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I’m making a journal to document my journey for myself and others. Right now I’m working on developing psychic senses so I can communicate with spirits better. I’ve made a regimen for myself.

This is what it would look like:
Chant Mesh Ka Rel mantra 108 times
Magickal Imagination Meditation:
Visualize an object in mind’s eye - 5 min
Do the same for clairaudience and clairsentience
Practice viewing energy - 5 min
practice aura view

Right now I’m more focused on developing the underlying abilities behind evocation and spirit communication that way I don’t get disappointed by my lack of ability


For the last few days I have been doing 15 minutes a day of these exercises along with the astral senses mantra.
I am beginning to realize how big of a task this possibly could be. I am not going to lie to myself: it takes serious work to develop psychic abilities. Because of that I am going to try and just go at it one day at a time.

So far I have had some success. I did a ritual from V.K Jehannum’s website to call on the watchers for empowerment in spirit communications. As I did the ritual I felt the atmosphere in my room change, I tried to lose myself in that feeling. After I felt like it was a success and as I stared at the wall of my room my vision flashed intermittently and I felt some throbbing in my third eye chakra.
When chanting the astral senses mantra I felt
a slight pulsing in my ajna chakra after 50 repetitions.

My meditation resulted in some beneficial experience also. I managed to see the energy left behind by my finger tracing a letter on a piece of blank paper- barely. I also was able to cause the hypnogogic patterns behind my closed eyes to form into a light impression of a triangle while in meditation.


Maybe this will speed things up?

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Thanks I will try that next time I summon a spirit

I did my daily practice today. I think I am going to add qi gong to my routine. Developing my energy body will improve pretty much every aspect of my life and magickal practice.

Last night I tested out a hard style qi gong breathing technique called the 9 breath method that focuses on gathering chi by adding slight pressure to your abdomen and it worked well for doing just one repetition. It instantly energized me.

Things have been going well for me. The last few days I have been practicing the 8 Brocades from Qi Gong.
At first I was curious how Qi Gong could possibly work because I have experience with doing New Energy Ways/ Tactile Imaging and am used to feeling energy.
Now I understand that the poses promote the flow of energy through a specific meridian. Whenever we breathe normally we draw energy through our the main pathways of our energy body. The qi gong poses just target specific meridians.
I think that it is possible to combine tactile imaging and qi gong to make the exercises even more effective.
I might try this with lifting the sky. One pitfall I see is difficulty with concentrating but if I get momentum with the tactile imaging action than it could be successful.

Today I did the chants and the visualization meditation.
When I focus on my ears in a state of meditation they ring and I feel disconnected from the normal world. This might be me connecting to the astral or something. Also, over the last few weeks there has been some nights when I am falling asleep and then I hear a voice. Most of the time it is just my voice saying a few words, yet it happens entirely in my head and sounds like it is out loud.

Finals is coming up and I have a lot of schoolwork so I tried to get it all done this morning. I did a ritual from Archangels of Magick and called on Metatron to bend time so it went faster. I finished it all in a hour, normally it would have taken several. Sadly the effect didn’t last after I finished my work. As I did the ritual I stopped for a moment to connect with the presence of Metatron. I had my eyes closed and my vision filled with light, I felt a strong presence and feeling of ecstasy.

I also had a realization about tactile imaging energy work. I would try really hard to follow the energy ball/disc as I did the movements. This adversely affected the exercises because I tried to micromanage the movement to much. I decided to focus more on the destination and let the energy flow. This totally changed things for me. Now tactile imaging is much easier and I can do it in different positions.

This gets me thinking. Tactile imaging is so simple and powerful, why did qi gong or yoga practitioners never discover it? I understand that there is the saying in qi gong “where your attention goes your energy flows”, but it’s not like they every wrote tactile imaging down as a technique. This doesn’t mean that I don’t see the value in all of these systems, I’m just curious if like 1000 years ago tactile imaging was common knowledge or something.

