Need Help regarding Evocation

Okay soo I have been reading about Evocation , meditation , and some specific Demons who can help me in my case (Love Life)
I tried Evocation (Segil) of Sitri , Sallos , Zepar
but i never got to connect to them
its been almost 3 weeks i am trying everyday just to have a small talk or to get some results of my evocation but i dont know the exact reason why am i failing
I meditate without any distraction , when i stare at the Segil (the Segil lines disappear and reappear )
and i visualise the outcome i want but still , i dont feel any presence
I read a post on Occult website (Occultist) that most effective way to Invoke/ evoke Sitri is to do Seman - Retention and I even tried that (its the hardest thing to be honest)
I do visualisation before i sleep and even try to use power of subconscious mind to increase the efficiency of my expected results
I have also been praying to Pomba Gira for the same reason and its been 6 days (ritual of 7 days ) but i didnt see even some small changes in my situation

What i expect from this community is help me or Guide me to connect to Sitri Or Sallos (who can efficiently help me to get back my ex we have been together for 4 years and broke up for a silly thing and now i dont have much time as her parents have already started seeing guys for her to get married… YEAH ARRANGE MARRIAGE)

Edit - Its a old topic but things didnt change between me and my ex she called me 2-3 times just to see how am i doing she is in relationship with someone else and she said me on a call that she is serious with that guy ( well i dont really care )

I have gained lots of knowledge reading and practicing magick in these time frame , i wrote this post in march when i started my LHP practice

All your advices and help is appreciated

if you have any spell , chant , mantra , ritual you think i should give it a try feel free to DM me or give it here below



These days it just occurred me an insight about evocation: try to do it as if you were possessed. E.g. after the sigil gazing wait for inspiration to kick in, be guided by the entity to summon itself. Perhaps memorize different conjurations, prepare everything (candles, incense…) and do some starting meditations/rituals but, after that, empty your mind and do the actual evocation in “autopilot”.

“Autopilot” can you please elaborate

Let your body speak and act almost by itself. Anyway, I guess you probably already read some topics here and articles about evocation… right? Otherwise I may write some links.

I have been finding something new to read but every post is the same
Can you add some links which you think can be helpful

I hope there are 1 or 2 new things below, for example here’s some stuff

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You’re trying to run before you can walk if you think Sitri is going to help you reconcile with your ex, it will never happen until feelings of resentment and correction of the actions that lead to the breakup happen… if you don’t understand what went wrong, a spell for clarity and perception are in order.

People don’t seem to realize it’s easier to seduce a complete stranger than a person you’ve hurt.

Layer your magick.

Sallos isn’t going to help neither until the problems that made you bad for eachother are gone too.


This is possibly a block as well. Your own disconnect in that there was a problem, which obviously wasn’t “silly” to her (or her parents) sets the energy that you don’t really care how she feels, she’ll sense that. Sounds like you’re in a culture where she’ll become your property, why would she do that for someone she already realises would dismiss her opinion like that? There could be other reasons you don’t know.

Even if you do all the magick perfectly, and there’s a chance Sitri heard you you just couldn’t see him, you won’t override her free will. She might feel a certain way, and still consciously choose a different path. This is especially true for women, who have evolved to be able to disconnect desire and brain, to be right-brain oriented when it comes to choosing mates. You can send her insane trying, but then she won’t be the person you wanted any more.


Isn’t this the basis of love spells. overriding free will to some extent at least?

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Hey Vikson, whats the status on this? Has anything improved on this front? If not, I do have some advice that may help you out some.


Hey verdo , there is some progress but not much

I will be needing your advice !! You can DM me we can speak more openly there


Sounds like time and practice is the issue. You seem to know how to open a sigil and recognize the flashing. Then just call the spirit and name your objective and ask for peace to be between you, provide an offering and give them license to depart without being rude.

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Also, look inot Mastering Evocation. The workbook includes lots of sigils and names to use.

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I think you’re on the right track bro. Try to think of it like this. It’s like one if those old fashioned hand pump water wells you sometimes see in old country houses. When you pump the water most of the effort expended is in the very beginning when your priming the pump. Once the water begins to flow it takes much less effort to keep it flowing. Success with magick is very much the same in my experience.

It takes alot of trying, failure, trial and error before seeing consistent success. Don’t be discouraged though it looks like you’re progressing nicely my friend.



Thanks Mike :smiley:

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