A Beginners Guide To Candle Magic

A beginners guide to candle magic

By A.C Tschantre

What is candle magic? Well you already have practiced it so let’s start there. It’s your 8th birthday and the lights are out and the distant flicker of candles approach you on a majestic chocolate cake. The people around you chant and sing a song of praise and thanks to your remarkable progress throughout this year, after which you think of that cute little puppy you want closing your eyes you imagine the golden retriever puppy with the cute pink scarf you would have it wear and you open your eyes blowing out the candle. BOOM if you did not know this was your first spell ever casted, yeah it may not have worked but it has many of the greatest and most widely used ceremonial magic fundamentals.

Many practitioners of candle magic believe each color is associated with a certain result. I personally don’t believe that and think what ever your intent is will happen despite the color, if you are looking to increase income many people would use a green or gold color since those two color represent currency and wealth. But I have used red candles for said spell since magic won’t just make money appear but make opportunities for money to appear. So in the end it’s up to you to seize the moment a grab the money and red I see is a very violent and passionate color giving me motivation to go out and earn that money instead of just having it appear which is still possible to a point. When I need an obstacle in my life to go away I would use a blue candle which many people associate with calm and peaceful results but when I see a dark blue I see the dark overcast of a storm, the waters of the ocean darkening and the waves rising covering the area with a dark abyssal tide. I see this as the truest form of strength and destruction, which destroys a castle wall besides an invading force of the humongous waves of the ocean during a terrible storm. So truly when doing candle magic it is up to you to determine what color of candle you will need and what to do with it besides burning it.

The Ceremony
Many things are going to pop in your head when planning out this simple ritual. What is my end goal? Where do I place the candle? Which direction do I face during said ceremony? Well let me break it down to you in the best way I can. When you sit down with your candle and other ingredients look out into the world ,where do you want to sit? After you found your spot where do you want to face towards the sun away from the sun, maybe in the direction of your home because your spell affects you and your home. This form of magic is completely rearrangeable in every variable, it is through instinct and what feels right that you can plan out a ceremony on your own. This can even include adding other things to your ritual can boost and even add to your experience, I personally use incense depending on my intent, if I’m calling on a person or object I try to see it in the smoke of the incense and materializing it on the physical world.(which won’t happen right then and there). So you could easily incorporate these in an “evocation” of wealth spell, evocating or calling upon money to appear in your life.

Recently you have had some problems with getting a management position at work, so in reaction you decided the more appropriate thing to do is a spell. Pulling out your materials you begin to try and decide would this be a spell for power or for wealth, maybe one for stability since with this position you wouldn’t need to worry about a lot of things. By thinking too hard about this ritual you can ruin it so with that in mind you decide why not all three! You decide that you need the spell to be of pure passion and decide to do it exactly at 3pm when the sun isn’t going down but isn’t truly going up it’s a time of energy and is the time you see children playing and the hustle and bustle is in the air. Under the blazing sun feeling the heat of the sun on your shoulders, placing the candles on the ground you face the direction where your job is at. Pondering on your next steps you think of which order you light your candles this is due to your mind making you think everything you do needs to be perfect and precise. Just look to what you want most about it a do you more care about the money or the power this holds at the workplace or do you mostly care about the peace you need in your life how you categorize your color you categorize what you want most in the outcome of your spell. Personally if I truly want something to happen I use red and black I use black as a destructive force and red for passion and power, making simple wants in to simple gains. Candle magic is a beginner way for a simple ritual results and one of the most Nonchalant and laid back types of ritual magic, it is one you don’t need a teacher or can be wrong in. So encourage you to begin practice for simple results. Enjoy


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