Need help removing a succubus from my life!

Well, aren’t you a little presumptuous about how my replies will be? :thinking:

I would rather question the age of the one summoning a succubus. At 15 you’re at the height of puberty and there’s not much life experience to that. Brief moments of falling in love, perhaps, and the same with sexual experiences.

Some succubus knows the shortcommings of pubertal confusion and they attach themselves to that. Puberty is the height of sexual energy, because it’s like walking into an atomic bomb blast, sucking in the radiation of lust. It’s like a candyshop with a free for all section. And they fill the bag to the edge.

Maybe there’s something to learn from this, rather than pointing fingers and saying “you’re wrong”? Maybe 15 years old is too young to enter these kind of relationships? Maybe some life experiences is needed, to know what sex and love is about, to know the loss and succusses of life? :thinking:


Just saying , that’s pretty much you’re stance on the subject from my perspective , I’m not criticizing it,

I’m of the opinion that if a person wants to end a relationship with a spirit, then one should by all means do it. And if the spirit for whatever reason refuses to do leave, then one should dispose of it by any means necessary.

Arokys didn’t mention it but I assume he tried to end this relationship peacefully like anyone would before trying the more drastic approach. Being mind controlled without consent doesn’t sound like that much fun after all.

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The only way is to get away from said entity. It will not apologize, will not think you grand, will belittle you and make you feel small, you have to win by winning back your own mind.

Give no fear, doubt, anxiety, it feeds on this, and you need a LOT of self control and self belief.
You may also need Archangel help, and fast.

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Dude straight up said he tried to order her death I mean lol. No, definitely not peaceful. OP should have looked into banishing rituals before making asinine threats he can’t possibly follow up on.

The almighty moist has spoken

I love my incubus they are fun! May I ask why do you wanna get rid of your succubus? Is it becoming too much?