My revenge curse against a man who used sex magick to get me is working wonderfully!

I’m a Tarot reader.

I started practicing magick for the past 2 years, but the most success I’ve had is with the latest guy I dated.
My interests are Aleister Crowley, Kabbalah, Hermetic Magick, I own more than 20 Tarot decks, Russian deck, Lenormand. Law of Attraction and visualization was the first thing I started with even before Tarot.
Studies in fields of herbalism.
Magick and rituals based from different areas including Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft) and mixes of those from Latin America. For those that inquire about my rituals.

I cursed him and I continue and will continue until I feel we are even.

Sex magick-

I was not aware how prevalent it is and in every magick or occult forum I’ve been it has been a major topic mostly for men.

Posts about how to get sex with a lot of women, how to get “laid” with one crush, many with the intent of making the target go “madly in love” or “obsessed with me” is common.

I can see how these men who desire someone go as far as to want a woman or many women go mad for them, first so that sex is guaranteed, second because of the rejection they are facing and finally due to their desire for control and power.

It’s satisfying.

It works, it also backfires big time,

take it from a woman who has been there and who has cursed a man who did such thing, and who knows

other women have done the same.

The results?

Poverty, economic problems, ERECTILE dysfunction issues, relationships failing time and time again, which then leads the target to

succumb in even more problems, now internal: depression, anxiety, drugs, alcoholism, violence

which then leads to more: getting arrested by the police due to such violence, losing a job due to depression and addiction

which leads to more: family members distancing themselves from such negative person, friends distancing leading to

loneliness and extreme trauma.

Perhaps they even end up homeless and alone.
Now I wonder every time I see a homeless person (which is mostly men) how did they ended up there?
how is it possible that no one, absolutely no one lends them a hand or have a woman that helps them.
Perhaps drugs led them there, and depression led to drugs, and events to depression…and before all of that we get to energies.

Because when you play with someone’s will, that person’s energy will curse you back.

Like I did.

This dude has played sex magick with most of the women he’s been involved with,
with one (as it happens in magick when you underestimate the consequences) she manipulated the situation to get pregnant because she was so obsessed with him, he is now tied to child support for 2 kids.

Another one became so obsessed with him and she didn’t know how to get away from him, they became a couple but she became violent and extremely jealous to the point of throwing him a knife!
and calling the police many times and guess who went to jail for domestic violence? him

Now he has his record ruined.

This is just a FEW things from this man’s life.

I never went this crazy, but I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to rape and
when I realized this guy had just used me for sex I went into an extreme depression that made me lose my job.

I knew that he did this because he had told me so about the past women and I didn’t believe in these things,
but being a Tarot reader I knew that there is more to explore in this realm of the unknown.

It was until I came out of the “bubble” he put me in that everything became crystal clear!

As a fact, I recall he liked me A LOT and I could only feel disgust for him, he was so into me that I felt sorry for him and

I really wanted to like him but just felt disgust.

I had simply accepted that I had become all of the sudden attracted to him due to chance.

*There is a specific thing he did to open my sexual chakra and I was not aware of at the time

it is so specific that there is no doubt in my mind that’s what started it.

Even if magick works, we are NOT God (or all here would be living millionaires)

when energies are moved, they do not end.

You don’t get sex from a woman, or desire for her to be mad in love with you to get sex and then it stops.
When you move energies, any kind, they create other energies and things start to happen.
We are still living in this human, planet earth, material sphere.
You might ask for MONEY and get a job offer, great! now you have to work to get that money and so on.

The same goes for “Sex Magick”

First know the natural aspects of sexual energy from a man and a woman standpoint.

Men can have sex without attachment, it’s not emotional.

Women have sex to procreate, not that they want this, but that they are made different from men.

It’s the reason women SELDOM seek sex from just about anyone, like men do.

Women are picky by nature.

Sex for women is not physical but carries a HUGE and I mean HUGE amount of energy

more powerful than all your demons together, don’t believe me?*

Women were chosen to give life to men.
Women were chosen to give life. Point.

Women are natural witches (but many have been taken away this power through religion and church, but if they want they don’t even need to cast a spell)

Just read about the history of witches in Italy before the Christian church killed them, it’s a natural ability
that men (the church) knew they had.

If you were gay, it might work as you wish.

You are having sex with other men.
It’s purely physical, non-attachment, sex energy.
You have sex, both of you are done, and both of your FORGET, move on.

Not with women.

When men go around getting sex from women through magick, they are first off, using their will against hers for an act that will lead to different responses.

The man will be happy, and leave.

The woman, gets attached and will be left in a bubble of confusion because sex for women is not just a physical thing, it’s spiritual in many levels.

