My Success with Damon Brand's Magickal Cashbook

So recently, I decided to work with Nitika, using Damon Brand’s Magickal Cashbook. This was my first time communing with this spirit, but I was in need of quick cash and I wanted to try something new. So I bought Damon’s book and created my own cashbook to the letter, and performed the 11 day ritual. I asked for about $500 in cash that I needed to buy some more occult supplies. On the 6th or 7th day of the ritual, I get tipped off by my father of a temporary job opportunity that was completely off my radar that is pretty easy to do. I just did the math today on how much I’m likely to be paid based on the hours I’m getting, and it came out to exactly $496.92. Not bad.

What I want to say about this though is that I think the real power here is the fact that you repeat the same ritual over and over again for 11 consecutive days. I was thinking about this on the bus ride home today, and I was wondering how much better some folks success rate would be if they would try repeating the rituals instead of doing a “one 'n done” thing that most folks do. By the 7th or 8th day, I was honestly kinda annoyed by the thought of having to think about/visualize the result for yet another day in a row…and I feel like this has the indirect effect of killing ones lust for result. You think about the result sooo much during these 11 days, that by the last day you are sick and tired of thinking about it and want to move on to other things…which is perfect for allowing you to move on mentally, which gives space for the magick to work.

So the takeaway from this experience for me, which may help some of you is to try repeating rituals several times for a consecutive stretch of days if you aren’t seeing results because it may

  1. Create a cumulative effect where your emotional investment is concerned

  2. Indirectly kill your lust for result by killing your desire to even think about the result

What I also like about the Cashbook is that once you’ve made the initial investment to make the book, you can continue to reuse it for all of your simpler cash needs for as long as you have pages left to write in. Its a nice tool to have in an occultists toolbox.

Thank you Nitika!


If you like this method, I’d also look into Magickal Riches. In my experience money magick works even better when you combine rituals like this with more general, wide-reaching riches and abundance rituals, like the Master Money Ritual in Magickal Riches. You can use the Cashbook for your immediate needs, while the other rituals get to work in the background and start making the bigger shifts that will allow you to attract increasingly large amounts of money.


Yeah I’ve definitely been eyeing the Magical RIches book. I’ll have to check it out. :wink:


Isn’t that what NAP says ?

I have limited experience with NAP personally. What does it say?

I’ve used my own cash book more than once and Nitika always pulls through. I definitely recommend Nitika and the book itself.


You sit with the intention for 15 min or more in trance everyday until you get what you desire


Ah gotcha. Well yeah, i think there’s probably something to that. I’ll have to experiment with it more.

I’ll be honest I didn’t get results from the cash hook but I have done wealth magick twice and the master money ritual for magickal riches twice. Seeing results from another practitioner using the same author and series is motivating.

I think my biggest problem with manifesting wealth is having a source of income for it. I’ve struggled to hold jobs and it only till now do I have things set up to have a really cool job and the knowledge and plan to execute for ridiculous amounts of money, the results haven’t manifest into tangible dollars, but I’m light years from where I started.

I remember days doing wealth magick out of my car while I was homeless telling myself “I’m going to be rich I know it!”

For anyone reading this you will obtain abundance, but you need to have channels for it, if you want extreme prosperity like the one mentioned in Wealth magick, study the multi-millionaires, I’m personally a fan of Dan Pena.

Don’t give up, that money is coming to you!

On a side note I remember a post from Lady Eva talking about the importance of appreciating pennies, don’t turn your nose up to them, it’s a sign money is on its way!

If you haven’t done wealth magick take this as a sign!

Shout out to Clauneck!

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Personally, I don’t think having a route for the money to come is a requirement to get money magick to work. It’s nice to have, but its not a prerequisite. I mean even in this case, I didn’t have any route at all prior to this working. Another money ritual success I posted some time ago, I also didn’t have a route, and so the cash ended up coming to me from a friend in another country. From my experience, if you don’t have a known route at the time of the ritual, then magick will create one. Magick can be quite creative when it comes to bringing you the things that you asked for…as long as you don’t place restrictions on how things have to happen.


Oh nice, I think the closest thing I’ve had to that was recently my mom randomly found $1000 from a random check I never cashed


magickal cashbook got my business going when I first started with magick even my wife brought the ingredients and made up the book even though she was a complete sceptic until within five days of starting the ritual she had got hold of enough money to buy a posh lawnmower.
What was ironic was the fact we didn’t know how much it would cost and it suddenly seemed that it was going to cost £80 more than Nitika had given her so I said to her that I would pay the rest. However when the company office people realized it was me buying it(I used to do a lot of business with them) they gave me a lot of extra discount and In the end Nitika had given her £0.11 more than she needed
Nitika is a first class gem He knows better than us what we need .Happy Magick.


haha, nice :wink: Nitikas preciseness seems to be a hallmark

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The magick is not the issue but you’re subconscious, you have to reprogram it.

I am sorry to hear that you have been homeless but that definitely impacts your wealth magick efforts.

You should do some reading on set point theory, it is truly interesting.

I wish you much success in your efforts.


I am using the Magical cashbook for 5 months now. Never was lucky. Same for Magical Riches. Wealth Magic consists of 7 rituals. I have almost finished the sixth. So I hope to get something from this.

when I 1st started magic magickal cash book was one of my 1st magick books to grace the coffee table and while I was studying everything I could find on magick and trying to seive out the fact from fiction someone told me, may have been Eric or someone similar that when you are doing magick even if you feel a bit stupid pretend you are Christopher Lee when he does a Satanic ritual in one of his films completely commanding and firm (something you could win an oscar for) and what you want will be done thank you …It always seems to work for me and by the way after a couple of times you don’t feel stupid any more you feel Powerful.Happy Magick.

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Hence my love for Saruman :love_you_gesture:


I’ll try to become a dramaqueen then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This was the very first thing I did, magically speaking. 1 month later I received a very handsome pay raise despite having only asked for a smaller amount. I would also like to note, my employer is not one to give raises whatsoever.

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