My Qlipoth Journal - Resurection1-

Hell~o Guys and Girls and Wellcome to my second attempt of initiating myself trough the qlipoth after finally finishing a hearts project called 666 .

If you are new to me and to this you are apreciated and if someone of the back than times is also lurking here and by me, you even more.

Thanks for the following and loyalty i guess.:black_heart:

Me i am Tristan Lucifer Frantar also known as Lux Anguis-Serpentine Publisher. 22 years young living in Austria in between its desolated ass creeks. And i identify myself as heterosexual straight white male. Just specifying if someone asks for what reasons idk.

Jokes aside…

Its been a while and have learned much about the Qlipoth in my spare and sane in between times i got when ive taken some fresh breaths when im, out of my overal daily obsessions of magic spirituality-practices and some other one considers geeky/nki stuff.

And well.

I want to begin my initiation lightly.

Dont get me wrong no Qlipothic initiation or magic should be considered a light matter or easy. Its surely, not!

I consider the whole road to be in alignment with this

“The path isnt going to get easyer you only getting stronger”


And i am sure after my whole ordeal of my other i consider dominantly a sinister or lhp mystical devotional working to be very pathless, at least for now. And has litle to no structure in it but it shows a huge potential of being an independent conjuring/transformational system with its own kind of devils and energys.

Back to qlipoth.
The qlipoth for the beginner most of the time should not getting his feet all to deep in it. What i mean by that. When one resides too long in a qlipha for whatever reasons does or cannot move one, one gets consumed or destroyed by its forces. Ife tasted this in my previous attempt and it is harsh to say at least.

What i consider is a light initiation is for example move trough every qlipha one at a time each day. With the help of audio or visuals.

Ife used until now

Michael. W. Fords. Qlipothic rites available on
Luciferian apotheka.

And unknowists Qlipothic prayer yt videos null - YouTube

Michael w Ford basic qlipothic magic book.(past using)

V. K jehannums Qlipothic initiation (now using)
And thankfully preservered here… Again thanks i really apreciate it. @daniel.kerwood
Self-Initiation through the Spheres of the Qliphoth

And most of my now inspiration and knowledge ife got from : UNIVERSAL MASTERY YT AND ESPECIALLY HIS PATREON.

including Asenath Masons


I just mediate for nearly an hour before i recite vks version. Before bed i visit the different audio options related to it delve into it plus i try my best to work also with its related beings somehow in a lighter manner. Moving forward everyday and see how that goes. Bc previously i residing nearly two months in each and it was just too much for me

My Qliphoth Journal 1

Note:The Qliphothic initiation in its experince would be in nature the same by each individual. But how its played out on the astral inner and outer world and also the physical is by each individual a litle different and altered from another be it by severity and its endless depths. Or not. Practice for yourself keenely and you will know.

Wish me luck.



I believe that you either get initiated or you don’t. With the Qliphoth you don’t have much choice. Either you go through it or you don’t.

For me it wasn’t even a choice. I just read asenath masons book just to see what was this about and I got initiated.
Then I went through the path properly twice. And now I want to do it for another time.
The Qliphoth is a abptru journey. It starts suddenly and once it hits you it hits you. Howver it is well worth it.

Good luck my friend with your journey. You have good books. I am wishing you all the best.


Thank you :relaxed:

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There are three great resources to n the Qlippoth or Sitra Ahra:
Asenath Mason
JK Vehannum
Thomas Karlsson

Books - Mason and Karlsson
Blog - Jehannum

In these you will find initiations material (Karlssons book is Qabalah Qlippoth and Goetic Magic, he is from Order of the Dragons Rouge, Mason is from Temple of Ascending Flame I believe.).


All of them i allready know but I Apreciate it fuego that you mention them. :raising_hand_man:t2:

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So the cleanse and preparation i use:


2:Vks book of deathfull wombs.
The middle pillar of goetia
Of Satanas, moloch, belphegore, lillith, nahema,


Than i move to mediation on the deity than enn recitation of it. After that the recitation-opening of qlipha. Mentaly and Oraly. My guts is telling me i use Michael w fords work combinded with vks. First Michael’s than i move to Vks. Than im finished for the morning.