And even if the woman does not perform “conscious” magick like I did, they always very generally “curse” you!
People curse all the time… even if they say “God will find you” or even with a prayer for “her” justice.

So, my target…

Through my card divination I can tell you ALL of his relationships have failed since me.

I do my magick and then I check results with my cards, also see what’s going on in his life (various aspects, economic, love, etc) and I then do more magick to move the energies again.

He is still in poverty. Dates don’t work, I even noticed that he deleted like 4 women on FB one is a friend and then she emailed him asking him why and he said “because you weren’t responsive” lol meaning that all those other as well. Of course I used my friend because I DO check my magick is working in real life and not just what Tarot shows me, which btw has never failed.

They will fail, until he learns to respect the energy of women.

Am I afraid? my acts are a response to his magick. Fair and Square. It will all cease until all is cease he got what he wanted, I need to reach a point of satisfaction as well. Then it’s over. That’s how energies work.

And the power of magick is as this forum states, “become a living god” is to get your will, to know you have power.

I now use rituals to protect me from predators.
I also set candles to protect others and to bring about a powerful energies to bring justice and balance.
The world is chaos, there’s always balance.

I recommend to everyone reads the 7 Hermetic Laws
which btw are what allowed churches to control people,
These are universal human laws that never change.
That’s why magick works sometimes, that’s why even masters or those experts in magick don’t become
Presidents or millionaires.
The laws which are natural prevent you.
You will be up, then down.
Energies move to one end, and then must GO BACK to he opposite end.
It’s the law.
The masters learn the laws and adjust to them, but can never replace them.

NOW… my advice is not against it, BUT, if you do wish to attract sex from women, do so with the intent that those women who show up in your life are also looking for the same.
if you want a specific woman to give her then what she wants, go ahead, if its just to use her as a sex object and throw her out like a puppet, know energies don’t stop until all is ceased on both ends.


Considering we have an entire section dedicated to sex magic, and many of us practice it regularly, it seems like a poor idea to going sharing this so openly. Sometimes, if you want to get maximum results, discretion is key.
I can think of one or two members on here * gestures broadly to a large crowd of people * who might not like the idea of someone leading a crusade against sex magic


Actually, I’m quite interested to know what you did to curse this douchebag…

Care to share? Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to make it public :slight_smile:


a crusade? you mean in the forum on in magickal terms?
I protected myself before I posted this with the clear intent as to energies be repelled backwards if any comes my way.
This is a forum to share magick and personal stories, well, mine is about cursing someone, does it matter what the subject was? interesting.


This would be why I do not suggest obsession spells. Things can get rather messy. A much better way to approach seduction is to focus on giving the gift of yourself. Sounds a bit egotistical at first glance, but I find that the state of mind it puts you in is much better than trying to magickally love-bomb someone into letting you in their bed. Generally speaking, people like to have sex. If you can become the sexiest, most fun person to be around that you can be, you won’t need to do much else.

Also, no means no, even if you did a ritual. Consent people, it’s not hard.


I agree with this, don’t try to hook women who are looking for love and commitment, if all you need is a more easygoing person who won’t form any attachment.

My big bugbear is beginners who think the Intranquil Spirit spell will make their love go back on track. Stupidity does not describe it, especially if it’s just “make him/her feel what I did so I can break his/her heart back”…


I agree and it works even faster.
I’ve tried it.
Two of my relationships came to me through visualization.
I didn’t pick a particular person, but rather opened it to the world and usually people show up without me having to do much and much faster.
When I do I always visualize a match, someone whom I do not interfere with, there are hundreds of people around…there’s always plenty of matches for specific purposes.


Just putting it out there. To me the last two statements don’t line up with the first one.

Sounds to me he was having trouble far before you came along.


He received a very good lesson. But such destructions to remain permanent in his life…:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


I think this is all good information and an accurate assessment of how it works - both ways. I don’t really see this as a 100% gendered issue, and it’s worth taking people as they come, adjust as necessary. I generally find men are more easy going and let things like this go faster though, and women are more likely to engage is vengeance magik - and use love spells for vengeance - regardless of whether the target used magik at all.

So, guys, you can use this info just as much to combat women doing this to you - and I think women are actually just as likely to so this in a ‘love’, and potentially more damaging than the lust route. I don’t care for the framing, I personally despise sex magic and relationships period, but the magikal content here is sound, imo.

I will add that to be fair, most men do want some kind of relationship - unfortunately for me, as an asexual aromantic I cannot find a partner, not male and certainly not female who only wants to be just friends that enjoy recreational sex, so I gave it up. 99.9% of humans want a connection, and most men won’t date you unless they feel something and they hate it that I feel nothing. That’s a different thing than having incompatible goals or changing their mind later. Humans want connection, always, it’s their thing.