Finally, I’m surprised by the atmosphere of this forum compared to occult related subreddits and the forum. I feel like I’ve barely scratched 5% of it, and I always find something useful.


Today I did my visualization meditation and the astral senses chant. I still have significant room for improvement with my visualization abilities.

Last night I became lucid during a dream and woke up because of my lucidity. I also had a weird vision. Around 3 a.m. I woke up and looked around. I got a drink of water sat down and then a image flashed into my mind’s eye. I saw a middle aged bearded man bathed in golden light. It was totally random and I didn’t think much of it. As far as I know it will forever remain a mystery to me why I saw that.

My main focus remains on pushing forwards to a breakthrough with my psychic abilities. My approach consists of developing my energy body, practicing magickal imagination, and meditation work. In essence, I’m working out my psychic muscles. I consider this the first step in my ascension.

Next in the queue, I have a really powerful ritual called Don’t Forget About Studying for Finals that I plan on doing immediately after I post this. It’s from the Advanced Placement magickal current and uses weird incantations like “determine if the infinite series converges using the limit comparison test”. To be honest, I’m not looking forward to it.

So today has been pretty good so far.

Last night I was meditating and heard a ringing in my ears. I have heard that ringing can sometimes mean that a spirit is trying to communicate with you so I thought to myself “who wants to communicate with me?”. Instantly, the name Michael popped into my head. I had not been thinking of Michael before so possibly he’s trying to communicate with me. I am still going to take that with a grain of salt though.

After that, I got my pendulum out and asked some questions. I understood that the pendulum was relatively easy for beginners so I thought I could maybe get some answers and improve my ability.

Pendulum Session:
Test questions:
Is today Saturday? yes
Is my dog’s name _______? yes

Actual questions:
Does Michael want to work with me? yes
Is Raziel my guardian angel? no
Is Raphael my guardian angel? no
Is Michael my guardian angel? yes
Do I have more than one guardian angel? maybe
Is Metatron also a guardian angel for me? maybe
Will this session continue to yield valuable information? no

I found the results of using the pendulum interesting although there is significant room for improvement. For now I’ll consider my results probable cause to look into working with Archangel Michael. I don’t necessarily believe it means he is my guardian angel, I don’t trust myself that much yet.

Today I also did more energy work with a focus on the root chakra. Robert Bruce said in his book energy work that the base chakra has several filters that dissolve with use and I never had really felt that much from that chakra so I just decided to nuke it. The risk of me activating kundalini was extremely low and I brought the chakra out of dormancy. It triggered a light surge of energy up to my third eye. This caused my vision behind my closed eyelids to fill with purple in the middle.

Notably, whenever I move energy through my central channel or spine for a while I experience weird patterns that appear in my vision. Today I saw a circle that would start wide and then shrink, all the while sometimes filling with purple, and this kept going while I was moving energy. I believe these are just effects of energy stimulating the higher chakras.

I also experimented with soul travel. I was never able to see my room behind closed eyes but I was able to feel like I was at my target object for a moment. This caused a slight tug in my chest. I guess the more I practice this the more it will feel like I’m actually there. I’ve only had one astral projection experience in my life, and it was when I was 3, so I look forward to working on this.

Today went well.

Last night I decided to initiate through the first sphere of the Qlipoth: Nahemoth. I’m interested in undergoing the alchemies of the qlipoth. The sphereworking is supposed to cause a trial in my life. When I pass it I will have undergone the alchemy of that sphere. I look forward to the trial.

Energy work is going well.

I was reading around on the forum about astral projection/soul travel and I think I am going to do a petition to Thalos to let me have an astral projection experience. Also, thanks to this forum I found an interesting site on OBE and lucid dreaming
It reminds me of the phase by Michael Raduga. I never really looked into that though for some reason. I think I am going to try the wake back to bed method just to see what happens when I stay in the liminal state for a while.

