Mystery of Succubus and Lion Symbol

A reported story of a person woke up late midnight on the face of his succubus and behind that a glowing lion symbol in blue/white color similar to this:

Any ideas of this?
What is the meaning of the lion symbol?

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I don’t know for that lion/succubus thing, but I know that this lion looks a lot like the coats of arms you can find in some French towns or villages, like the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant or the coat of arms of the Counts of Rouergue.
Screenshot_1695 Screenshot_1696
It also looks like the Peugeot logo.
But yeah, about the succubus thing, I have no idea. There might be something we could do, but I don’t think you could get much help. The best thing would be to ask the succubus directly.

Astaroth sometimes sends succubi. She(or whatever your particular gnosis is) favors the lion.

the Lion is a biblical symbol Judea is a lions whelp , the british crest lion on one side the unicorn on the other one represents judea aka the Jews the Unicorn represents the ISRAELITE same people split into 2 factions, It also represents the lion as a state of mental reality and the unicorn if you look at that crest has a chain around his neck because it represent imagination , the real story of the jews tied in with the archons can be found on the back of the Iraqi denari , ive done yrs of research into this , If you go look at TIME magazine [

Pat Robertson - Feb. 17, 1986 look at his hand symbol hes swearing allegence to the jews its called the lions paw , its also less know the symbol for Pazuzu

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Did the lion have wings?

I believe it is Lamastu, making herself known, in a not so subtle way. Alloted the face of a lioness by her brother Enlil, she has a predatory, vampyric nature, seizing men with lust & desire, draining the life force of others, murdering infants and simply thriving on causing chaos. Lamastu, is a goddess though, a great and mighty one, above all succubai, who does as she pleases and can become infatuated with males, especially sexual and lustful ones. Its possible the male has caught her eye and reminding the succubus of her dominance.

Early representations of Lamastu, on talismans, also feature her in the same stance, before the more well known stance came about where she is kneeling on a donkey

i see wasnt aware but if a question is asked and im Jewish by the way expect an answer what i said was true nor was it disparaging , so ill play by your rules but restate that those types of questions shouldn’t be asked because although from what I see here is alot of Mesopotamian Babylonian Sumerian work and articles let me remind you that although they dont reflect on the personage I listed they have claimed them as theirs and have thru masonry exported them to the rest of the world , example what you call the seal of Azazel is the seal of Saturn , the Seal of light , and best known as the seal of Solomon , and in case you didnt get that i can assure you Solomon wasnt a Korean , thanks for the heads up you wont hear from me again

Yes, somehow.

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