You know what -people do change their minds. It’s human to do so, and maybe people who get rejected, women especially need to grow up and get over it instead of blaming everyone else for their emotions.

Women are picky by nature.
Sex for women is not physical but carries a HUGE and I mean HUGE amount of energy

Eh, women who say things like this are exactly why I don’t identify as a “woman”.
But technically this vessel is female, although the spirit is agender, so, please don’t presume to speak for all women; most, maybe, but not all.


Moving to sex magik category.


That is correct.
The issues that I shared about his life are long before me, he is now on his late thirties.
What I have focused on is on his “present” life… he has baggage, that’s another story and the curse from other women that he still carries.
Now I am not touching his finances because he has children and I don’t want to involve them, but those economic issues are baggage from his past actions and all his troubles are related to women.

And like I said, women always generally curse men, ask any woman how it feels to feel betrayed, scorned or manipulated? it’s an energy that erupts (very strong and powerful, similar to men wanting to punch another one in a bar! almost violent) but we do not take on violence, but that energy needs to go somewhere… we CURSE!!!
it’s a natural response.

Even religious people curse effectively!
except that religious people leave it to God to do what they consider justice… not take it upon themselves.

so all I’m saying basically is that in my case he met someone who now does magick too… but other women do not need to in order to curse effectively.
The energy is powerful, it’s not like you stole candy, you stole her energy and the curse
is stronger.
And after I learned his tactics and also the timeline of his life, I am sure he is carrying bad luck over bad luck due to women cursing him over and over again.


Just taught my students this a few days ago


THAT is where you need your basic concept of grace - every encounter he has with a chick is souring on him, he’s in a downward spiral where regardless of “who started it” he just experiences women as a source of pain. His own bitterness amply ensures this, lifetime after lifetime, he probably even incarnates to mothers who’ll screw him up extra just for lulz.

Fixing him up may ultiamtely be the bigger, nobler, course of action.

I have fixed up fuckwits like this and plan to soon undertake the biggest fix-up of all, of some of the most fucked up people on this planet, just so they stop being such colossal dickwads.

I don;t fucking WANT to as in, choosing between this and re-runs of Two And A Half Men + cheesecake, but sometimes you have to take one for the team and stop treating the symptoms, treat the cause.

Not saying YOU “should” or “must” do this, just spitballing. :smiley:


Some of this I am happy to see posted about. More need to express how it feels to be forced into sex with another AND how they happily destroyed that person who couldn’t manage to think with their brain.

However this got way way too preachy and I’m female but do NOT agree with this kind of man bashing femanism.
Men are born witches same as women, men do have emotional attachments from sex same as women, men are procreators same as women (hello, women couldn’t have kids without the other half).

Also, there’s nothing wrong with Sex Magick, it is the individual that corrupts it.
There are TONS of posts here about WOMEN trying to sexually dominate and control a man; it goes both ways, THAT is balance.

They don’t adjust, they bend it. The law of attraction can very much be controlled. It’s not easy, but do able.


Not true. I know women who keep their husband as abused pet slaves thanks to biased divorce - domestic violence law. Just screwed a Bitch who Enslaved her husband using Vashikaram mantra for decades and he is on the verge of going mad. ( And I STILL consider myself on the RHP ).

And there are whores too. Knew a Hot bhabi/ house wife ( feel sorry for the husband ) who has fucked over few thousand men within a decade or two at most. Starting from 12-13 year old boys to even 80 year old Grandpas. There will be bitches everywhere.

And not all men are Sex-addict manipulative player. I had my time of fun in college time but now just having a good heart felt conversation-chat attracts me more than just banging some whore in Red light district.

In short there is disgusting humans everywhere irrespective of gender.


Another thing I noticed. Why does so many magicians have such a meager protective measures against occult !. If he is competent enough to screw your sex chakra the least thing he is supposed to know/do is some serious protective measures. people are dumb. !


Is this why so many Indian members have a thing for “hot married women”?? :astonished:


Lol true some are so Narcissistic they don’t honestly think they can be touched. It’s what happened to the scum who screwed with me.

Felt knowing one, powerful love spell and using manipulative language was all that was needed in life.

Honestly though, @goku how many do we see here who don’t even know what shielding is but are hot to trot on those “get my ex back” spells lol?


Lol, no. I am more or less an brought up as an Orphan . So attraction towards older women is understandable. Sometimes it did get a bit too old and odd ! :expressionless: