Vampyric Defense

Hello BALG Forum,

It would seem that I’ve been attacked by a vampire, feeling drained during the day and feeling a presence during the night.

What could be done to protect me from psychic vampires?

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Banishing then make a shield that if a vampyre were to try to link to you it would link to the shield, the “proper” programming id give the shield is one that drains the attacker. A vampiric shield that only feeds on those aiming to harm you.


Good resources for this would be John Kreiter’s “Vampires Way to Psychic Self Defence”; Enoch Petrucelly’s Grounding/Shielding techniques from his “Book of Soul Retrieval”; “Magickal Protection” by Damon Brand has great banishing and protection rituals.

Vids by said authors:


Scan yourself to see the link, follow it to find them and use it to take double your energy that was taken back. They won’t do it again.


One cool tip: research your regent planet and draw its sigil on any of your body parts. Focus on protection and ‘counter attack’ everyday. It is also a shield

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Great! My regent planet is Mars, the planet of war!

Awesome tips everyone!

Thank you!

Then meet them with war! I believe this forum has a few rituals and techniques on how to craft astral weapons and command armies of war-like spirits. Give it a go

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