Need help removing a succubus from my life!

So, when I was 15 and 3/4 I summoned a succubus and for the first couple months everything was alright till she started to cast illusions on me and put me into trances, and from there everything went downhill but wait it gets better I made her swear herself to secrecy I told her stuff that would put me in danger, so she said to me she was gonna break that verbal agreement we made with each other Marbas was also present in the room when she said that and my reaction was, I ordered Marbas to kill her but he didn’t, this one time she put me into a trance and I called out to Lilith and she came to me I made an agreement to not kill the succubus but then Lilith decided to hurt me physically and mentally.
I tried to make the relationship work but in the end I don’t trust her and she doesn’t trust me, iv’e been with her for almost 3 years now and I don’t want her in my life she nor Lilith so im asking yall for some help to remove this succubus from my life!!! If yall cant help me im just gonna have to go to my local witch craft store and ask the witch that operates the store to help me.

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Wow, what made you summon something that drastic at 15, you obviously were not ready. What did you know about love is my initial reaction. Three months in you order her death? Really?
You made a promise so I think your best shot out of this is to own up to your responsibilities by taking care of her and not treating her as some worthless being you can just discard or destroy at will.

Lillith is going to want to know you learned your lesson before releasing you, so think about the repercussions of your next actions.


I spent months trying to apologize to the both of them i spent nights crying for forgiveness and yet nothing. All i could say is i tried i was even gonna summon a daemon from the Ars Goetia that fixes relationships but all i can say is i tried

Time is irrelevant it does not work the same way in other realms, months here can be minutes elsewhere even seconds. Actions speak louder than words and tears are a physical manifestation of so many things. Which one are for your frustration and anger and which ones are for the wrong you did and true regret.

Buy a small glass bottle and collect only those tears that you cry with genuine emotion, the deepest of regrets for 30 days and offer those up to Lillith. She will know so be honest LOL.

I will not be commenting on this topic more so good luck with your situation.


Thats some WEAK ASS advice, this succubus and Lilith i feel nothing for them they caused too much pain to me and my family.

I think you have pissed of Lilith. When you summon a relationship with a succubus you need to take it seriously. They are extremely committed in their relationships. Succubi are extremely loving and protective of their companions. They are beings with emotions jut like us. The illusions and trances are her trying to expand your perception so you can better understand her so you can have a more intimate relationship. Have you ever asked her why she made you see the things you saw? You tried to kill her, and you seek forgiveness from Lilith? Lilith is the mother of the succubus. Why would you ask for forgiveness from the mother of who’s child you tried to kill. I am sorry for Lilith. I hope you learn something from this.


Not all succubi are friendly (I would say most of them are leeches but that’s just me) and sometimes you can come across impostor spirits. I don’t see why Lilith would put you through this torture. This is how spirits can play games with you… “Oh have I insulted this spirit” “Is what’s going on actually to my benefit?” Are you sure you are talking to the right spirit to begin with? You are the God of your universe and if you don’t want this succubus in your life that’s where it ends.

The moment when I had stopped doubting myself and when I recognized the succubs as my enemy is when I had started to get them out of my life. Granted, I had to get to a point of almost killing myself to get it but better late than never lol.


See a shaman or advanced practitioner , these beings engrain themselves in your aura then use you as food, at least 80% of the sccubus cases Are not beneficial to the human , im having to spend hundreds to get them removed , but I have learned a valuable lesson,

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You don’t understand, I had someone remote travel to me , he spoke directly with the succubi as a spirit to spirit conversation. THEIR intention was to have me pushed to suicide , be confused, and depressed, use my energy , because they were entertained by it, succubi who think like this should be killed and exterminated, no sympathy, if op is going through similar then he is just in his cause

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Daily banishings for a while should help. These spirits only have power over you if you let them.

Use your godlike power to purge them from your home and your life.

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This is surprising coming from you. What was the turning point if you don’t mind me asking?

When I realized , I lost all motivation to do my passions , felt tired after full nights rest , and was told to commit suicide by one of them ,

They are deceiving and intelligent, they make you think they want you as a companion for a while so they can dig their hooks in , then by the time you come to the observation they’re affecting your wellbeing it’s too late

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Are you sure youre not being manipulated by something else?