Before i sleep i ingulf myself in the audios and images.



When i started again with nahema it was just weird.

I felt the whole day so drained, after work i just lay in bed and slept the whole day away no eating no snacking nothing. Felt here and there a lil depressed or burned out. Kinda Felt both at the same time. It is weird before that i flushed sacrificially my own sexual fluids for my spiritual artworkings. And was visited by a personal succubi in these ecstatic periods of time.

Just like i let go of the old and cleansed myself from it by offering it as a sacrifice before namaah. Or it ended for the initiation up like that.

Than after that day i came to lillith and had than major hold of myself and my energys. I felt love, self assured and overal stronger than before. I think lilliths sphere i mastered in these long time ife been there ife been let to much sexual mastery exercises and selfcontrol also pleasure. And acceptance who i am sexually. And what i need in that regards to move healthily on. Of course i was lightly posessed but it was mild.

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First i find it profound that the qlipothic gods come right after when you call them. Even if you dont perceive them as i do bc of my extensive years long practices. I assure you they are here when you call them if you know it or not.

In my meditation unto Samael and his qlipha.

There was a light fear but i knew in me i must accept it and move it to courage and state my intent for growth, han anything else.
And with time there came a i call subtle smell in play.

It smelled like bourbon vanille mixed in with a undescribable parfume only samael would wear i am sorry i cant describe it bether but it smelled pleasent and very kinda personal note. Like one would know that samael is here bc you smell him. No one else in your life smelled like it. Just otherwordly.

After it klicked and knew he was here like a bronze shinig astral body cliked with my mind and we exchanged.

A fogy world came before me ashy gras at feet and grey, black thicc foggs before me. And there are poisonous cloud sprouts of violet in the thicc fog. Besides me is a litle river made out of runing mercury.

I knew i was in his sphere astraly.

Than it stated.

First learn to embrace each other than i will show you the other side(vision of me kissing passionatly a woman i think it was a female version of myself)

My right feet bled out of a gaping hole something like a jesus parable only i was in linen and walking free. Came what looks like a rabi and he said we cant heal you, you must walk alone there.

We two are pallid wood (for the lack of a sacrifice i gave samael afterwards dragonwood and in future i am sure our relationship will be worked on)
. Than the rite began and unto finish i felt just like i came back after a very long journey even though it wasnt longer than an hour and a half or soemthing. I feel different and somehow changed.

Like i intgrated something distant form me finally in me.

I will see what todays will bring.

Updating it when i see apropriate.


So yesterday i had a very confronting and real talk with my Mom.

It was like. I rested she came in and asked. Is everything allright? And from there it was like she became some sorta therapyst for this time period.

We talked deeply about each otthers concerns and that we dont know each other that much. And at that time ive lost my rosa lens about my family. I just love my family but bc of my love i didnt see them for who they are. Shallow in understanding ffor what im doing and am and limited in that sense like reveryone else i knew.

It pushed me after that more to be real with myself and with my life alltogether. Sacrificing for sure what i dont need in my llife to move more to the direction i envisioned and planed to reach.

Thx Mom.
Thx Samael.

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So like usually ive prepared my whole room. Cleaned all the litle chaotic places. Cleaned my ritual space and prepared candle, incense and prayer books.

Ife warmed myslef up for my meditation session unto Bael by performing all the litle Qlipothic Banishing, empowering, rituals mixed in with some personal mantras and spells opened my temple up energeticly by its regent deitys to welcome in the forces i call and overwatch the whole process. Did some litle stretch exercises than sat unto meditation.

I use a technique i call deity breath.

Simply visualize The energy of the deity that you inhale it at the same time vibrate mentaly its name. By hold also, and by exhale the same process. I repeated it usualy by 72 times 108 times 111times or 216 times. Or or the numerologycal value of the asociate planet or being. You decide.

After i stoped breathing in that manner i willingy delved into his name, realm, and my will polarized for spiritual growth and love for the whole process. I made sure to feel and being powerfull and in controll.

