”Name of vengeance” please help, what this could mean?

Sorry for making a new topic, but I think this kind of went separated way from my original posting:

So I got a new tip when tried to figure out who are the spirit/spirits that have been helping me. Original posting below:

Revenge is something I dont want for anyone, yet I ended up writing ”name of vengeance” on a paper after asking who the spirit is. First I wrote something that didn’t say anything in our western letters, but when I asked western letters I got this. I’m completely surprised and actually quite scared too! I do not wish anyhthing bad for anyone!! Alltough, I saw a dream of my psyco ex friend last night, but I don’t want anything bad even to her. I pity her and I only was angry to myself not putting boundaries when we were ”friends”. I cut all contact to her an year ago so I was actually a little surprised why I dreamt about her.

Anyway: who could be related to vengeance and what should I do? Is it necessarily something evil or could it be neutral? My subconscious would not come with a word ”vengeance” on it’s own, that I know. I thought I would come up with something feminine/positive/even sweet. Hopefully I didn’t catch some evil spirit by asking questions. But I’ve also told anyone to leave who is negative or ill-willing spirit, so…


Wholy shiit I googled vengeance/revenge in differend languages and came up with old norse ”hefnd” or ”hefna”, and it actually could match in cursive writing to my nonsense drawing! Old norse is old scandinavian language. I’m not from Norway, but from the neighbor country which makes this even more weird.

Could someone please answer and give me some easy protection mantra I could use? I’m seriously anxious and can’t sleep


Your best protection is not to fear. Basic law of attraction, “what you fear is what you find”, you’re kind of cursing yourself worrying about it.

If you want to go the Norse route, lick your forefinger and trace the rune Algiz in spit on your palm. Set your intention as you do so that you are protected.



Thanks Mulberry! I did the protection just in case.

You are right that fear attracts fear. However I nowadays allow myself to feel all feelings when they first come, otherwise I’m not getting back into a right zone. But I know people who also succesfully use the ’fake it till you make it’ technique. After sleeping, my surprise/fear was turned back into curiosity.

I did a after lunch meditation, which turned into intended sleep paralysis. The spirit had a form of a boy, but it didn’t allow me to look too carefully and it again refused to tell it’s name. However it claimed to be only helping me. Maybe some form of angel, because before sleep paralysis I heard fun violin music? Funny thing is, that the entity came to my home with keyes :sweat_smile: I guess it’s a metaform that it’s not intruder, but something I have allowed close to me. I think this was a different spirit to one communicating yesterday.


Ah now after searching this forum, it makes sense. Lucifer it is, I feel it. That would explain angelic music, lights I often ”feel” just before falling asleep and snakes I’ve been imagining out of nowhere. I feel a bit stupid not connecting the dots earlier. I also think I understand why he didnt want to tell his name and it’s because I’m still new to this world and not fully made my opinion about him, fallen angels and other things. He knew I might take the keyes away. But somehow I feel comfortable and I’m willing to learn more. After all, he is an angel and certainly not evil, as well as not good either. We are all both, good and bad (alltough I try to be as good to others as possible).

I know that there are also other spirits close to me, and protection spells are good because I have been previously warned about ”stalker spirits”. Stalkers seem slow, but I can sense they can be dangerous.


Hei. I’m not sure if Lucifer is actually all that vengeful, necessarily.

If you’re in Eastern Scandinavia, honestly, it could be any number of interesting things… especially the more North you are.

You have Viking blood there, you have very unique blood in the most eastern regions near Russia… you have fae… the Sami…

Even the Eastern Orthodox Church is heavily magickal.

I mean, literally, parts of those areas some of the most “magickal” places left on this earth, along perhaps with Iceland, Latvia, and hidden away parts of Czechia and Southern France. There’s a whole hidden world there that is so very rich.

Here’s a video from an old Scandinavian lady who comes from a witch family… although she ran away when was 6, took her own path, and became involved in many other things… now she’s more into “high magick” but she’s done almost everything…

She responds to very short (1 to 3) paragraph comments. Anything more and I think YouTube uses ghost censorship.

