My Shadow(nomicon) journey begins (Completed)

This whole thread is fascinating, thank you for writing it all up here.

It’s so interesting you should say that, you linked this in another thread where I mentioned the Shadownomicon… I was directed to the Shadownomicon as a pathworking to do before embarking in a pathworking of the Lovecraftian current, specifically the Simon Necronomicon.

I don’t think I can say it’s a preparatory work for the Livecraftian current per se, though it’s easy to see how it would help you get the most out of it, I think this is a me thing - you see, I think I know my shadow, but maybe I’m about to get hit on the head with it instead … and then I’ll know it :slight_smile:
I’m working with Samael and it’s part of an extended series of pathworking under his guidance.

the discipline and steady effort you describe are things I have lost in my practice over the last few months. A wonderful example really, and I’m reminded of how good it is, though gruelling runtimes, to have that meaningful interaction in my life.


I’m leaning towards Lovecraft next, but am unsure about the way I’m going to go about it. Some of the texts are sold anymore (Qayin) and I don’t trust dreams enough to make that my main mechanism (Mason).

While I haven’t done much else outside of shadow work since starting this, I don’t know that I’ll do that with the Lovecraft stuff (or Egyptian). I was telling someone the other night that I didn’t want to pollute my Shadownomicon experiences, but the other two currents will take longer and involve more research.


You’re quite kind. It’s a slog, to be honest. I’m glad I’m not in ritual, interacting with them directly every single day.

Currently, I can feel them come and go in my area, but I don’t necessarily know what they’re doing, just that they’re doing something. I think they interact at different levels of awareness, too. You know and feel that something is going on, but you’re not sure exactly what it is.

I have three to go before circling back with Legion to finish it. I don’t know how long it will take, as I’m only working with 2 of the 3 and don’t know how long it will take with them. So, I’m trying to not get impatient and it’s hard to not want to look far ahead while there’s still work to do in front of me.


Things have been quite lately. Which is both a blessing and not. It’s nice that nothing glaring has come up. It also means that it gets my hackles up. An Infantryman never likes it to be SO quiet. That’s when the ambushes come.

In a sense, the Dark Mother reared her head. Not through me, but through an assignment with my son. His school had an assignment where things about Family came up. The issue is that my mother has made such poor chooses, for as long as I have known her, (FUCKING POOR CHOICES), that none of us want our kids around here. Not only can we not trust her with them when we aren’t around, but we cant trust her with them when we are only nearby.

So, there was some emotional turmoil in the house when this assignment came up that we couldn’t deflect with my wife’s (mainly healthy) family relationships. My mother is the epitome of the Dark Mother. The difference, from my point of view with the invocation, is that my own actually sacrificed us simply so she could be the victim.

When this even arose, I calmed it while I probed for any interference and found a shadow current attached to it. As soon as I cut it, my son returned to normal and hasn’t said anything since.

While I do put restrictions on these shadow beings, they seemed to have skirted it by influencing my wife, who then influenced my son (directly influencing my son is off limits). This is similar to the warning that @Dralukmun gave earlier in his posts.


Dry spell broken!

I had just finished up an evocation with Hecate when Abaddon came into the area.

A: “How long have you been working with them (Dark Mother and Hat Man)?”

M: “I started with the Hat Man on the 13th and the Dark Mother on the 17th of September.”

A: “Good. Call on Legion.” (I nodded and began).

M: “Legion, I-”

L: “-We’re here.” (I saw several of the shadows come that I had worked with. Shadow Woman, Shadow Child, and Colossal. I wondered if they weren’t here just to mess with my head. Legion smiled as I thought this). No-"

Shadow Woman: “We are not here-”

L: “-for that.”

M: “Why was I told to call on you, Legion?”

L: “I need something done. (I didn’t reply). I need a portal opened in a location and you will follow Shadow Woman’s signature to know where the site is.”

M: “Why? Why not just peel off their existing shadow elements or selves and use that as your mechanism?”

L: “Because it is easier for you to do it.” (I got the impression of something like a church or religious location. The word ‘Institute’ came to mind.)

M: “Wait, is this some test about hating Christians or Muslims or similar? I really don’t care what they do, if it doesn’t harm anything.”