After a while i have witnessed with my sixths sence that the atmosphere had gotten dark green strings of energy flows in there and i know the bridge opens for transport unto his realm.

Than i have droped into a sphere it was very dark. I have seen i was like in a big only made out of mettal burned down cathedral or big parts of it where burned and coaly. It was very like in LoTR where the dark sorceres reside castles only it was very litle enlighten only by ones own black flame or flame.

What i allso have perceived was everything was stained like if a pelican or birds shitstains only instead of that it was black, gray, and or very litle white Wax stains. Everything it was really a distorted and cold vision.

Than my vision was brought vertically unto a waterbasals corner. The water was vibrating and pitch black and litle wavey the size was like a regular bathtub. Out of it came shrivly black violet veiny hand(like a corpse) its veins where like big three roots buryed deep into his flesh.

Than it was again the vision black i called in me WHAT DO YOU WANT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

It was afterwards clear stated:

Than everything escalated.

The room was pitch white and a tarantulla (Or if you dont know what tarantulla is, itssimply a big spider) with a dogs mouth came after my throat.

Lukily i have prepared my astral body and aura to be a predatory Nagaic demonic vampire. I have torn it apart by my Snakes and tentacles and have eaten it with my own catterpillarlike elongated mouth up. (Back to the Dark burned down Mettal Cathedral) Than the naked corpse out of the tub was standing and screaming, his face was a moking version of Baels (old grimoire) as an imposter and out his nose came miriads of litle spiders. I heated my black flame up and made it black hole like so they all would be burned and absorbed.

I was enraged and have torn the corpse innarts with my astral body claws and snakes, apart ripped his flesh sucked it completely empty and have eaten it. I was than completely in my demonic form.

Right Afterwards i walked into a cave like coridor before me was a big pitch black opening. And than i saw in my vision a Cuthulu like Kraken or squid wanting to hunt me. With it came a big wave of revengefull maggots.

The maggots came first. They buryed themself into my flame. But they where squiking in agony bc they are being burned and absorbed all of them. The squid was gigantic its right eye where looking into my cavelike corridor.

It prepared to attack. But i have taken a big astralic run and jumped unto his head. Like a ravenous animal i have bitten its flesh white open making it a gaping hole that just like a vietnamese would sqeeze trough, reaching into his secret hiding spot in war.

I buried into this created wound all my weapons all my snakes and tentacles my mouth. And sucked it and sucked it. ‘’ suripio ki tuam! Suripio ki tuam! ‘’ if elt by every taking of energy how its
Getting weaker and weaker and after the final Succc. I stated demonicly I KILLED IT!!



Than i understood Bael wanted violence. So i have gotten all the rest of the astral husks bodys together and offered it up unto bael astraly by burning in his name all the spiritual corpses up it was a sacrifice in his and mine name.

Than the time was up i earthed myself into my normal body. And i felt reliefed and cleansed i had a vision unto my childhood in Kanegra Croatia. I have fished on one day 28 squids and we have eaten them. I think one of them just wanted revenge (i think it was the big one) somehow and was leaching long enough and i ended it i had a vision of a psychotic squidward(spongebob) and i simply drank him away like beer in glas. And it was finished.

Than proceeded with my physcical offerings and reciatations and statement of spiritual growth.

I think it was a success we will see.


I did the stages like previous mentioned like usually.

And vent into meditation and deity Breathing and concentration on the name-sphere.

In my meditation Belphegores energys where first pastel sky blue and with time a mellow citrine green i felt it fill up my room.

I am brought unto i perceive first Tipheret and was welcomed with.

‘’ It is nice to meet you’’

Me’ ‘you too mate’ ’

And was like a arabic wanderer in a vast beautyfull desert the heat was surprisingly pleasently weeping around my face. The sun was really near above the desert it was golden yellowy and its rays orange/reddish.

I wandered a litle and was on a sand hill stoped there and continued with deity breathing(ave belphegor, ave belphegor, ave belphegor in, hold, out and repeat)

After a while i felt the air change again it was smelling like wet carton and a phosphor like gas or sulphur like gas mixture it was just weird.

