”Name of vengeance” please help, what this could mean?

@confusedwoman This seemed to belong more to this thread than the pact thread? Let me know if you would like it to be moved to a different topic? :slight_smile: :+1:

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Thanks a lot @Mulberry , definitely so. This is what happens when I use phone for replying :sweat_smile:

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Edit, need to eat partly my words: One exception to my foregiveness: Fn psychopath dog poisoners leaving poisoned meatballs to walking paths here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Just almost had a heart attact catching my dog trying to eat something on an evening walk. Hopefully there’s a special hell for those people.

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Updating now this topic as a journal:

So, by now I’m sure there is some kind of parasitic spirit around me. One night Lucifer warned me about it (not sure why not just get rid off it for me?) before it showed up. It was getting a liitle too intimate too. I’ve banished already but still last night I felt it. Also heard (awake) foot steps and that wasn’t fun after having a rough party weekend anyway :smile: I’ll just continue banishing and ask help from Lucifer too. Plus, I’m just gonna go ahead and ignore spirits that don’t seem familiar or fail to answer my questions.

Some time I also questioned whether Lucifer is with me or am I dealing with an imposter, but I got my answer because he already delivered something I asked, and his energy is very different. He also kind of shows me signs before showing up, like electric ringing in ears and signature images (and light). Plus, I do appreciate warning me about imposters. However he doesn’t show up every time I ask. For example after a rough night out when I still was slightly hangovered and disappointed that I drank way too much, he just ignored me :sweat_smile:

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Try to “I Am God” and “I Assume Control” that parasite bastard off next time you’re in long form meditation. I’ve been finding recently that asserting the godself works better than most banishings. At least in a rapid and rather spectacular way. Lol.

I’m wondering it it would for you, too.

Ha, interesting. I kind of did this intuitively after my last posting and it indeed worked! I was tired and on a really bad mood because of weak sleep, so I told no parasitic spirit has any business near me and I command them to leave me alone. For some reason I added “I’m going to eat your energy and consume you if you try to disturb me or my sleep again” :smile:. I think I really meant it, I was so done with bad sleep. Anyway it worked! Finally had a good night sleep and energy in the morning.