(I saw and was given an impression that there had been certain types of abuse at this location. I saw the face of one of the abusers. I also saw that not all of these things were recent).

M: “Some of this happened before I was born (the year 1973 came to mind in a single case).”

A: “Does that mean it doesn’t need answered? Or that it’s shadow doesn’t still linger? Will you answer it?” (He was honestly a little agitated when he was saying this, which isn’t something I would normally expect from Abaddon. I also didn’t feel like it was an act or test. I don’t know how else to describe this.)

M: “I will. Why show me the face? Why wait until now (for action such as this)? Why me?”

L: “You did the remote portal well. Open one at the location of Shadow Woman. Let the current begin to seep into the location Let them-”

A: “-Deal with what they have done.” (It wasn’t lost on my that Abaddon wanted this done and Legion was the mechanism, but I never was told why)

M: “I will do this. When do you want it done?”

A: “Call on Shadow Woman when you are ready. (I nodded). Norse900 {he used my name}, don’t close this one. Feed it with a servitor that draws from those in the area. It will last a while. Much longer than you think (from an initial ‘feeding’, plus the servitor).” (I nodded)

Abaddon left.

L: "You are done working with the Dark Mother. You will meet her again, when you go through this again (a second round, at another time).

M: “I don’t feel like I did much here. (with her)”

L: “There were things not put into your entries that you had already dealt with. Shadow-worthy things. My advice is to call on and command the Dark Mother to infest some of your targets (I was shown specific targets). Continue to work with the Hat Man. It is not time for Ranzael just yet.” (I nodded).

Legion left.

It was time to get to work. I called upon the Shadow Woman, “Shadow Woman, it is time.”

SW: “Get ready and follow (find) me”.

(I had done a lot of astral projection and remote viewing 20 years ago. I find that remnants of those journeys are useful in work like this. Let me be clear, I don’t consider what I see to be the EXACT location/person/item. The nice thing is that it doesn’t matter. It’s a similar mechanism to doing workings with a sigil or a taglock. PART of us does know and our working is then applied to the target using this knowledge. Exactly how this works, varies from system to system, person to person. It doesn’t matter. What does matter, it that we can use this mechanism to enforce our will on something else, whatever that is)

I did the standard invocation to the Shadownomicon. I paused at the opening of the portal. I sought out the Shadow Woman and found her in what appeared (my internal representation) to be an old stone church on the East Coast. I did a crude drawing of what I saw, but it is worthless. I simply am not a good enough artist to capture what I saw.

I did the portal opening from the Shadownomicon, projecting myself to that location marked by the Shadow Woman. Once I opened the portal, I created a servitor to keep it open and instructed it to take energy from those in the area, but only that amount needed to keep the portal open and sustain itself. I also offered that if it came to me needing more, I would provide it, so it didn’t end up a serious vampire to anyone in the area (which may defeat the purpose).

Once the servitor was done, I then use the same technique I had with the target on the West Coast, where I opened the portal and then “sunk” it into the rock beneath the structure, as an anchoring of sorts.

After this, I bloodied some paper to assist with the initial “fuel” to sustain the portal. I don’t know that it was necessary, but I felt like I should for personal reasons.


I turned the heat off on the stove and put the lid back on to keep the cats out. Dinner would have to wait. Legion was calling. I could feel him in my ritual area.

M: “I am here.”

L: “Did you think I don’t know that? Did you not know I was here?”

(I didn’t say anything)

L: “There has been some turmoil. I’m not responsible for {the first}, but I am for that at work. It doesn’t matter. You are done with the Hat Man. Do you feel accomplished?”

M: "A little. Because I know I have Ranzael next. Then I circle back to you. When I have completed that loop, I will feel like I have accomplished something.’ (He wanted me to say that I would complete working with him or be completely done with the Shadow current. This wouldn’t be true. I know I will circle back on this path, in time.)

L : “You’re learning.” (He chuckled at some inside joke that I wouldn’t get until some other time in the future)

M: “When do you want me to call on Ranzael?”

L: “Later tonight? Next week? Does it matter? You want to be done with this (circuit). You decide.”

He left.