And something dark was starting to cross the sun like a pingpong ball weeping and racing on the sun on and off on and off.

After a while it was completely over the sun and distorting completely its light.

It was just a dark hole over the sun its rays mars red and violent. The atmosphäre changed really quikly as like above so below in the astral so in my temple. The atmosphäre was dark red and dark bubbles and spheres where spreading from the dark sun unto the tipheret sphere. And the black sun was starting bearing enemys. A Ram with a Big eye completely on its face or simply cyclops Ram was coming sprinting to me. I devoured it in one go with my serpent. A babydevil came unto me harassingly and i torn it and eaten it. A Nephilim warior tall build and in gold was coming for me but it was overhelmend and devoured completely.

Than Belphegores ehoingly stated.
‘’ only trough devouering can you make yourself here big’’

And i grew bigger so much so i could nearly touch the sun. But i was transmorphed again to normal. A Big ugly grin came from the black sun like Venus fly trap a flesh eating plant like mouth opened in the sun.

And a dragon descended out from it with a crocodiles head it landed before the sand hill. It opened his mouth and out came patiently belphegore looking like a chinese sage. And walked patiently before me his slitty eyes were abnormally elongated like so long it touched his forehead. Hair bum was just staked and big. And i said ‘’ SHOW YOUR DEMONIC FORM’’

Everything went dark and like a animation he showed himself i call, eastheticly his face

And it was so strong and glowing its light was so glowing i could see the impression upon my eyes. It was like animated but real. I know he was now strongly here and i stated what i want to grow spiritualy trough the qlipoth and gain power, insight, knowledge according to my level.

So my face transformed into a baby face and was brought upon a Jellyfishs head

It was so dark like in the depths of the ocean and my face was pushing against the black sun and entered it. I saw a vision of a sword ramed into the earth and something melted its grip and sword piece away. And than Belphegor stated.


I saw my own female version and assumed its form. I saw myself over myself rubing one off and spilled the dark seed all over myself as the one receiving.


I did it and melted and absorbed all of it like a egg. and at the same time my Black Flame was just like a fire who received extra gasoline for burning.More brilliantly.

Than after recoiling. Belphegor stated. You must let go off the false ego that emenates humiliate it and loose it, be the one receptive and absorbing.Be the Female.

So you can bear your creations.

Than i came to my senses. Time was out i earthed myself gave him my blood candles, and incense as offering did the michale. W. Ford. Qlipoth prayers and mantras than the vks. It was than finished and i respectfull thanked and honored everything.




It was after ten minutes or so that something was in the air it didnt smell of anything but there was a density to it. I felt imediatly his aura it was very electryfiing. And feltable he was allready here even though i didnt do much only deity breathing and inner callings. It was like he waited for that to just hop in action.

(i know deitys-strong beings are not bound by ritual or intent if they want to do something to you or around you they just do it, but if you intend it so and generate symphatetic energys for it, it greatly ampliefies its manifestation into physical and paranormal activitys).

His energys was slowly aproaching me and his aura first engulfend my right whole feet. In my inner vision i saw bright burning flames for a short time. And i knew than it was the sign of entering. I lost my touch of body awarenes and slowly drifted unto the astral and inner psychic vision.

I was in a eerie fogy green forest something like in the spring time. I howered across its berch trees, actually it was only berch trees…and in my devotional breathing i came like it was really creepy if it happens out of nowhere. I howered between two bigger threes and there stands waiting, Asmoday in his some kind of demonic form of a gremlin mixture with an elf, skintone was completely clay orange and his eyes glaring red. He wears black clothing. Like something a Dragonball z charakter like piccolo would wear only medieval times and out of animal leather(i hope). I howered further. I felt he followed me as a shadowy smoke making whispering crazy noise making me scared. Or trying at least. I was begining to get sucked out of the forest by a direction there where no threes only flimmering light and darkness.

I was standing than suddenly in this hunted situation the vision was blurred and illuminated.
Asmoday transferred my counciousnes into his.