Ultimately my greatest obstacle towards my ascent is myself. I really hold myself back by not going all in. In fact, I learned about auras two years ago and I always assumed I could never see them. I never even tried. A few months ago I just tried Robert Bruce’s method to see auras and got it first try. In short, I need to go all in.

Yesterday I opened Clauneck’s sigil and made a request for 200$. I felt a strong presence.

So far I haven’t experienced any trials because of my initiation through Nahemoth.

I’m still doing the same system of energy work. I’m raising energy and clearing blockages. It will likely take weeks to months to step my energy body into high gear. After my meridians and central channel have more energy flow I will start chakra work. I’m not in a rush to do that though because I’d rather develop the supporting network for the chakras first so they can grow healthily.
I’m also considering doing the mastering kundalini and energy work course because I want to work my energy body up to the next level. Kundalini is a goal to shoot for on my energy work journey.

I’ve also experienced clearer dreams the last few nights because of energy raising. I might try and set an intention to experience astral projection and see if anything happens. I think I’m going to set an alarm for like 4 a.m. and try either the wake back to bed method or I’ll just attempt to project immediately.

I took a short break a few days ago. I’m back now.

I’m starting to discover some blockages in my energy body as I regularly stimulate it. I’ve been raising energy every day before bed to stimulate dreams. I think that it really works because I have had very clear dreams the last few nights. I managed to remember 4 different dreams a few nights ago, which was way more than I ever have before. I’m not keeping a dream journal right now but I may.

I experienced some clairaudient phenomena when I was going to sleep last night. I heard some random person’s voice, it sounded physical. I attempted to recreate it by imaging myself saying things but was not successful.
I also worked on soul travel again out of curiosity. I am not able to see the room behind closed eyes but I see it fairly well in my mind’s eye. I then transferred my awareness to my target object. When I do this I feel like my mind’ eye vision of the place is different in non obvious ways. I feel like I’m there mentally. I have not moved on to the up and out exercise from the mastering soul travel course but I plan to do that eventually.
My understanding of soul travel is that our consciousness is omnipresent but habitually focused into our body for practical reasons. By placing our awareness outside our body we can become comfortable with externalizing our awareness. Repeated practice makes our awareness outside our body more and more stable. So I hope that if I just practice this a lot it’ll feel less mental.

On this subject I plan to make an astral temple at some point because my parents at home feel that magick is cult-like and dangerous so I need some mental place to do rituals. I find this funny because controlling the actions of other people is one of the most cult-like behaviors I can think of. Still, I’m not that bothered by this as my family could be fundamentalist Christians or something.

12/23/20 - 12/24/20
My dreams have continued to be vivid the last few days.
I also had two deja vu moments yesterday. I usually tend to have experiences like this when my life is going well.
I also had a precognitive experience yesterday. I was having a conversation with someone and I suddenly had a deja vu moment and then knew the next things they were going to say. These experiences are always weird and fascinating. They also never turn out to be useful. I’ve heard of people seeing things that are impactful on their future but that has never been the case for me. It’s always an interesting experience though. I felt like I had just unlocked a dream memory from like several months before. Weird.
Yesterday I started to build an astral temple and was continuing my work with visualization and clairvoyance exercises. I struggled to visualize the astral temple, I feel like my imagination abilities have a long way to go. I called on Raziel and asked him to empower it. I plan to spend several minutes a day over the next few days visiting it so I can solidify it.

I also succeeded in structuring. I structured the letter ‘t’, ‘x’, and then I did a triangle. I tried to add color to the triangle to make it the fire element gateway but that was still beyond my abilities. This was empowering because I feel like I’m experiencing some minor success.

On the subject of energy body development. I had pre stimulated my ajna chakra before I practiced structuring. After I finished structuring I was just staring at the wall and the middle of my vision had a purple blob in it. I assume this is related to the brow chakra since its color is purple. It was still there when I closed my eyes. Also, when I roll my eyes up towards my forehead I see the weirdest stuff. I saw a geometric pattern of rectangles.

I haven’t been doing much over Christmas.

