Negative entities extremely hard to banish: Help?

Hello, all! I’m new to BALG and I’d joined bc I’d though I could get more insight into an issue I’ve been having! There are these negative entities that have been very very set upon taking me down. They are apparently karmic connection and may be related to me. They can send hoards of demons my way, curse/hex me, possess me, take my energy, put negative constructs in me that have obstructed my use of psychic ability to the point I am a bit defenseless etc. I’m not sure what to do. I’m in the belief I need someone’s help to banish them but I’m not sure who I can rely upon. Anyone have any ideas of who I may be able to pay or find to aid me, or what I may be able to do on my own. I’ve tried: lbrp, gbrp (only once and got discouraged), spiritual baths (florida water, basil, bay leaves, sulphur, camphor, holy water, sun water, sea water, kanaga water) smudging (dragons blood, sage, frankincense), cord cuttings, banishing candle spells, sigils, servitors (i don’t think they materialised strong enough), healings (reiki, candle spells), exorcism, evoking angel michael, cleansing with water, shielding, protection spells, curse/hex removal, talismans, asking my deities for aid + other deities (Set + Apollo mostly). I’m at a loss and was wondering if anyone might be able to take a crack at my issue!

Let me quickly ask first to fully understand the rest. Who is “they”? Are you referring to those entities or is it someone you may know sending karma towards you?

Oh! Thank you for asking me to elaborate. It is these 3 entities who are sort of covered. The only appear in silhouette. They appeared randomly one day after I had a bad moment with a friend and was really guilty and forlorn after two other attachments I’d had.

If they started manifesting after this bad moment with a friend, it’s likely your friend sent parasitic entities your way or perhaps what happened may have attached them towards your energy and space but these entities are by no means covered although some can be powerful. They CAN be banished but it seems like you are in fear and they feed off that which doesn’t help your attempts at banishing very well. Try banishing with intent because they may put up a fight during a banishment.

It also seems you’ve already tried many different attempts at it too. It helps if you can have a trusted friend assist you. Your will and intent are important.

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I mean the way their appearance manifests to me. That’s what i mean by covered. Also I’m positive this friend has not sent them. They come from a past life, as well as they may be related to me in some form or fashion, I’ve been told they believe they lay claim over/own me. Fear may be an aspect of it but they are very very aggressive, they are decently adept at magick as well. It’s also not just them, it’s loads of them, led by the 3 beings in question. Once I get rid of some these 3 entities send more. I want to know how to get these 3 far away from me because I believe the other negative entities they’ve sent will follow suit.

In that case it may or may not be related to having a bad moment with your friend. Coincidence? Idk.

As far as past life entities you would have to know for sure. Did they give you names? Their purpose? Either way if it’s true I’m sure they can still be banished although I’m no expert on past life. An expert on here can give great advice and I wish you luck

Keep in mind though, what ever they feed your brain in the form of negativity such as what they tell you is just for you to make them stronger in your space and aura. Try your best overcoming and even ignoring anything they seem to communicate with you in the meantime.

Most importantly keep attempting to banish and set up protections in your space as I was told as well.

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Have you tried investing your focus and attention in things that you perceive as beneficial? I mean getting immersed in hobbies, boobies or work or anything that you Try what I do for myself, if you haven’t already,
I mean drop all ritual work for a while and just do the usual. Another way is to carefully examine this using the scientific method, yes the atheistic one. First do this and then revert back to truth, i.e. there is only Spirit.


I can send you secret prayer to get rid of them.Say it 3 times.

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Are you familiar of your past life relations? There is something elaborate to look at here but it requires a certain viewpoint to understand this situation especially when entities are knowingly sending demons your way you just shield yourself but my second Question is how long has this been going on for? Karmic debt is extremely real and it happens to everyone under a different circumstance.

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I did that for a few months actually! I completely ignored the problem and focused on other things. It did not help at all, the problem persisted. They are now aggressive to the point I can’t ignore it anymore.

I am not familiar of my past life relations. It has been going on since mid to late 2018.

I got no names nor purpose…well not true names. Thank you so much for the input you’ve given so far!

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You have a difficult situation. I’m curious are you performing the traditional LBRP correctly? What direction have you drawn the pentagram in each direction? Have you tweaked the ritual?

I believe so? This is the version I’d been following:
The most I’ve tweaked it is by steping out and drawing the pentagrams on the corresponding walls in my room.

Right, just make sure you draw the Earth pentagram counterclockwise to specifically banish. I don’t know if it’s your first time doing this but just letting you know…

And try not stepping out of the area until you’re done. Remain stationary while performing it each direction. You said earlier you have a load of these entities and they’re led by 3… doesn’t sound good. Try the ritual in every room if there is more than one room. I’m no expert and don’t really have other possible advice.

Hopefully this helps.

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Counterclockwise meaning when I’m I’m turning in the cardinal directions?

It sounds like the entities are dead?

If so, is Mestorat from koettings book and then Murmur who is in the goetia

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I’m a bit confused. Are you advising me to contact these beings for aid?

Sorry, Im not sure why I just assume that people here are looking for spirits. Yes, I am. Murmur/murmus is very pleasant to work with. He calms the mind and clears out the undead from locations. He’s the son of Hecate, supposedly Saturn, although that’s disputable. He’s helped me get rid of a few things, and for the first time I contacted the dead and in the same event he helped dismiss them.