And i saw myself in the perspective of asmoday.

Flimmering behind the trees creepely, making strange noises and atmospheres, spewing the poisons of fear.

“you must strike fear in your enemy, so it is weakened, be the shadow of death and mistery against your enemys.”

At that time i felt my room filling up with ghosts and more evil spirits from this sphere.

And than i heart a creepy mumbled laugh behind my painting and some wall cracking. The whole house started more and more to have some type of paranormal activitys and movements.

After that i was sucked into this twillight oblivion in seconds i was teleported before a cut down mountain. It was completely out of Stone and straight ass flat. Before the grass land ends there was a entering into the flat mountain. I saw in it magma and lava.

I felt the presence of Asmoday behind or more specificly in me posessing me making a crazy laugh and i started to grin. I felt that i grined and lightly laughed i had so much body awareness to be aware of these details.

I remembered i must be open and receiving so i sucked all his giving energys into me into my being as much i could. Than asmoday stood behind me in his very unique black and spiky Obsidian armor.

I pled that i want to initiate i want to grow trough it first spiritualy than mentaly, at last phisycally according to my level.

He took me by my arm and he draged me into the cave flyingly. I saw at the end of the entrance way a big opening hallway like in a volkano the floor was lava but it is closed at the top. on the walls where many pathways and rooms filled with angry and wrathfull ghosts and demons and shadows.

Asmodeus forged black chains at the middle and chained a part of me unto it and stated"You must break the will, be the one breaking the will of others, but your own will must be harder than anything that exist on this earth.

Than everything went vision ended. On my eye i saw dozens of grizly looking departed spirits demons and beings hushing around poping up and disapearing. Most of them had just empty white eyes.

Meditation ends. I started the Asmodeus offerings of blood on candle the candle and incense and of course the reciting rites of golahab by Michael W Ford and Vks.


Below is (the creepy one)
Above (the initiating one)

All two of them are Asmodays teaching aspects of fear the shadow and Will and its breaking.





In this meditation session i only got thick darkgreay fog surounding me.

And his presence was felt in that way that electric devices such as where you clip in on for your cables for getting electricizity has begon to makin a zuummm Noise much louder than usualy. And a howling was heard by my living room[We have no pets, it was ghostly].

His piercing eyes gas begone to appear out of the thick fog staring in to mine like he would into my very soul(Eyes are the portals to the soul/a old saying).

He whispered:

" you are not compeltely ready for this sphere.and afterwards random whisperings and hissings accumaleted intoa hissing mass,and started Surounding me "

Pictures where comunicated trough my impressiobable mind and it translated to.

''Heal yourself away, from the monkey"

Afterwards i thanked and offered my Candles and incense also as usual i began with the workings of MWF and Vks. A strange blue sphere manifested at my fingertipps when recitings MWFs work.




Meditation:In my meditation Choronzon appeared unto me as a amorphous being. A pile of dark morphing mass with hungering desire. He confronted me in a space of silvery oblivion. My Soul, my Ego, and Choronzon. And it is true. Choronzon is one of the initiating beings and or forces unto the higher but the most devouring one of them all. Out of my gut feeling i didnt gave any sacrifice in the sense of blood and candles bc i knew his requirement a more delicate than that.

He devours your ego even your soul (both) if you dont let go of the part(s) of your ego that it desires, and you must let go off in order to grow.

So in accordance with my overal level and intention and the scale of working i gave him what he wanted (And subcounciosly i knew needed to let go off) . And it was a interesting gnosis.

He peeled my flesh and organs away until my skelleton was the last. And inserted my bones as like cocaine in his Nostrils of aninhilation. In this process i saw all my prejudices that are the reason of my slowing down of my progress on my overall path, thinking patterns that are useless. Polarisations that leads in the end unto only one result and it is in its Polarisations.And i willed it so that wich hinders and that wich must be devoured so it should be devoured. And willingly i let it happen.

In the end i only saw my soul and choronzon and we departed itself for this process rather peacefully as like for now it would be satisfied.

