New avatar power: weak results

Hi I have been doing the nap ritual for almost a month to attract a remote job. In the first days I got invited for 2 interviews and even from a company I didn’t apply. Normally when I sent my CV to companies it takes months to hear back from them if they reply at all. So I thought everything was going well and my magick was working. But after the interviews none of the companies hired me and none of the jobs were remote like I asked.
So what happened? Why did it seem to work at first but then ended in failure? Should I keep trying with this system or try something else? I also meditate every day for more than 15+ minutes. If I keep meditating and practising will I succeed eventually?
I also did the ritual from the 72 angels book with sitael to find a job but I got no results from that either.

Yes, I would say keep trying the system and refining your control with it. Be sure the intention set is to see yourself working the remote job, not just doing well in interviews. You can make other tweaks like, seeing the hiring managers as eager to have to start asap. You can use the experience to add to the working, like by analysing what didn’t work in the interviews and intending that to not come up again.


You messed it up by using the 72 angels working.
That’s how those angels work .They make you Carrot chase. You will get invited for an interview but you’ll never get the job .

There’s a guy who actually wrote about them here. But he specifically spoke about the angels of omnipotence. They work the same . Another thing is that , if something is going well for you like you’re about to get a job or something good , NEVER call the 72 angels . They will mess up that opportunity and you’ll never get that deal or job

Those angels are actually so powerful that , they can even make that entire organisation shut down or crash . Just to stop you from ever getting that job or contract . Frankly I don’t even think they are angels , if they are then there’s something we are missing or we don’t know how to work with them .


This is actually what happened. I ended up getting hired for a remote job but I was fired instantly after a day. I haven’t worked with the 72 angels since then only with NAP and gotten good results with it. But I’m still not convinced it was the angels’ fault. Back then I used the gallery of magic books and they don’t teach you how to banish or any of the fundamentals so maybe it was because of them.

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Do you still use the NAP with good result ?

Or have you dropped it and moved to a new system ?

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It’s been reported on here before that a few people, though not most, have issues with NAP angels. Here is the discussion that was had then about it.

On the other hand some people report great results

Looking on as an outsider I’d be cautious and think these are not for beginners.


Yes, I still work with NAP. I haven’t found a more effective system and I haven’t learned to evoke yet but I’m working on that. GOM is the worst and least effective system I have tried.

I don’t think the entities are dangerous. Sometimes shit happens its a coincidence not everything is caused by magick.


I have successfully gotten a job for my brother with the help of Belial. I used “Goetia Pathworking” method with some modifications.

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