I did the invocation to Ranzael and called for him to come. He appeared, tall, cloaked, and hooded. His eyes were red, instead of the white in the picture.

R: “Light the candle or I’ll have to tell you twice.”

(This is true. I relit the candle).

R: “We have a lot in common. I hunt men. You have hunted men. We both have felt the need for and taken our revenge. But you’re still weak about meting it out. You want to make sure they have ‘earned it’. You second guess. You hesitate. You stall, when you should be taking action.”

(He paused a moment as I thought of what has happened recently in a series of workings I’ve done)

R: “Oh, I know you’ve fought and, in a large sense, you won. In several ways. But not in those that matter to me.”

(I said nothing)

R: “You let them (Belial and Abaddon) muzzle you. You let them delay the justice that was deserved. You chose their opinions over yours.”

M: “I wasn’t the only person that had lessons to learn. This isn’t always only about me.”

R: “And that is why you’re still weak. Take it (your power, ability). Take hold of it. Destroy those in the way. If another lesson is needed, another situation will be set up. But only if you’re strong enough to eliminate threats, instead of brushing them aside.”

He left.

The “another lesson” part is that if another lesson (for someone else) is needed, one will be set up for them.

It was clear in his mannerism and emotions coming off of him that he expect whatever lessons to be dealt with promptly. The problem is that the thing that comes to mind is actually eliminating whichever opponents he sees. That doesn’t mean death or some horrible event, necessarily. I think the larger issue is dealing with things decisively and analyzing them for a decisive action, not for all of the possible ways and choosing after a lot of thought. Trouble with that is that rash thinking never really got me anywhere spectacular in the regular world.

I’ll need to think this over and deal with what comes.


R: “They will strike soon. Why do you wait when you know it will happen?”

M: “Just because the working is done or the petition made, it doesn’t mean it will work or be entirely effective. Who is this? (I was shown two faces).”

R: “Why do you wait? Hesitating again?”

M: “I haven’t felt the shift in energy or environment. Wanting to do it and planning to do it aren’t the same as doing it.”

R: “You’re fearful of doing it. You’re scared of starting it, even though you know you have to strike first!”

M: “Why did you call on my tonight?”

R: “To goad you into action.”

M: “Action that doesn’t seem warranted. It may not be needed. If you’re certain it needs to be done, then why give me a situation you know I wouldn’t fall for?”

R: “It may happen. It doesn’t have to be on purpose for it to work.”

M: “No, but it isn’t the same.”

He left, disgusted.

(I spoke with several other entities that had come into the ritual space at this point. Eventually, surprisingly, Ranzael returned.)

R: “Well done (on not taking the bait). The one will. The other will hesitate. Deep inside, {the second} knows it’s not something to be done. So, will you strike?”

M: “I said what I would do (in the conversation with the others) if pushed to act. If it goes past that, I will have to re-evaluate. I don’t want any of it, but that may not matter.”

(Ranzael dropped the hard, angry demeanor at this point. Some part of a test had been passed).

R: “It {That small part} has. One of many. I want to show you something.”

(Here, he explained an energy working that used some of the target’s shadow energy to create it and anchoring it to the target. He left the problem of fueling it up to me, as I didn’t want to keep concentrating and fueling it personally while this longer-term working takes effect. I did this against a known pedophile whose demise should get back to me in time. Ranzael seemed pleased with this, although I didn’t do it for that reason.)

He left again.

It’s hard to put into words while still letting the conversation speak. He was leaning on my VERY heavily, not just with words, but with his aura and force of spirit. He would influence as he was speaking and then tweak the influence when he saw how his words were being received. Even when I was speaking, I could feel him trying to get it to work. And he came close.

This isn’t the first conversation we had about this. We’ve had smaller conversations over the past few days, where I can feel his influence start to creep in. It’s been a feeling that starts to slowly infiltrate your emotions, by itself or coupled with emotions that do the same. Before you realize it, you’re seriously contemplating what’s being “suggested”. It may have been the most insidious attempts I’ve come across yet with my journey through the Shadownomicon. As much as it sucks to go through, I have to be honestly impressed with his execution.


There have been a few interactions since my last post, but they didn’t have relevance to anyone else.