I’d also work on developing your senses. Both John_N and Mulberry keep recommending books by Robert Bruce for good reason. I’ve started his books, and look forward to working through them with time.

Personally, I like to meditate a lot, enhanced with self-hypnosis techniques. It helps a fuller me come back to life.

Many Scans from your region used to go NLP and hypnosis seminars I’d attend, btw. Even though were very quiet people, they’d tend to gravitate towards me for some reason. They were quite nice, even majestic people. Quite lovely. Unique, to boot.

Since you’re from such a unique and highly magickal region, I might suggest doing a call out here for others.

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Also, with your scientific background, you may like some of the few researchers who dare to study unpopular things…

Including Rupert Sheldrake, who has a P.hD in biology.

Then there’s Noetic Sciences, an organization started by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, to help study reality.

They’re underfunded, unfortunately, so their evidence collecting isn’t as top notch as it should be.

However, I admire the efforts. I think we should we use the tools of science to study EVERYTHING. Nothing should be untouchable or out of bounds. That’s just ridiculous.

Apparently you’ll find minds quite a bit more open amongst quantum physicists, near CERN, etc.

Heck, they have a Shiva statue near CERN. All kinds of weird and interesting things. Inquiring minds.

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That spirit wasn’t lucifer, he has a different energy and showed up with the same ”mood” how he has been showing up my whole life. The revenge spirit is definitely a mystery. I need to look into those ones you suggested🤔I also was looking into nordic gods, but nothing felt right. It also might have been not one of my spirit guides. I was told earlier in a dream that I have ”stalker spirits” (I don’t know the real term). But at the same time my spirit guide told I shouldn’t be worried, because they aren’t able to catch me.

I saw the stalker spirit and it kind of looked like the boogeyman from childrens serie ”moomin” :laughing: Similar facial expression and it seemed a little simple.

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Oh, now that’s interesting. cute little thing.

Cold, too, like Mörkö?

Temperature is sometimes meaningful.

For example, apparently some ancestors can also come to you cold. They’ll seek you out for warmth and comfort. Ancestors have even been known to make people eat more.

Not that Mörkö or even anything like it would be an ancestor. Far from it. Just illustrating what temperatures can sometimes mean. Sometimes these entities come to us seeking what they do not have.


I have read about Rupert’s work! Cool that you are also so into exploring, that’s refreshing and Very admirable personality trait!

Yep Funding is always a problem unfortunately. Nowadays though, more funding has been allocated to future studies and scenarios, which is positive. It was also long considered ”pseudo science” until people started realizing in can be applied in any scientific field. I also use scenarios in my field. The core idea is to open the mind and study also things which seem unrealistic. And hey, quantum physics is a hardcore field but it is closer to what we discuss here than traditional research😉

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Ah, thank you.

Although I did it with more of a commercial interest (R&D), I’ve also done my own work with neurosteroids, if you’re familiar with them. Elucidating their roles and functions.

Even there, some certainly challenge people’s preconceptions about how humans work, I’ll tell you that.

You study anything deeply enough and you run into cracks in reality.

Heck, look at D Wave computers.

Oh, really?? Well, that’s quite exciting!

It’s been a long time since I dipped my toe in the scientific world. I’m truly heartened and excited by what you’re saying!

Now that truly is progress. I hope I get to live long enough to see the fruits of some of these efforts.

As wonderful as science is, “speedy” is not one of its attributes. I suppose incorporating AI and robots in the lab to run experiments on their own will be the next big breakthrough in science.

Maybe then science will stop lagging engineering.

I remember the example of the locomotive. Engineering made locomotives work a good 50 years before science collected enough evidence they could even work. Many people don’t understand just how slow and exacting science is. Hopefully modernizing science with today’s tech can help accelerate this finally.


Isn’t it! What comes to Mörkö, it was rather sympathetic character after all what I remember. Gives a pretty clear tip of my home country as well :smiley: In my dream it wasn’t cold, or then the creature was just too far away. It didn’t seem very intelligent so I doupt it could write something like revenge, but at the same time now I’m just judging by the looks. Confused ancestor, that could be possibility too. My first thought was that it was just interested because of my humanity, or more spesifically because I was contacting their side of the reality and it was drawn to humans.

