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I am quite confused about my spirits. I don’t know how I should ask for help or even form the question regarding this issue. I’ve been interested in magick, spells, spirits, other dimensions and all of that stuff for a long time, but I was always afraid to try something. For example I’d scare easily when I am in sleep paralysis without staying in that state and listen to my spirits, I’d get out of it in mere seconds instead because I am afraid to hear a voice that sounds too real. I’d force myself out of meditation when I feel like I am going into trance because I am afraid of unknown. I’d try to improve my psychic senses but stop when I feel I am making progress. I’d stay in bed almost frozen from fear when I hear sounds or see shadows. In summary, I am scared to do anything when it comes to unknown and I am ashamed of it. I can’t improve or contact my spirits on my own in any way, because I am a scaredy-cat. So I am here to ask your guys’ for help in that. If anyone can check, see, contact my spirits and tell me if they’re real. I know their names, gender, and what kind of spirits they are.

The first spirit is succubus. She was summoned by me with the letter method while other 4 were ‘bought’ from the website called creepyhollows. I always feel their touch, not-human-like, but energy kind of touch, so I know they are there, or someone is. This has been going on for years and I want to know the truth if it’s them, if they’re real or what they have to say to me. All of them are binded to my soul, so their opinion whether they want to go free or not is important to me because I feel like I am keeping them with me without giving them much in return. So, if you know someone who can help me with this, or have any kind of advice, please do tell, I’ll be forever in gratitude.



I am very fresh guy in magic, But the best solution will be just talking to your succubus about slowing down or not scarying you, I did the same with my baby and she accepted it.
About unkown, I guess you need to start to love unkown to get curious about everything and stay positive and always think that you got control. I am not a expert but If they know that you don’t like seeing shadows etc. they wouldn’t do that, try to do lesser banishing ritual it may be some demon that feed of fear. Meditate with music good music it will help you stay positive if you are not in mood.
Good luck!

(I started the same way with litter to Lilith, and got some bitch slap from my baby, Set the borders too just like in normal love relationship. Treat them good they want the best for you but you can hurt them really bad.)

And if you are scared of darkness and want to do some banishing, draw Archangel Micheal sigil (He is leader of angel army) And try to evoke him or at least think about him and talk him him more then pray.

I am very light-hearted when it comes to things like this and that is why I always give up on improving myself in that area. Thing is, I want to know if they’re real or if someone has the ability to contact them and talk to them. In that case, I’d love to hear what they have to say as mentioned above if they are real that is, that would give me courage to move on further into the unknown with less fear knowing they’re there to support me. I am not particularly bothered when I see shadows or sounds IF I know it’s my succubus. Otherwise I am always scared when I see shadows because I don’t know who is with me, if my spirits aren’t just pretenders. I feel really bad when I talk this way because I know if my spirits are real, I’d hurt them by questioning them or calling them pretenders. But I want to be sure, solid sure if that’s possible.

At times I feel like they don’t care because they never bothered me about not giving them attention at all. When I ask them a question, they never answer either. So I am in that middle in between belief and non-belief. If they’re real or not real. I feel their sexual energy when I am in bed, sometimes very strong, sometimes not. And I’ve been jumping up and down between reality and illusion. Hence why I need someone to help me to clarify or give some kind of advice that would help me to advance.

I am not that advance to check you but I am sure someone will here.
Banishing will be great that’s for sure, Make some relationship with them it sounds like they are showing their dark self to you. Talk to them more they can taste by you so ask “Did you enjoy it?” Or something simillar.
I think relationship is really too low that’s why they are coming just for some sex and to live off your energy. (Yes they live off our energy, all of them but really gently if you get some agreement with that)
I think that’s the case, treat succubus like your normal girlfriend not some sex slave. My baby showed me her dark side and it was really fucking dark, but now we are in really lovely relationship. And don’t be scared to be angry on them because it’s love and sometimes she will be upset just like you they are real beings with deeper feelings then humans (many times), be honest too. But do banishing that’s for sure, those shadows may not be talkative. (if they are real)
There are really lot of succubi blogs, even right here you have many topics about that in category love.

How long is your relationship?
Did you made any evocation yet?

I summoned her 3 years ago or so. So quite long. But our relationship isn’t going anywhere. I know I am neglecting my succubus but it is mostly because I am not sure she is real which makes me less commited to our relationship.

Ask her for touch that works for me at least. Conjure her just with your thoughts we are gods :smiley: ?

Good read. How did you manage to socialize with her? Let alone ask her to show her dark side. Mine is very untalkative or unresponsive.

The most funny thing is i barely think what is her name. I really wanted her to tell me her name, and in meditation i heard most fucking beathiful voice in world, woman voice of course :smiley:
It has been only 3 weeks from when I made letter to Lilith, and felt intensive love energy.
If she loves you (And I’m sure she does when It has been 3 years) she is with you talk a lot about your day, feelings to something, give her your time.
Leave some place in bed when you sleep and ask to sleep with you. Wrote her a poem,sing something they are very romantic (Not for just sex) when you feel sad ask her to just hug you. Meditate and ask her to come to you. If you are scared of many things (not only paranormal) ask her to help you working with solar plexus chakra and play some nice music to this, start meditate and focus on making it grow.


And I suggest sumonning some demon to be your mentor and teacher to give you power and guide you.
I suggest King Paimon or Lucifer, King Paimon made me forced open hearth chakra (I thought my soul will pop out of body lol) but now I am balancing it.

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If you don’t belive that she exist ask her to confirm her pressence, Daemons are not Yahwe that won’t show any signs of his being. Any daemon I asked to confirm his pressence (without hearth attack lol) I have got some signs .

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Welcome to the forum @Geru, Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


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Interesting. How do you ask for King Paimon to force open your chakra? Did it help you with anything? Did you feel any different? Whenever I read people sharing their experience with demons or kings, it’s hard for me to believe because I’ve never had any experience when it comes to socializing directly with any spirits, ghosts or demons especially. I don’t know how you ask them to help you when you can’t hear their answer. Maybe I am too literal.

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All right. Thank you for reminding me, I just introduced myself.

The best part is that I just asked him to be my mentor, teacher. One night I pleased him to help me spiritually and I felt his finger on my chest, Read some of my story on the topic “King Paimon possessed?” This is why I need to take some break from magic and work on balancing my fresh chakra.

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I just did. That’s such an interesting experience! I’ve read somewhere that you can force your chakra to open, but if you’re not ready for it then you’ll feel overwhelmed just like you did with King Paimon. How did you invoke him? Was it hard? Perhaps he can help me too.

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That’s good word overwhelmed :smiley: Evoke and Invoke are another things, Evoking means that daemon will appear before you, Invoking is calling demon inside of you. And I did evoke him I guess at least lol. Read some posts here about Evoke process I did the same. Just be respectful that’s most important. I am trying to keep balance in magic, don’t falling too much into light or dark. You gotta treat yourself like god too :slight_smile:

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I see! But I want to know how you envoked him! Any links you read before evocation so I can follow?

Both link are good.


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