My Shadow(nomicon) journey begins (Completed)

I went into ritual tonight to help a friend with a shadowy parasite. I recognized the parasite from the picture she presented, but I wasn’t 100% sure. It came from a member in a group that some of us are a part of and when I’ve seen this person’s profile avatar, I knew it hadn’t been dealt with. I didn’t realize it was causing problems or I would’ve been proactive.

I evoked Abaddon, Belial, and Ma’at until they were standing before me. I then evoked Legion and felt him come through my portal in my backyard. I knew I only needed to call upon Abaddon and Legion, but called the other two to be safe.

I then used my shadow wand to create a triangle that overlaid my existing incense holders, that were roughly in a triangle, my corrupted stone sitting in the middle. I cordoned the area off energetically to create bounds for the forceful evocation of this entity.

I called out to it and willed it into the triangle. Eventually, it came until I could feel it completely within the bounds of the area. I enclosed it, but found that whenever my focus would slip a little too much, it would try to flee, but couldn’t break through the boundary I had sealed when it was evoked.

I gave it the terms and conditions that essentially amount to it not being allowed to go after that family or mine. That isn’t negotiable. The choice it had was to serve Abaddon, serve Legion, or die. It resisted.

I attached it to my corrupted stone and started siphoning it into it while I “burned” it with my shadow wand. When it was about half the size it was when I evoked it, it relented. It had come from that group member and chose this friend due to stress and strife. It hadn’t only chosen her, but was working on others, too, though I don’t know who. It targeted members of her family, because they were more open and also gifted. The bar was simply lower to get a reaction and through that, grow stronger. And it was going to do that with everyone it could.

It started getting agitated at this point, so I repeated the above procedure until it was a quarter of the size it was and very weak… He broke and chose Abaddon. Abaddon had already agreed to enforce the conditions. The smile on Abaddon’s face was something I’m glad wasn’t directed at me. He’s now being re-educated.

I quickly created a servitor to cut any remaining linkages to my friend and her family that I may have missed (and asked it to do the same to any other friends this may have touched). I asked it to siphon off any excess negative energy from her environment and self.

When I reach out to find the energy of this thing, I feel it very near Abaddon. It seems tonight’s work is done.

Edit - I forgot to add that I then presented the parasites energy in the stone as an offering to Legion.


Well done, my friend. Awesome work!


I knew I was going into ritual tonight. I got that feeling, that notification, that I would be called.

After working on carving some wand blanks, Ranzael came into my ritual space and told me to get my grimoire.

R: “You did well the other night. I forgive you for not striking {Attacker One}. Belial did stay your hand. Hopefully, you saw the connection? I would hope so.”

M: “I did. It was hard to miss when the last incident I dealt with (yesterday, today) involved something for him.”

R: "You are done. Done with me. Call Legion for your gate in one week. Call him several days after to conclude this.

Congratulations. Legion will make the final determination and official conclusion.

Call on me if you will it. I will help you. Mostly."

He left.


Did entities, like Belial or Abaddon put the shadow creature there? Was the shadow person going to be there anyway, and Belial just used the opportunity to see how you’d react?

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Great questions. I’m torn in answering them, as some of it is what my gut says.

It wasn’t lost on my that no sooner had that first shadow person left and Belial was there in less than a second. I don’t think timing like that is coincidental. He’s never stated that he (or anyone else) caused it or arranged it, but I find it hard to believe it wasn’t planned in some manner.

While I had seen the Hat Man as a child, without knowing what it was, and had seen shadowy entities, I didn’t believe in them, to be honest, in the same way that others did. I figured it was an overactive imagination, mis-identification, or some combination - until I was only a few feet away from one. I couldn’t deny it at that point.

I was already working with Abaddon and he basically sat in an over-watch position through the pathworking. He wasn’t at every encounter or every ritual, but it was clear that he was keeping some sort of eye on the situation.


Gosh, some days you sound like me. Childhood imaginations gone wild and exaggerated, is essentially what I thought.


What did Legion do after you sealed the agreement with your blood?

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When I was younger and took Benadryl, I thought I was just hallucinating when I would see words like “hell” and things that seemed scary. Now, I think there’s more to it. I’ve had other stuff happen w/o substances involved. Currently, I’ve practically been raped by evil spirits, so now there is a lot going on with me.

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Set me on this path and has held me to it. It was an agreement to see it through, for both of us.

I documented most of my encounters with him and the 7. There have been several encounters lately that weren’t put in there, because they didn’t pertain to anyone else, but those are more the exception.

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:+1: This is what I do
I loved the first 5 posts. I’ll read more later.

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Imo, I don’t believe the prevailing theory. They can easily create their own energy.

I think they enjoy working with us, because they are advanced. When one advances, they automatically find joy in doing things, like helping others and working with people.

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Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I don’t think that our offerings are anything special to them.

I’ve seen posts from others working through the Shadownomicon that when enough “offerings” aren’t left, knuckles get rapped. They must mean something.


Surely you can’t convert an entity to energy. Can u?

Think of it more as breaking it down into what it already is. It’s already energy, just like we are.


I’m confident they can’t do much unless one is really weak and practically defeating themselves.


If they were to kill someone outright or get them to kill themselves, isn’t the end result the same?

If you ever stand before them and feel their power, you may think differently. I did.


Sorry, didn’t mean to derail the thread. I’m going to make a topic about this, i.e., spirits ruining peoples’ lives.

That isn’t what this thread is about, for sure. It’s been quite rewarding, actually. Shadow work of any sort should be challenging.


Been reading this from the start all the way till now. I have to say that your determination and discipline is out of this world. I’ve been enjoying reading your journal on this path and have learnt quite a lot from it. I am excited to see how your interaction with Legion is going to be and what he’ll have in store. As well as the others… goodluck!

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