A little before Christmas I did the generosity ritual from Words of Power by the GoM. I think it worked because so far I have gotten several times monetary value what I normally get. Last year my aunt gave me 50 dollars and this year I got 150. Gifts from other relatives added up to much more than usual. Of course, it’s not all about receiving but at least the magick seems to have worked.

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I had another lucid dream last night. So far I’ve noticed that I have lucid dreams much more often when my dreams are associated with a fear and could be considered more negative, likely because I realize this isn’t my normal life.

I tried out invoking omnipotence. Before I did the meditation I felt lethargic. I struggled to feel the light actually entering my body but after a while I started to feel like I was pulling in more than just normal air. It was really energizing. After invoking omnipotence the world around me seemed enhanced.


The last few days I have been doing the first gate of invocation from Archangels of Magick. I think the archangel invocation can be really useful because it’s a way of literally changing your personality. It’s like I get to add another ability to my character you know.

This morning I called on Gabriel to invoke discipline. Since you need to discipline to get everything else it was the trait I called on first. Next time I do this I think I’ll invoke genius, release, or empathy.

Also, to report on my initiation into the sphere of Nahemoth; I feel like I made an important realization coming into finals week that helped me. I’m not sure that it was related to the trial of the sphere but it might be. I wanted to use a lot of magick to help prepare for my finals. I did a divination with the book of fate on whether that would be successful. My answer could be summarized as “don’t rely on the magick of higher forces when you could use hard work”. So I used mundane means to achieve my goals and that worked out really well. I feel like I’ve innately gained an understanding that I can’t be ungrounded. Ignoring the physical world in favor of the spiritual is escapism.

With this completed, I initiated through the next sphere of the qliphoth -Gamaliel- last night to continue my qliphothic alchemy.

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So a few days ago I read psychic sex command and forbidden parapsychology, which are suspiciously similar in content even though they are written by different authors.
They were super interesting though, they both describe how to do remote influence using visualization.
The method described in psychic sex command involves visualizing the person in a situation with you doing what you want them to do, which is pretty simple. It’s really a form of telepathy because you are communicating the visualized situation to the subject, this situation is then communicated to their subconscious mind.

So if I wanted someone to be nice to me and visualized them being nice to me their subconscious mind would not really be able to distinguish this from reality. Then, their subconscious would be like, “we were just nice to this person so I guess I better change the attitude of the conscious upstairs”. This is similar to the visualizations employed in Psycho Cybernetics except they are being sent to someone else’s mind.

The only downside is that it can take a long time to reprogram someone’s mind.
So far I used this to accomplish one minor remote influence goal.
Psychic Sex Command also describes a remote seduction method based on touch which is like the instant turn on spell posted on BALG. It is so much fun to use in public.

I used it on a stranger who was focused on their work and after a few minutes they started to look around in a confused manner. After that they struggled to focus and glanced at me occasionally.
After that, I tried one more test subject. I chose another target who was a stranger and used the method on them for like 15 minutes just to see what I could do. I wasn’t able to see their body language as well this time but they were making a public announcement where I was at. While they were speaking I used the method on them twice and both times they had awkward pauses/ breaks in their voice.

I have chosen a target to practice remote seduction on over a longer period of time just to see what happens. I’m not really interested in having a relationship with them but I feel like it would be fun to experiment since I am nonattached.
I only know the target as an acquaintance and they are like a 9/10 compared to me: a solid 6 or 7 on a good day. So, it’s safe to say that this wouldn’t happen naturally.

I am definitely going to experiment with this more.
Visualization Exercises:
Last night I experienced a weird feeling of nonlocality when doing my visualization exercises. I felt like I was not entirely in my body and experienced weird sensations in my crown.

Also, when I am doing visualization practice I see rings behind closed eyelids. They start out large and then shrink to a smaller size when they are replaced by another one.


I’ve decided that I am going to keep my focus on personal work instead of evoking spirits. I have only done one evocation so far, and I did not see that much from it. Anyways, I can get more out of energy work and manifestation at this point in my development.

