My Shadow(nomicon) journey begins (Completed)

I opened the shadow gate here on Oahu.

I was told to do some of the ritual early and made sure to check the linkage between the anchors and the center stone, which I still had in my possession and had been charging since before the 16th. I didn’t really know why I felt nudged to do the steps I could earlier than expected.

I waited in meditation until I felt that it was time to go. I travelled to the ritual area, keeping myself as much in the zone as I could while driving down empty streets. I arrived and moved to the location for the center stone, taking a few moments to feel the linkages between the four anchors and gather my focus.

I then opened the gate. I could feel it above my head, a sort of whirling, bubbling sensation. I could feel Legion, the 7, and other shadows coming through.

Legion began speaking with me, " You have done what we have asked you to You’ve met our challenges. We will accept you. You asked us to wait for a few days after Halloween. There is no reason for this." (I was given the impression to contact him once back in my ritual area)

As I was leaving, several fisherman were coming to the area I had just opened the gate to. I would’ve had to bail, if I hadn’t listened on the timing.

I did the entire ceremony, including opening a new portal, as the other is purposefully blocked. Legion was staring at me as I opened it and my area filled with the shadows as it did when I first began.

L: "You have done well. You could’ve done better, but so could all who come to this path. But you have done well. (He called for the 7, who arranged themselves before me).

L: “Speak if he is to be accepted. (The spoke or nodded an affirmation). You have been accepted. You may call on us to aid in your endeavors, provided they agree, of course.”

L: “This is the first round, the initial pathworking, and you have passed. The gate should be sustainable, but we would appreciate your looking in on it.”

L: “You are free from obligation to us. I free you from your commitment to this pathworking, as stated in your initial dedication, which you anointed with your blood. You have fulfilled it.”

L: “Go forth and be a living shadow.”

I sat there as the area cleared for a minute, gathering my thoughts. I closed the portal from the ritual and cleaned up the ritual implements.

Finally, I closed the standing portal in my backyard. I don’t think I’ll need it for a while.


Incredible job, my friend! Absolutely amazing!


Thanks, DK. It’s nice to be done.


That was quite a journey my friend, congratulations on seeing it through :slight_smile: well done


Thanks! It was a rollercoaster at times, to be sure.


Absolutely epic, epic Journal and work in general!!

Well fucking done!

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Thanks. I hadn’t undertaken anything like it before. I’m glad you found value in it.


I thought I would relate a few things that have happened since completing this initiation into this current. They took my by surprise.

I’ve done a few rituals with Legion and Co that involved punishing asshats and other deserving individuals for a variety of things, usually involving wrecking someone else’s life that didn’t deserve it. Both times, I’ve noticed two things that strongly stuck out afterwards.

The first is that I was ready to curse the world and anyone else through the following day. This was unusual, as I didn’t really identify with this while working with the current on a daily basis. I was literally ready to curse anyone that met a “serious crime” or (if I’m being honest) a borderline moderate-serious crime. Or anything that I could look at the next day and not feel guilty about. Thankfully, this didn’t happen, but oooooohh I wanted it to.

The second was that as soon as I opened the portal into the Abyss, the energies felt like a nice, cold blanket. They were an old friend that wraps you up, every part of you, and you just want to bask in it a little bit. I literally delayed my ritual a few minutes so I could be there, in it, with it.

A less impactful effect is that I still feel a sense of “loss” at having closed my portal to Legion. I don’t need it to contact him, but I do sometimes think about opening it back up. I think it would conflict with experiencing the energies of my current work.

It feels like it’s been longer than the 30-ish days since I closed the working. We’ll see what happens over the next 30. Hopefully, it’ll be boring.