent met senturus
ta sastrus estos melta kelta, kelta, kleta hine”

  • Repeat it 3 times while pushing your will out with every word.

*Be blessed.


Evocation methods


*Be blessed.


Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Note: to perform this is preferable to have ritual dagger.

Step 1: enter meditative state through feeling your breath flowing in and out.
Step 2: Imagine your spiritual body expanding. you want to think that you got so large that you can hold the earth in your hand
Step 3: Notice that you are centered in existence that there is still a brilliant light above you floating. Reach that dagger up in the cloud and pull the light down as you touch the tip of the dagger to your forehead. now, Vibrate the word “ATAH”
Step 4: Bring the tip of the dagger to the center of your chest and vibrate: MALKUTH
Step 5: Bring the tip of the dagger to your right shoulder and vibrate: VE’GEBURAH
Step 6: Bring the tip of the dagger to left shoulder and vibrate: Ve’Gedulah
Step 7: Bring the tip of the dagger to center of your chest again and vibrate: LAY OLAM, AMEN
Step 8: Face the east and trace a banishing pentagram with your dagger then visualize it glowing. Then activate it by stabbing the pentagram in the center and vibrating: YOD HE VAV HE … Then go back to the center of the circle and give the silent motion. then trace with your dagger while turning to the south (your doing this to trace a magical circle)
Step 9: Face the south and trace a banishing pentagram with your dagger then visualize it glowing. Then activate it by stabbing the pentagram in the center and vibrating: ADONAI and follow the instructions above
Step 10: Follow the instruction in step 8 and 9 and face the west and vibrate: EHEIEH
Step 11: Follow the instructions in step 8 and 9 and face the north and vibrate: AGLA
Step 12: Return to the center and bring the dagger in the ceneter of your chest pointing upwards and visualize the pentagrams glowing around you.
Step 13: Extend your arms to your sides and callout:

  • Before me RA PH AEL
  • Behind me GA BRI EL
  • On my right hand MI CHA EL
  • On my left hand AU RI EL

Then say “Around me burns the pentagram and within me shines the six raid star”
All rights received to EA Kotteing.

*Be Blessed

Rituals I done while working with Lucifer

Pathworking from the book of the hidden demons (didn’t really feel anything with it + no results).

and lastly,

*Be Blessed.

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Useful Incantations when doing rituals

Note: none of those are mine… or were given to me by spirits.

  • First Initiate or enforce spiritual pact:
    “Alash Tad Alash Tal Ashtu”

  • Summoning of all magical powers:
    “Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltanu
    itz ranata mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
    vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza”

  • I had this incantation from BALG but not sure who put it or what is it for (used it once):
    “Azazat Nazzaza Anasat Anon Da Azash”

*Be Blessed.

Things to do while carrying out or beginning the ritual

  1. While lighting the candles declare the gates of fire are open to those “you” call upon only.
  2. While liting the incense declear that its smoke becomes the body of who you are calling upon.
  3. If you are planning to keep the sigil, give blood offering on the incense and declare the gate of blood open.
  4. Chant the enn & incantations.

*Be Blessed.

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Summoning forth a spirit incantation

“Etsel mala’kel
Test’zel sam’tan’tel
Itz rtz nama’tel
Itz Hel Asa’rel
Kama’kala, Kama’kala
Kama’kala Satan’el
[Spirit name] Kama
[Spirit name] Kala
[Spirit name] , Kama’kala Vel.
Me vaskalla
Me Solvalla
Me Res’alla Ah’Tan’Tel”

  • Repeat it till you feel the presence of the spirit

*Be Blessed.

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Useful videos to take a look at through your journey

How to Cleanse & Charge a Talisman

MLLR “ZED ALIZ ZED” (Lucifer Gnosis Mantra)

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How to create a VERY STRONG Love Potion to make someone like or love you

"UNBLOCK ALL 7 CHAKRAS" 8 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation: Aura Cleansing & Balancing Chakra

Lucid Dreaming ➤Third Eye Activation || Astral Projection Music OBE || 963Hz & 4.5Hz - Dream Aware

Belial Call Mantra · Itz Ra´Cha Belial (1 Hour)

They Came Wearing Masks (Ritual background music)

"Reflections of Belial" - Blake Satyr (BALG Member singing Belial’s enn - His voice <3)


Okay… I did my best to make the first 10 replies to the thread (maximum) for my previous rituals, links, methods that i used. starting from the next replies to this thread i will be posting my current experiences, and thoughts.

*Be Blessed.

How did i get here? Am i going insane?

Sometimes i think of what i’m thinking and going through these days and if it comes from my family’s trauma with my brother. When i was 14 - 15 years old, I learnt that my older brother have “lost his mind” as they say, due to drug use. Thankfully, throughout these year’s hard work along with medications he have improved a lot and is able to function as a normal healthy individual.

Fast forward, 2-4 months ago I was having the best life i could ever imagine and having some major dreams of mine come true. Also, I found the love of my life during that time period. We meet previous to that within 3 months. Nevertheless, one day i decided it’s time to be truly liberal and practice my own godhood. So, i decided to learn and read as much as possible about magic. I got really interested and passionate about it. Well, as you have guessed it, I started practicing magic practically.

