Need a little help



I’ve read both of them. The first link didn’t really say much about evocation, mostly just their personal story with King Paimon. The second link says I need to draw the circle around the area. What does that mean? My apartment is very small, I can’t do something like that!

Sorry for bothering you by the way, but you’re the first friend I made here!


I had same problems so I gotta help too :smiley:
You don’t really need a circle or calling archangels, this is more sign of fear then protecting yourself.
Before the ritual I recommend saying to yourself that you will conjure only true daemon (They are some small demons that are falsing their personallity. And don’t be scared say to your self that you are the one who conjure them and you are the god just like them. Give some offerings to Paimon (He like sweets and green tea) and be respectful that’s all. (You know the evocation went good if you are tired as fuck, and even get some migraine on start)


I also want to double down on the respect thing with King Paimon. Definitely come correct. The first concrete conversation we had I pissed him off, smh. Thankfully, he was cool about it

Regarding your familiars- do not worry so much. They aren’t trapped within the vessel, the vessel is simply an anchor. Even the soul binding, is just an anchor or connection. You and your spirits all have the right to walk away if it comes to that.

Don’t underestimate their patience either. They agreed to the binding and pairing process, and for the most part, are in it for the long haul. I actually find it kind of reassuring.

If you feel them, they are there. Communication won’t be concrete, or conversational. Trust the images that pop in your head when you ask. Listen for internal voices with a different ‘pitch’ than your usual thinking tone.

Notice which part of you tingles when you call upon a spirits name. One way to bridge communication was to ask a question. Feel a tingle, and get the impression of an answer. I repeat the statement, and if the shiver intensifies, that’s a yes.

The first time one of my familiars appeared in a dream, I was spooked. She appeared as a human, and came up to me. When I looked at her eyes, they were alien, and old old old and I woke up scared as hell.

You are new, the fear is natural. It will continue to be natural until you are tested, and you prove your own strength and confidence to yourself.

Additional spirit keeping tips-
They are aligned with you. When you shift, they shift. For example, if you were a religious individual or a love/light preacher, and switch over to the opposite spectrum, they will shift with you.

Keep their name secret from everyone except those they wish to tell. Some spirits would see it as a breach of trust to spread it around, and other practitioners can bother the entity.

Some, not all, but some familiars require energy and ‘feeding’ otherwise they’ll go mad. I haven’t experienced this, though I’ve heard about it with ghouls and revenants.

Energy exchange doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but it can be. The exchange can be as small as chanting their names every morning, to as grandiose a thing as bloodcoated candles, stones incense and direct energy transfer at the same time.

You are the anchor to this world. You are in charge of how they behave in your sphere of influence. Accept your role with dignity. You are the ‘pack leader’ so to speak.

Punishments when spirits disobey don’t have to be heavy duty either. One of my Hellhounds decided to manifest to my roommate. Freaked her out because she saw a dog on the porch but our dog was inside. Neither one would confess. So now their task is chasing all of the field mice out of the yard, and trying to keep em out. They’re doing a good job lol.

TASKS. They get bored. Once in a while, call everything to you and let em know what you need help with. Give them something to do.
Ex. A Dragon spirit I communicate easily with, is in charge of showing me how to chill out. Another Dragon is in charge of bridging communication barriers. A Hellhound guards the perimeter of the property. One stays with me. Sometimes, switch it up. Sometimes, I’ll let em all get a break to do what they wanna do. The Hellhounds like psychopomp work, so I let them roam and do their own thing occasionally, as I’m not doing that just yet.

Don’t be subservient, but don’t be too high and mighty. Build a relationship, the rest will work out.


Fear is totally natural, OP! It’s one of the ‘ways the Mysteries protect themselves’, in spooky lingo. It means you’ve got to look your fears in the eye and laugh! You can’t be afraid forever, and the world’s a weird and terrifying place, so instead of trying to deal with your fears, you have to face them ASAP. If you know why you’re afraid, keeping exposing yourself to the reason until you’re not, and if you don’t, do what scares the shit out of you! Fear’s a natural response to something you need to overcome, and lying to yourself or not tackling them head on is a bad move. You need courage in the world, because the world is magic- and why let a little trepidation stand in your way? :slight_smile:


happens to me from time to time, you should tell her that whenever you´re in the astral, the experience should be as friendly as possible in order not to be scary


I agree with @DormiensDei, great info there. They’re not bound to you as much as agreed to stay with you. This is the planet of free will and any entity (with a spirit) in it’s field enjoys that same privilege.