I was looking into the rings that I saw behind my closed eyelids and in the Raising Kundalini course workbook I saw Robert Bruce describe a ripple wave effect that he thinks is associated with the third eye. The only catch was the ripple wave effect goes from small to large whereas what I saw went from large to small. I’ll leave that for future investigation.

In the same way that a scientist records their procedure before an experiment I’m recording a skeletal procedure for my remote seduction sessions along with a report of the third one to see how things change over time.

A mild trance state is the minimum for this exercise.

Phase 1 - Initial Connection:
Interact with the target in a friendly way. Just as a normal romantic relationship begins with gaining familiarity with the other person, so does the remote influencing. This stage serves to establish a psychic connection with the target. The connection grows stronger over time. It is best to visualize the target providing the majority of the enthusiasm for the social interactions, i.e. you’re playing hard to get.
This phase should last one to two weeks to weaken subconscious resistance from the target.
Phase 2 - Departing friendzone:
Now visualize the target providing much more enthusiasm in your interactions. They are chasing you and you are putting mild effort into discouraging them at every step of the way. The target is laughing and enjoying your company. Also, they are showing common body language signs of attraction. This phase should last one to two weeks. Start to incorporate fleeting physical contact later in this phase and try to reproduce the tactile sensation (this is important).
Phase 3:
In this phase you gradually escalate the visualizations to whatever level you want. Always recreate the sensation of physical contact with the target as this is essential. This phase can go on indefinitely.

Notes: increased duration means increased effect.

Report on RS session 3:
I did the 9 breath method 2 times and did the full body bounce for 1 minute and full body energy raising for 5. I then did the 9 breath method again and it was super powerful. The 9 breath method seems to jumpstart my energy body and when used after warming up the energy pathways it is even more effective.

I was already relaxed at this point and continued on to a session. I visualized myself in an elevator going up to floor 16, for some reason the elevator wouldn’t let me out any earlier. Then I started walking down a hallway to a room where I knew my target was waiting for me :wink:.

The room I do it in is super barebones yet it feels more physical than any random visualization I do. It feels like it has more spiritual “mass”. I feel myself entering the room and visualize it. It has a table with two seats, two windows and a bed. It has a brown, muted, hue to it. I entered the room and saw myself closing the door. Then I saw my target standing there. I try to imagine them as well as I can. While I am doing this I do it all from the first person.
I then said my target’s name three times and looked into their eyes. When I did this I felt a connection to them. Then I saw their third eye and connected it to mine. I felt the energy flowing from my third eye into them. I borrowed this from
I then repeated the same process with the heart chakra because it couldn’t hurt. Later I think I will do the same with the sacral.

After this I moved on to the meat of the process. I created a random scenario of talking with my target, it was mostly freeform with me adding certain modifications and using certain techniques to influence them. I am not doing any physical contact yet so as not to cause any resistance.

Throughout the conversation I would be whispering in my target’s ear mentally. I made this their “mental voice” and tried to make it sound like their real voice.

I sat down with my target and she smiled at me and was super energetic. Immediately from the beginning I am manipulating the target to be on the chase for me, whereas I am constantly playing hard to get. I conjured up a random conversation. Most of it focused on her asking questions to me, and being impressed with whatever I said. I used the mental voice to reinforce that saying things like “you find that attractive”. I also sent commands to through the third eye link.
To add to the power dynamic I had over my target I mentioned to her that I needed her advice on a girl I was pursuing. At this point I “stepped in to her mind”. I imagined I was her and felt the third eye link flowing into me, and looked upon myself and was smitten with him. I used this to further program my target. I (as the target) was pissed and was like “Don’t forget about the girls that might be in your vicinity”. I made her resolve to win my heart.