I had the overwhelming urge to finish my shadow wand tonight. So, it’s been burnt and sanded. I only needed to add Ranzael’s sigil and chant and top it off with Legion’s sigil, as he is both the beginning and end of the initial pathworking.

Ranzael has been tempting me these past few days. He was right. One did “attack” and the other did so unwittingly. The unintentional one will go unanswered, as it was more of a lashing out and wasn’t a significant threat.

I’m biding my time with the other, but it will get a response. I’ve been wondering why I want to bide my time and for how long.

Ranzael came into the ritual space. “Your wand. It’s finished.”

M: “Outside of a protective coating, yes. It only needs charged.”

R: “Bring it tonight. We will charge it for you.”

M: “I thought I wasn’t done for a few weeks?”

R: “I didn’t say you were done. (He reminded me that it was my initial plan for that and that it wasn’t something I had been told). Bring it to ritual.”

He left.

Guess I’m going into ritual tonight.

I set up for the ritual and after the household went to bed, I started.

I went through the Communion Ritual and moved straight into the Offering Invocation, as I normally do. I stopped halfway through it. Something wasn’t right. The environment felt wrong, changed.

My standing portal was blocked. It was like there was a “skin” of sorts on it. I know I hadn’t done it. I swiped it off. It came back. I did it again. It came back. Finally, I decided this needed some teeth and pulled up some extra energy to get to the bottom of it.

I heard Legion’s voice, “No, not this one. Use the wand. Create a new one for this ritual.”

I did as he wanted and went through the portal opening ritual to rend the Veil. When I was done, I saw nothing on the other side.

I concentrated and called Legion forth. I could feel the familiar sinking feeling as I went deeper into the ritual. Eventually, I saw Legion appear in the portal, the eye looking at me as the shadows filled the area to my front and sides. He was putting on a show tonight.

I thanked them for coming and asked them to charge and empower the wand, as it is solely to be used for shadow work.

L: “We will.”

I held the wand up with both hands, similarly to presenting a sword for someone to view. One-by-one, the seven named Shadows came, placed their hand upon it, and empowered the wand. Legion, Colossal, Shadow Woman (who also kissed it for some reason), Dark Mother, Tall Man, Shadow Child, and Ranzael.

Something was quite right again. I took a roll call and found that the Hat Man hadn’t done it. Once caught, he came forward and empowered it as the others had. They started to leave, but Shadow Child stopped and looked at me for a bit. I don’t know why. I looked right back at him and didn’t feel anything at all. He left.

Ranzael stopped. “{The intentional one} will attack again. {Attacker One} knows the first wasn’t successful. It will happen again.”

M: “That’s fine.”

R: “You should use this wand.” He had a sort of smile creeping on his mouth.

M: “I will and soon, provided it happens between now and the 30th. (Ranzael didn’t like that). I have an obligation on the 31st that’s more important and I can’t spend a lot of effort on this, at the expense of that working. After that, I have my obligation to the group working. If Attacker One manages to pull off something serious, I’ll do it as needed.” (He seemed to accept this and left).

(I noticed I was getting exceptionally tired. I was slouched over on my stool and felt really drained. )

L: “You’re not used to all seven (plus Legion) being in the environment at once. The retrograde is compounding this. (I nodded). You’re almost done. Keep working at it.”

He left.

By the time I wrote down the ritual notes into my grimoire, I felt normal again and my standing portal is open again.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I was told the other day that I will be finished on November 2nd or 3rd. This is the only time I’ve been given a hard date.


Very nice, my friend.


Getting there. Now I have to try to calm down enough to get to sleep…


I find it interesting that they are going by the book with you, when they’ve refused to wait for me to be personable able to go by their book. I originally assumed the book was pretty much the only way, but it’s been made clear that is not the case.

I also didn’t think much about any of that, until I wondered somewhat randomly, if the only person I care about in life is one of the two. Considering I’d be quite willing to sacrifice anyone in my life or that I know for this person. Should I be concerned at the thought, or is it just one of those random thoughts to be dismissed.?.

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I’ll have to tackle this after work, when I have time for a proper response. I have a friend the Midwest that is starting to tackle them without pathworking the same way.

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More or less. They’re going faster than is typical, but Legion is setting the pace.