I also saw my uncle in a train. He is still alive but I think he might past away soon and the train in fact was some kind of otherside train. He’s old and not very well, and not happy neither since all his friends have passed away a long time ago. But on a train he was excited, holding a beer and sigaret and much younger. He was really surprised also to see me there, but for some reason I couldn’t show that I know him. In quantum physics, time is not linear and it’s possible to have more realities. Thus I belive I might have actually seen my uncle after he passes away. Was really nice to see how happy he was, so on the contrary, this dream was really nice!

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I haven’t actually read about neurosteroids, but definitely sounds something like I’d like to read more! I have read a lot about psilocybin inspired by european studies about it and LSD. They can kind of reprogram brain, reform synapses. I haven’t tried any, but I’ve watched over my physician friend when he tested :smiley: Anyway my point is that you are curious and that’s a great thing! I believe intelligence is not ”knowing” but precisely curiosity

Engineering science and especially AI is fascinating too! Actually even in the european level, quantum computing is studied a lot for the national security purposes. At the same time, it’s funny to think Y2K bug panic wasn’t that long ago. It was supposed to be the end of the world.

My facourite phrase has been ”the more you study the more you understand how little you understand”. I’ve learned not to not to perceive anything as a total truth at work. Every single study just raises more questions and doesn’t even answer the original question. But, unfortunately, most of the funding is allocated for ”boring” mainstream stuff even some imorovement has happened. So, it’s rare I get into experimental stuff.

If you think about it, everything has started with (that time) seemingly crazy stuff, like that earth is actually round and it isn’t the centre of universum. I still get a brain melt-down just thinking that there’s infinity also between 0 and 1 or 1 and 2, or 0.1 and 0.2 etc :sweat_smile:

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Related to curiosity, I remember how I as a little kid created my own theory when first time hearing about bible and creation haha! I was into nature documents then and it didn’t make me sense how there where the first humans but homo sapiens came through evolution. So my theory was that they happened at the same time, and when Adam and Eve were sent to earth, humankind was already quite developed. I excitedly explained this theory everywhere to adults :rofl:

I don’t know where you come from but based on your extensive vocabulary, you seem like native English speaker​:thinking: I know that religion is a big thing in USA, but typically it isnt here in my country. So people are more open at least, or completely just don’t care about church. We don’t even go to church and we have multiple pagan rituals. For instance, at Easter kids dress up like witches and warlocks and go from door to door casting good health spells with decorated branches. It’s like our halloween! In order to get a spell, a person must pay with chocolate egg. Oh and don’t let me even start about midsummer festival spells and rituals haha! Anyway, here one theology student could very well select ”the similarities of Jesus and Lucifer” as a PhD topic. I actually should check if one exist already :thinking:

I can try to help you figure it out


Thanks, I’m open to suggestions!

I definitely didn’t have a good feeling about it. By now I’m sure it wasn’t any of my guides. I also think it was an attempt to get closer, so I don’t want to communicate with that one any further. I believe That’s why Lucifer used keyes to my house, to show he’s permitted and not one of uninvited of which I was warned of

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This was Btw completely new info to me that kukkopilli was used for calling spirits! These are quite common as decorations and I liked to play with them as a kid. But I can easily imagine these were used to call for example Tapio, the spirit of the forest. Tapio was often described fair and helpful, but could also make people lost in the forest if pissed off. If I remember correctly, a more ”mean” spirit was Näkki, spirit of the water, which drowned people.

I’m interested, did you guess I’m spesifically from Eastern Finland? Because I am and we indeed have a long family history there

My friends in current city are not very spiritul. Not even reading horoscopes for fun :joy: However many people believe in spirits etc, and if you start conversation even at a club about dream meanings or spirit visits, paranormal, you surely find discussion company. Spiritual communities, and especially people working with demons tend to stay quiet however. Unfortunately, here some very mentally I’ll people were murdering others and introduced themselves as satanists. No one wants to be connected to them any ways or even accidentally meet people like them, including me. So I understand why here you can’t find a decent forum to discuss known demons, or if you do, I’d be a little cautious to interact with those people. But seminars would be nice, I believe there I could find sane like-minded people

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I may be a little slow responding due to outside pressures on my time. Sorry about that!

