Negative entities extremely hard to banish: Help?

Counterclockwise - drawing the pentagram of the earth in the opposite direction with your dagger or something equivalent. You do this 4 times. So once in the East direction, once in the West direction, then North, and South. That’s 4.

I briefly checked the link you posted but did not mention which direction specifically. Maybe it did and I missed it but just letting you know either way.

Alright, I shall keep this in mind. Thank you!

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The first thing that came to my mind is that they may be veiled practitioners, in other words…I hope this makes sense, but possibly people who are adept at manifesting themselves to you by out of body type veiled manifestations. You say they are capable of magick, and want to bring you down. Is there any way you may have angered a black practitioner or more than one? If so, then you really have a big problem if this is happening, and if they are sending astral parasites, or others, a much bigger problem. I would consult with more than one black magician for help. And in the mean time, your fear is only making it worse, and giving them a weak link where they can break through and cause havoc. You may need the help of a coven of dark magicians for this. There is strength in numbers. I once knew a sorcerer who could leave his body at will and cause a manifestation wherever the target of his magick was. I heard that he could be seen, but his identity was no known to the victim. Good luck. :blush:


I have not angered any practioners that I know of. I considered that they may be that as they presented themselves as such…but I’m not so sure as I’ve been told they are both karmic and related to me so I’ve come to believe they’re some sort of strange entity. I’ve been told they are a very dark force. Also I’ve stopped fearing them…which is why they are more aggressive now. I’ve come to believe they only have a few tricks and the rest of their power lies in what i don’t know about them.

Aggressive? What exactly are they doing? I wouldn’t fear this as you do because although real as an experience, it is all based in consciousness. So you must work on something that shifts the consciousness:

Possession, cursing, hexing, sending negative entities, nightmares. These have gotten more intense as of late. They used to leave and come back, now they’re on me 24/7 and what do you mean by based in consciousness?

Just because they are more aggressive now, still do not fear them. You have to continue resisting until they know you will not give in. I was wrongfully cursed before by several black witches, what I did was perceived by them as being wrong, it was a misunderstanding, however the attacks were very strong, and continued for years. When the effects of the curse waned and I grew stronger and learned how to combat such things, it stopped affecting me entirely. I did not go it alone, after explaining my predicament to some magicians, they agreed to assist me which is why I’m sure it ended. It was bad. Never want to go thru that again. Sounds like they are trying to wear you down thru fear and intimidation. You know some of their abilities, so that is definitely a plus. Which means they are flaunting something they feel is a strength, but in actuality it has now become weaknesses, because it has been revealed to you. Knowing these things may come in handy. Seek help from several black magicians.

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I shall seek some out! Hopefully they may be able to help. Any idea of how i can contact a coven?

As I and others have said, try to stop fearing. And considering from your first post you’ve already tried many attempts to cleanse and banish without success, yes seek help from a professional. They are right here on BALG

I already have stopped fearing them, which is why they’ve become more aggressive in attempts to make me fear them once more and I’d prefer to meet a coven in person so I can see what they’re about. But I can definently do online if need be.

You can google satanic covens in your area. When it happened to me I was living in new York. I was lucky in that I already knew some. You should try the internet.

Alright, I’ll try that!

They do all of this? Interesting.
Well, nothing in your experience is independent of your consciousness of it. However, if it is too intense for you to handle using meditative methods, have you tried things like yoga or any physical activity to help shift the consciousness at the level of the body’s consciousness?

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No…i mean i do dance and walking meditation…but I’m not seeing how that will help, can you elaborate?

Not just walking meditation. In your case, you might need to learn to be still in your own presence just allowing thoughts-feelings to come and go without getting involved or pushing/pulling.
How’s your “social participation”/? I think you might benefit by building a very engaged social spiritual circle with meditation/spirituality support groups and yoga etc. What’s your general lifestyle like?