I have a friend in the Midwest that has been interacting here and there with Shadows her whole life. She’s read the book and has followed my entries. But it’s likely that she won’t go through a similar method of working with them. She’s never done an evocation, for example, and her senses are developed much at all. So, she uses some Jungian meditation method to I retract with them in small doses. That seems to be the best way for her to do some work right now, since the methods I use are going to take a while to get going.

This also may be due to the end reault, too. This is the initiatory path for me. My travels into the Abyss will continue. It could be that hers won’t go much past smoothing her shadows out and the direct work isn’t as necessary right now (or ever).

You meant “one of them, too”, right? If it’s who I’m thinking of, then, no. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of shadow stuff going on, though. Skeletons in our closets become shadows that haunt us, it is thought, so I bet there are likely some personal ones.

They seem to thrive in attachments, both good, bad, and everything in between. Whether it’s the fear of something happening or the fear of losing something, strong attachments that go beyond the “healthy” Mark will feed into something like this. Defining “healthy” is an individual thing, though. It’s the emotion, especially the negative aspects of them, that fuel them (and can fuel themselves). I wish there were easy ways of determining that on a personal level.

If you start the pathworking concerned with this, it is likely they will use it in some way. It will likely either cause you to go further down the attachment while or/until you will seem yourself of the severity of the attachment. The goal isn’t to get rid of these things, as much as it is to blunt them or render them impotent.


I take it you haven’t been following my journal. I had no intentions of working with them, however I did get a circle reading from Arianna that showed one of them is in my circle and protecting myself and my magic.

I picked up the grimoire on a whim after that, and it turns out I’ve already met a few them and know one of them quite well, I just didn’t know who he was. I also found that while I was in Washington, I literally created every tool the author suggests as well as the weapon, unknowingly. What good they do me, when they are there-I have no idea, but they’ve come regardless of the lack of tools, to the one place I can interact. Funny, I can’t work like you or anyone else, but doesn’t seem to matter.

Thanks, I only needed to know if he was in danger from you, and being as he’s aware of my connection to you, it was a fleeting concern that I would find myself in battle with someone I consider a friend, regardless of whether or not I am speaking to said friend, just cuz they don’t know how to apologize. I realized* I would have no reason to hold back or wait for a specific date as given to me do so with his mother, so I had concerns.

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If you take that as anything but an honest response and explanations of the thought I had, I’d have to say you need to reconsider the lessons from the hatman. Just a secondary thought, I don’t care to explain where it came from.

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Someone exited the conversation before I could, so it didn’t seem to be wanted.

No, I’m not like that. I’m not big on collateral damage. The only people on my list are from years ago and was earned over a long period of time.

One thing that didn’t make it into my grimoire was that Abaddon, Belial, Archangel Gabriel and some other angel showed up with an old lady that wanted to sue for peace. I agreed to a non-aggression agreement that included her family, so long as nothing came my way. Belial and Abaddon suggested I accept it.

Won’t be needed. I kept an open mind and then traced what came. There are others in play with the entries above.

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shrugs If someone wants to be in my life, they should know how to find me, even when I walk away.

I can’t begin to know what you refer to, only to what I was shown might be implied by them, if you so let it happen, and not knowing where the state of your mind is, I simply needed to throw it out there, that sometimes they will foil things and make you jump to conclusions that are not necessary or even likely, if it works to their agenda. You should know this, but given I took a blunt and honest approach and simply stated the thought that crossed my mind, when I originally asked the question, I figured I should be clear- that the thought was only in relation to if he was in danger from you and not something I had any intentions of pursuing.

If you’re asking if there were issues, I’ve said there weren’t. I assumed you were reading some of the above entries and wanted clarification that it had nothing to do with you or yours. That is all.

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That is indeed what I asked, as I’ve stated he’s aware of the association and it briefly concerned me that he may have done something, while likely unintentionally, none the less, to protect his mother.

I clarified my response because it was shown to me that you might take it, in the complete opposite direction from simply being a blunt and honest explanation as to why I would even ask the question- and that was not my intention. I was merely being honest with you, about the thoughts behind why I asked.

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I realized I forgot to include the photo of the finished wand. 6 inch ruler for scale.