I was so much drawn to Lucifer and his legacy and power. I started calling upon him and doing rituals. Then, instead of everything turning to the better. I got into serious financial issues, then the love of my life decided to leave me. From harmony and partnership, he started perceiving me as manipulative and toxic. I couldn’t understand where was it coming from. Was it me being LHP magician? because he comes from a catholic background! I never got to know the real reasons because deep down i know i offered him my all and so much love that i just wanted to have someone to give to.

However, I learnt sometimes in life we don’t always get the answers we seek. Nonetheless, the struggles and the breakup… have broken me into pieces. It made me fall under a lot of pain that the thought of suicide came to my mind several times. Also, all my love and passion towards Lucifer turned into hate and anger. I suddenly stopped practicing and almost threw all the tools and magical stuff i had. I am grateful i did not proceed with it. Anyway, I have a verbal deal that i offered to Lucifer while working with him as a gift or a sign of appreciation and commitment. I offered him my blood every month on a specific day. As much as i was or is (still not sure if i healed fully) angry i kept my promise and gave him the offering.

Deep down i know I asked of him in a ritual “to break the bonds with those who hold me back”. I know it’s not really his fault, it’s mine. He just gave me what i desired. That was the ultimate lesson that i needed to learn, or he wanted me to learn. Which is to watch my FUCKING words. Technically, i did it to my own self. Going back to the point, so lately I been questioning am I losing my mind? is the pain and feeling of my forehead bones expanding is me losing my mind? is that a sign? is the pain i get every time I meditate or chant a demonic enn on the Ajna chakra (third eye) location is because i’m losing it or is it me enhancing my third eye abilities with these practices and meditations.

Some might say the second option is more applicable. However, I am lost and under a lot of pain. I really do want to keep practicing and developing my arcane senses fully to be able to fully see and hear spirits. But, the thing is when I learnt the “western kind of magic” I was questioning it because its totally different than my cultural background. my cultural magic is related precisely to religion and having to be a devil advocate to practice. its a bit different and hard to explain honestly. So, i questioned in the beginning if the magic i learnt is true/real magic or not. Even though, I have done rituals and i have seen results. I have seen some but not always.

Fast forward, couple weeks ago i started calling upon and building a connection with king Belial for the first time, and 5 days ago approximately I decided he will be the first demonic king that i will make a 90 day pact with. I rushed it a bit because i wanted to make the pact on the first day of Ramadan knowing how holy it is to god or Allah. Let’s say, it was my way of saying FUCK YOU. I was telling myself during the ritual and when i asked him if he accepted my pact! saying “are you going to sign”? but i am the kind of person who would question everything since i suffer from severe anxiety. and anything that is not as clear as 1+1=2 makes me anxious and worries me till i get a clear confirmation on it. and of course, I am keeping my end of the bargain as they say, and i asked couple BALG members and tarot readers to do a reading on this and tell me if he did accept my pact. So far, I didn’t get the results of the readings, still waiting. So, when i hear or such thoughts come to mind i am really afraid from it because i think its me lying to myself and talking to my own self since i am not sure if i developed my senses yet. Sometimes i ask myself, how will i truly know if i developed them and its the spirit talking to me or is it me talking and giving myself with some bullshit thoughts generated by me!?

I am honestly not sure where i truly was going with this… but consider this more of an update on how i have been and my thoughts at the moment. Please feel free to tell me what you think? or if u had a wise advice to give. Thank you.

*Be Blessed.


I’ve read it all and I feel really sorry for whatever you’ve been through, As you said you wanted to make a pact with king Belial on the first day of Ramadan. Were you Muslim before?

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yes… I used to be a muslim then i became atheist. and now I am agnostic i don’t know whose the real god of which religion, but i don’t care anymore cause if he existed he is a narcissist MTF and i chose Lucifer.

I was a Muslim too! It was really hard to leave since I was very religious in the beginning. Anyways I’m good at scanning since childhood it’s more like a born gift maybe I could help you in anyway through scanning and tell you what I experience for you. Or we could swap scans?

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Oh trust me, i know how hard it is to suddenly flip and decide to leave islam. its because of the radical indoctrination that is done by islam to our minds.

To your offer… I am not in a position to share my picture. And i have not really jumped into scanning, but if there is a way to do it without pictures… go ahead!

*Be Blessed

Id love to know about your experience of leaving islam, I mean I still have so many fears that were usually a part of our lives when I was in islam like heaven and hell and the punishments the day of judgments. Oof it still haunts me.

And for scanning, it’s better with picture for me…but I can try…it can be done with a name.

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Well… since this thread is for journal purposes, I will pm you to talk about this.

*Be Blessed


@domain_of_lilith Please be aware that, as a new member to this forum. YOU CANNOT OFFER TO DO SCANS IN PM OR ON THE PUBLIC FORUM. We have a rule prohibiting any newcomers from doing readings of any sort until they have been active for a minimum of 90 days.

The only place newcomers are allowed to do so, is in the dedicated scanning threads. Anywhere else is a violation of the rule.


Alright. My apologies. Didn’t knew about that rule. Will follow it for sure. :dizzy:

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