I also found this thread helpful. Azazel granted me a small legion of imps I call the ‘company’ or ‘my boys’. They number started at 101, some went and some more came and now there’s 104… hang on… 107? They just keep showing up. I sound crazy I know.
I have trouble telling them apart and they’re not named - I ask and the whole crowd just blinks at me. There’s a smarter one that organises them I call The Foreman, and a minor Djinn I dubbed Little John (he’s enormous) that I sort of quietly stole from someone that was complaining about it raping him - I had just the home for him :+1: I have no idea what their real names are :confused:

I’m not in my comfort zone here but I think that’s the point. And this thread gave me some great ideas… hey I have mice too! They’re not super strong and some got killed and damaged accidentally when I set them to do something I didn’t realise was beyond them. :frowning: Azazel fixed the survivors and I wasn’t even able to heal them well - they’re not like humans at all. I can do humans, it just works, not them.

At times I feel like they don’t care because they never bothered me about not giving them attention at all. When I ask them a question, they never answer either.

My boys don’t initiate with me either, and none can speak much except The Foreman, and my clairsentience picks up little, it’s an effort - they’re like… the Doozers in Frazzle Rock, only they look like small black gargoyles, it’s hard to explain in human terms. They can hear me - as long as I’m very loudly talking directly at them - they talk to each other, but don’t interact much with me. It’s possible they’re a bit low-density and literally can’t see me very well and I’m partly though the veil for them. Like the daemons are for us. I have to ask The Foreman what they need or what’s going on, that works.

So maybe see if you can get the succubus or another daemon to interpret for you?


im just like you you know i use to be afraid of this kinda thing my first invocation was scary as hell even tho it was camio i could feel his’ presents n it scared me so bd i closed the whole thing now im working with furfur even tho he is one not to be trifled with he is amazing u just gotta trust your self and magic si inside a circle if u must but always poilitely tell them y so they dont take offence to it


Sorry for the later answer, I couldn’t find the time to get on, but I’ll share what kind of experiences I had with King Paimon to you. So I’ve summoned King Paimon, or at least I think so, but I didn’t use incense or candles or gave any offerings. However, I was respectful and called him King Paimon. I meditated and chanted his enn. It didn’t take long for me to feel something. There was burning energy inside of me in every part of my body and I quickly felt tired after. I’ve asked for his aid to help me to open my psychic senses and bid goodbye with respect. At night I felt my eyes on fire, my forehead on fire, my ears making a weird click sound and pressure like energy around me. The next day I’ve decided to meditate and chant his enn again. After around 20 times I’ve chanted his enn, I’ve felt immensely tired and out of breath like I was running a marathon, so I stopped because I couldn’t withstand such a powerful energy, it felt like it was sapping my whole essence. Now I do feel the clicking sound in my ears from time to time and energy in my third eye. Don’t know if I disrespected King Paimon in some way or he’s just showing to me that he’s here to help me.


I was never in astral. Don’t know how it feels like and too scared to try it.


You’re right, I agree with everything you said in this post. But I let fear control my life. I think it’s due to my past negative experiences, so now I am scared of everything. Even the little things.


You’re quite confident in your words, I like it. Thing is, because of nothing happening to me is why I doubt their existence. I know it’s rude to think so, but sometimes people will have doubts and I have doubts in my spirits. Whenever I ask for them to touch me for no or yes, there’s nothing. I haven’t experienced any dreams with my spirits in them either. The only thing I feel is the energy around me when I lay down and that’s it, nothing less, nothing more. To the point where I think that ‘energy’ around me when I lay down is just my imagination. I do believe spirits, ghosts, astral, etc exists, however, I am having a hard time believing my spirits are with me. I’ve bought most of them off creepyhollows and I am not sure if that website is legit when it comes to spirit keeping. My almost no experience with my spirits besides light touching and the website I bought it from makes me believe more and more everyday that they’re not real and just a pigment of my imagination. That’s why I seek help anywhere I can. Daemon summoning, people on this website and their advice, etc. I haven’t had any ground-breaking experiences when it comes to spirits like most of you guys did. I’ve read different experiences on here and it’s amazing. Perhaps my senses are so clogged that it takes a huge amount of time to cleanse it? I do appreciate your advice though, I’ve noted your every word and I am definitely saving your paragraph for future use.