Doesn’t make sense for one to want to kill it’s host. Unless something happened? Did your perspective change overnight? Just want to understand better

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No it’s them, when you die they will get to feast on all your energy, and some just think it’s fun to fuck with people, won’t be the case for everyone , I don’t want to hear any byllshit about loving them more from anyone ; I treated them amazing, some just don’t give a fuck , don’t be scared if you have one this is my experience


Also OP, see a local shaman , don’t worry you can fight it with your thoughts and ignoring them

Yeah. I understand that. I’m just a little shocked honestly because I’ve been coming here for over a year, before I actually signed up, and you seemed like you were having a positive journey with your ubis. Now I see this. I’m always reading objectively the experiences of other practitioners to better understand my own situation. Been with mine for 2 and a half years now, she’s been very sweet to me. We argue like any normal couple, but she’s never hurt me. She’s cut me down to size for sure, but it was more like tough love rather than abuse.

There’s just been an alarming amount of succubus related threads lately, and an equal amount of threads of people wanting out.

Also, that note about being consumed after death is extremely disturbing, and quite a claim at that. Have you a source? Perhaps a malevolent being would do that, but that can’t possibly be everyone’s end game can it? Gives me chills. Wonder what succubus master has to say about that. @succupedia

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Succupedia is very knowledgeable, he has extremely positive experiences And he will tell you to love them and treat them with respect and respect the relationship , lady Eva told me that’s what parasites like, they won’t eat your soul or anything like that , at least to my knowledge. But they will feed off your vital life force energy left behind since no host is in control anymore of the body , I mean this is me piecing it together not 100%, but it makes sense, relative to the concept of people sacrificing humans to gods/ deities in past cultures , civilizations, tribes , . It’s disturbing but tbh I don’t give a fuck , It don’t bother me I can feed in their energies as well in the mean time before I see a shaman ,

That makes a bit more sense. I thought you meant like consume you, your soul, energy whatever you want to call it. Basically killing you, casting you into Oblivion.

It would make sense for them to take “what is left behind” provided it didn’t truly destroy you. Unless that was their plan from the beginning…

Unfortunately, we may never know. Anything trying to manipulate you will always tell you what you WANT to hear.


I would actually like to see more posts and opinions on this from others as well. Now I work with lust magic here and there (still muddling through). My connections go deep enough and I was really attracted to the “become a succubus” section in the book I’ve read and will reread. There is a pretty big feminine change that’s been going on for a bit. Age of Set maybe or some other age really ramping up the divine/infernal feminine. I mean its in everything from hobbies, religion, media, government and more. The succubus/incubus… yeah. You just don’t meld well with them I guess. Like magnets something are attracted and some repulsed.

As too feeding on energies… Oh I’ve seen it and they show how addictive it is. Its a prime reason to even go to my own corner of a “hell” for me is to learn, and feed off that ripe sexual energy. Its addictive and sweet from what I’ve been led to believe via feeling. I can stave off the lust for a week or two (esp when I got sick) but afterwards, its like a feral succubi in me wanting that lust. For me its fun to starve off the energy and then let it sink back in like a rushing wave and I get the feeling the ones working with me love that.

Can’t say its love though, there are times my emotions are way out of wack which I’m not used to. I was so edgy and dark and hate filled at a time. So filled with toxins of a negative sort. I have a feeling there are beings that do feed of that but they devour it and when its gone or near gone it must be like sucking on a dry tit or something and they move on only returning once in a while.

Never had an animal attacked as far as I know and people… well, I don’t pay attention too much to the extremely toxic ones. I haven’t noticed Christians or the like attacked in my presence either. One might say its all a big brain fuck of nothing and just my mind but that seems doubtful.

Do they play games? They ones that come to me certainly do and they don’t make life easy for me to sense them. That’s fine. TBH, I enjoy the doubt and chase of the puzzle game to sense. And when or if I do before I die then maybe they’ll find a new game.

Sucks they made your life a pain. If it wasn’t a succubus do you think it would be something else if your mind latched onto it? an angel, a different demon, a djinn, a spirit of the dead, etc? As to threats to kill, I often wonder how much these beings just find that laughable. Maybe I’ll turn to vampirism but I doubt I’m even close to being that skilled. I wouldn’t have so many physical issues if I could be doing that but it looks like a good choice and draining the crap out of healthy people I don’t know really looks more like survival of the fittest rather than having a beef with someone or something I don’t like.

Good skill to ya in whatever method of removal you manage.