And i recited befor the end MWF work of Choronzon.

When i think about it the choronzon situation really comes close to this song.






For now i practice with it simple gazing upon and let the energyz generate naturaly as the simbols are absorbing mines and transform it. And recoils in my psyche a certain accumulation of transformative elements how it is intended to be by asmoday channeled trough me.




The smell this time was just a spezial sweet tone to it.I was brought into a very dark sphere and is litle enlighten by a deep red.

And Rofocale spoke:
“Jesus Christus von Nazaret ist komplett tot. Jesus Christ from Nazaret is completely dead. Szschean marsch omnix tuam negra eti jot.”

I saw a typical depiction of jesus and its being beheaded or something like sacrificed by a dark figure. The head thrown unto the dark spheric ground and smashed. The corpse being desecrated by an big inverted cross pushing trough his chest stamping him and it unto the etheric ground.

Upon the Inverted cross standed a mixed figure it had feet of a goat and its claws burying itself deep into the eye of Providence making it bleed like the the whole mess it allready is. It has black shorts on. And out of it stiking a black violet roting phallus spewing its blood. It has a business suit on. And its mummy like arms maked the sign of solve et coagula. Its head started to wander into this body like a caterpillar.
Something similar like that:

And upon its forehead was the Sign of Magnum Opus.

And it was a skull with horns and vampiric theeth glowing soulfilled eyes. This whole was a very blasphemous and at the same time liberating act. It has you know a very raw and wild demonic vibe to it.

And Lucifuge stated:


And we flyed trough a tunnel unto a ever dark abyssmal oblivion. After i earthed i did much sacrifices of blood candle, blood, incense, hair, and the recitations.




This one was rather beautifull. It started by a dark blue moon who was a sicle. The background was shiny white and in this symbolyc form a apeared a white orb. On the white orb was transfered a symbol of an fly. The orb wandered slowly out of the claws of the moon sicle and slowly out of it pured green, dark green, black energy, like aurera boreolis

I was than sucked into it. A beautyfull reminiscent night sky in a medieval forest on high windy grass where flapping around in unison making that soothing sound of grass whispering its songs in the wind.Evrything had this saturated intense green color to it.

And in this atmosphäre Beelzebub showed me this key.

And after that it transferred to me a feeling of “welcome home”

And i was than haunted by a feeling of an unknown and forgotten nostalgia and a tear of rememberance.It was just beautyfull.

On this spheric nightsky beelzebub showed his pastelblue stoic and silent face like an indian chief would do in the emotional western movies when the movie somehow ends positive for them.

But than everything usurped into Darkness and everything around me transformed into green hissing dark flames and Bright green flames it was everywhere the floor was even made out of it everything was in these strange green flames. Out of the flames formed out this shadowy smoke these giants i think they are called Chaidiels. With they serpents around theire feet looking at me with glowing eyes. They let me pass trough on and another. And a road was begining to form out of the green flames.

The floor was begining to look like reflective Black Oil. And the flames start to reflect upon it. I wandered forward more and more until it was just dark and the floor just this black reflective oil color. Than Beelzebubs etheric silent pastelblue face apeared in his typical stoic stance again in its sky. And his shine reflected upon the black ground.

I stated what i wanted to grow spiritualy, mentally, physically in accordance to my rang, power, and abilitys.

So my time was up and i started to draw with the present energys his sigil and engrave my offerings unto him. After everything was prepared and ready. I started Michael w fords prayer and recitation working and i say this it was ecstatic. Like in the middle of it in this meditativ and ecstatic utterance my spiritual body started to have these dark green bright flames and like a unexpected birth my etheric wings spreaded out of my shoulderblades. The feeling was empowering, beautyfull and advancing into further hights.

The process was like this modern initatory masterpiece :

I uttered more the more i did the more powerfully my wings felt and flatered around stretched itself. Its coloring was black but with time something like an eagles wings. I feel so assured and empowered and this will stay forever with me. Thank you for the gift beelzebub, enki and all the beings that helped and are helping me known and unknown. Thank you myself.