Hahaha! Wow, that’s really funny…

I’m glad you have such cute spirits. Charming, really.

I’m really surprised!

I’m not trying to be sexist at all (in fact I view this as a positive), but I’ve found women, especially, are open to such things. Sometimes secretly, depending on social requirements.

They seem a bit more open to the greater reality in a sense, scientifically trained or not. While people talk about societal factors, there’s the larger corpus callosum, differences in sensory perception, and all sorts of other factors people tend to overlook.

Yet when it comes down to it, it’s often a matter of social maneuvering to make sure they feel free to talk about their experiences. So social factors definitely do matter… even though I reckon they’re not the entire story.

Hahaha. Oh dear. Oh yes. You usually don’t want to get involved with that.

I can’t mention them here, but you should see the number of software and engineering forums where the topics such as demon sigils have come up. It’s quite interesting. This is definitely talked about, even amongst highly capable and credentialed people.

Yes, a seminar or perhaps at a bookstore may be nice.

Maybe you have an occult bookstore where they have events? They have one or two in Cambridge, one of my favorite little cities here. Not too far from where I grew up. It’s where Harvard and the ever wonderful MIT are.

You know, come to think of it, there were even occult talks on one of the MIT listservs way back when.

This is more common than you might think. Once you “hit a vein” of these types of things locally, I’m sure you’ll find more. It’s just how these things tend to work. One door leading to another…

I’ve noticed the same that women tend to at least experience more paranormal events. I’ve also noticed that my male friends tend to be strongly guided by left side of the brain (ofcourse not all men!! Just men in my friend group!) which makes them practical and logical, but not so open for new and intuition. I think being open for this is neither “right side of the brain” domination, but rather both sides being as strong which gives tendency to understand chaos in the big picture. Definitely not meaning this neither would be better than another side being more dominant. Each system has pros and cons and society only works if we have all these combinations.
Interestingly, my physician friend told they had some kind occult society in the med school. Otherwise I haven’t noticed any differences being academic or not and being into spirituality.

Hehe, amusing thought that in my small city there was any kind of books store or event. You can’t find even tarot cards here! However, I’m moving to Southern Finland soon, so there definitely is :star_struck: I’m looking forward most the huge library in Helsinki, where can be found very interesting occult books

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UPDATE: I might have figured out more.

A memory popped in my head. Now, let’s make it clear that I don’t approve hurting anyone or anything, at all. Thus, revenge is also what I don’t aporove. ”We can only decide for ourselves”.Ofcourse self-defense is different, but my spiritual path has much focused on forgiveness and love. That’s, interestingly, something Lucifer has helped me with (starts self love and respect, which then translates into respecting others).

Anyway, there’s another story for myself as always! There was a time I was younger and radiating negativity due to hear breaks etc. I ended up cursing one guy for ten years, alltough I didn’t know much about spirituality. Intention turned into reality and at the same time I might have accidentally invited some revenge spirit in my life. Now thinking, weird things happened to every boyfriend who has been long enough with me. I also caused heart break to them often.

My long-term ex who lived with me, started getting deep bleeding scratch marks at nights. I didn’t have skin under my nails, so I was as puzzled as he was. I felt, and he also felt even not spiritual, really negative energy at present which turned into positive only after we broke up. We witnessed at the time active paranormal activity.

Is there a spirit that has something against men spesifically? That spirit does not serve me anymore so I’d like to separate our ways. So I need to get rid of invited spirit, but I need to figure out the name so that I don’t block ’good’ spirit guides.

P.s. No worries the poor man is no longer cursed. I sent an intention to free him and asked my spirit guides to help with that. Damn, what a great lesson to ”be careful what you wish for”

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