Succubus removal

I know there are threads, but can anyone help me remove a succubus , it’s draining me making me sad all day I don’t want to deal with it anymore

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Speak to Goddess Liliith about it.

Where did you get your succubus from? And why do you think she is the one doing so?

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How long have you been with your succubus i might ask ?

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10 months , I use to have big dreams and passions and desires now I feel depressed nihlistic and hopeless i remember this change come about weeks after I got her , I have little desire passion willpower anymore so I’m done and I know for a fact it puts thoughts in my head

Ok i see did you do the letter of intent? I seen that you have posted that you have more than one succubi?

I want to share with you a option i can’t say that this will solve the feel of energy loss but any way.

If you like to take a look seartch for Karl Hans Welz.

If you are indeed femilliar with this orgone and orgone generator stuff then i don’t know what more to do.

I have seen he has a as called heavy duty device called PFC 2400 HD chi generator .

And then you can get this called power booster and there is a orgone power booster that will with the help of the generator generate sexual life force.

PBTBH 2400 potency booster.

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I have an org one generator I haven’t been using it lately I will try that

You can also try this energy generator “life force” out for free. They have put a structural link to one device and you will only need to get the chi card for you phone and try it out its free.

What kind do you use?

Rad 1000

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Then if you have the boost links then you can turn it on and let it stay on. Have the link with you all the time and just let the energy do its thing.

You’ve been posting your issues with her online since May 2019 and from what I can see you have received a lot of advice on very similar threads. Of the advice you received in the last year, what have you actually tried?

It does not sound like you were in a good mental place to start with. There are so many issue you are dealing with and yet still to deal with and succubi seems to be how you escaped your immediate problem. With little to no magick experience coupled with your original fears how were you intending this all to go?.

I too am curious how you summoned her and what was your original intention.

Succubi come when called to fulfil a need, it could be short or long term but that’s up to you. You are the driving force behind them being here and I think until the the original purpose for which you called is completed, you will not let them leave. Sometimes when you open floodgates, they’re hard to close until the water has ran its course so to speak.

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I think you should let the divice stay on for know on.

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Ive Tried sage, banishing ritual, subliminals, contacting Lilith, making a letter to Lilith , I Thought like succupedia said it would take time for my energies to get used to hers, but I don’t feel like myself anymore , going to see a local shaman soon I just talked to one


When I was a noob on the forum I called out to Lilith for 3 times because I read about how loving and great they are and one night laying down in a theta state they came

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Then it sound like if they were a gift from lilith, she is who you would need to contact to remove them.

Why did you call her for them?

Because I thought they were loving companions but now I don’t have any desire passion or energy just feel dull

do you still crave a loving companion? You have to get to the root of why they are still here. There is a reason, you just have to find it.

A gift from a God is no small thing, and certainly not something you are going to banish with a shaman if Lilith herself gave them to you they will be there until their purpose is fulfilled or she agrees to take them back to the fold.


Dude these things are driving me to suicidal thoughts I don’t give a fuck who sent them or what’s their purpose , if they didn’t drain me and I still had aspirations dreams passion and desire I would keep them I’m fucking getting rid of them

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I belive your thoughts and fears is your problem not the succubus partners you have. Dealing with this sort of spirits will not be a thing for the weak minded…

This could be them expossing you to fear and hard ships to break you and then they will rebuild you.

Stop all this banishing and focus on your self know.
Try to focus on some thing non related for a while.

I have had several horror psychosis terrors happening in my mind i dream realy scary shit some times.

I dream realy vivid a lot beeing forced to kill people trying to survive but i know surender to the fear is a better way.

Fear should not be there in the first place.

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