That’s so interesting. Just how far are you in your psychic senses development? From the way you’ve explained your imps, it seems like you can see their presence well to the point where you notice their blinking! Any tips for me?

I didn’t understand what you meant by interpreting though, I am not that good when it comes to english, could you explain it more? Sorry to bother you!


It’s all in the minds eye/clairsentience, like having a waking dream. I’m bi-locating into the astral to be with them, I guess it’s a lot like being a medium only not for the level human ghosts are usually on.

By interpreting, I can see… “see”… them muttering to each other but it’s like it’s too low for me to hear and not in a language I’d understand, and it’s partially telepathic so not full sentences, like twins that have their own language. The Foreman can just go mutter with them, then look at me and say “he says he got caught in the combustion chamber”, showing me an image of the imp trying to mess up the car by getting into the fuel lines, and getting blown up. Awkward. Nice try though.


I getcha, OP! That’s why it’s safest to face your fears as early as possible when it comes to magic. The better you get, the more intense it gets, and the worse things can roll out for you if you have fears. It only gets worse, whether or not you do anything spiritual! One of magic’s best uses is to conquer fear. :slight_smile:


You’re a wise one, I can tell you that much. I know what you mean, the fear will always stay with me and the more I hesitate to conquer my fears, the stronger it gets. The longer I postpone to face my fears head on, the faster I get comfortable with my situation, which leads to the conclusion of my fears never leaving me. I am missing out on so much and I am not living to the fullest if I let it get in my way. I’ve always been pondering on how should I deal with it, but there’s no better solution than to give it my all to defeat something I don’t want in my life.

Thanks for encouraging me, I’ll try my best.


I almost envy you that you can see them at least for a little bit. That’s something I’ve always wanted, but opening up my psychic senses is no simple task.

I had to giggle a little bit when you said that one of your imps got caught in the combustion chamber, because that’s so very imp like. Is your third eye opened? When you said it’s all in the mind’s eye, because mine isn’t.


You’ve got it! That kind of spirit is sanctioned by a lot of Glories, which you can call on for backup in tackling your fears. Kali, the Glory of Conquest; Neith, the Glory of Cycles; Isis, the Glory of Magic- they’re all generous patrons to the courageous! And courage only comes from fighting fears. :slight_smile:


I’ve always been a coward. Hmm, well, not always, but from the day my father traumatized me and made me lose my self-esteem, confidence and I became a huge introvert that’s afraid of everything from that unfortunate day forward.

I’ll definitely try to contact Kali, Neith or Isis for support. They can stand beside me in my conquest. And I’ll be conquering myself.


I don’t know. I take a different tack with fear - fighting it acknowledges it’s a thing and that can make it stronger. Also, fear makes me angry and then I get hasty and make bad decisions.

If I’m reallt sacred though and it’s not transmuting to anger fast enough, call me a nerd but I like the Bene Geserit litany against fear from Dune, but I adjust it into a current-time positive affirmation/spell

I do not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.
I face my fear.
I permit it to pass over me and through me.
And as it goes past I turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there is nothing.
Only I remain.

“Fear is the mind-killer” is the main part that does it for me. I like my mind intact., such as it is :slight_smile:


It will take a while to build a rapport, and see actual manifestations if you’re like me and slack off on meditation. Not saying you are not diligent, just sharing a problem I had. These things took a while, I had a good year of doubt in my first one. I stopped looking for ‘Do exactly this action’ and looked for the way to manifest that was easiest to them

The doubt is normal. I would recommend practicing on the power sensing threads, for a little, as they have constant human feedback, and then using those techniques on your companions. After that divination of whichever sort you prefer. But that is just because that’s how I progressed with things, and it was actually a pretty fun way to do so