I essentially repeated this process for 10 minutes with different things. I vary the scenario a little bit just to keep it interesting for me; however, the goal is not for it to be overly realistic, the goal is to program the target.
At this point I suggested we go for a walk. We went down the hall and a man was alone in the elevator. We decided not to go down that one. As we rode down in the elevator I once again stepped into my target. In her mind I conjured up an unbearable sexual tension, and imagined her fantasizing about me (which is so meta btw). I sent a few commands to her using the third eye energy flow.

Next, we arrived in a lobby scene. It was interesting how my living imagination came into play. My visualization skills aren’t epic but it flowed pretty well, there were people walking along the hall and a restaurant. We then sat on a couch in a room near a door. We talked a little more and then I had to leave abruptly, ending with a little tension to keep her wanting more.
To keep her chasing me I said “goodbye thanks for being such a good friend and giving me advice on x(other girl)”.
I again stepped into her perspective and imagined her frustration at me explicitly denying her advances and talking about another girl in front of her when she clearly expresses her interest in me.
When I finished I returned to the special place with the target still there. I affirmed that everything I had just done actually transpired and would have an effect on the person. I also affirmed that the link between us would grow stronger. After this I came back to reality.

All of this serves to accomplish reverse seduction, instead of you seducing them, they are seducing you. As I progress with my remote seduction experiment I am going to visualize my target absolutely begging to be loved.

Stepping in to my target is also a fascinating exercise. I believe that as the connection to my target grows stronger it would be like possession in a way. This whole process is kind of like an evocation of them. I’m bringing part of them to the astral in our special place.

This is also an excellent way to improve visualization abilities because my practice is actually being used for something.


I’m back again.
I feel like I need to take a break from magick for a while. I’m going to restore a little balance in my life by taking a 10 day break.
This is a marathon not a sprint. But really though it never ends.

So we’ll see how this goes.

In the time since I last posted in this journal a lot has happened.
I made a few attempts at astral projection using the deferred method. In this manner I awoke and had a WILD. It was super weak and obviously not my intention.

Over the next few days I remembered my dreams super well. On one night I had 2 lucid dreams and was able to remember 5 separate dreams. A few nights ago I had the deepest lucid dream I have ever had.

I was in some sort of building and a dark being came to attack me. I was struggling against it and wondered why I felt like I was stuck. In this moment I realized I was dreaming. I used techniques from the phase to deepen the experience immediately and I felt solid like I was more physical. I then proceeded to dispose of my assailant. After this I deepened the dream even further by touching things and tried to go as deep as possible. Then I ran around thinking smugly “wow this experience is so stable I’m the best”. However, I did not have a real plan of action so my lucidity faded.

I’m undertaking a mantra challenge as detailed elsewhere on this forum. When working with exercises from eastern traditions like yoga and qigong I find it so hard to get clear information on what to do. In attempting to understand how to use mantras I’ve heard a lot of things about the necessity of a teacher. I understand this is necessary in part but obviously it is not an option for me to look for a needle in a haystack that is a good guru. Thankfully, I think I’ll be able to work some of this path on my own.

I’m so thankful for this forum and Robert Bruce’s work which demystify all this stuff. Otherwise I would still be stuck trying to figure stuff out from new age YouTube videos which have little practical information.

Lastly, I feel like an idiot for not reading this one book that I’ve had on my shelf for the last 2 years. It’s made my life 1000% better in just 2 days.

All my life, since the figurative death of my old self when I entered high school and started my quest to do things more efficiently, I’ve been searching. I’ve accumulated more knowledge on self help, weird tricks for improved performance, and other psychological tactics than I could ever use. Yet, I feel like none of this ever translated to any real gains for my biggest problem- the fact that I’m lazy as fuck.

I’ve always known that discipline is the skill that is necessary to succeed in everything else, because with discipline you put in the effort to do stuff. Moreover, I’ve always thought that it was something I couldn’t learn from a book, it was something I had to build. And, to an extent, it is.

My progress on my path has always been chronicled by an obsession with the future yet an inability to focus on the present. An inability to do the work now.

Then, I started to make some improvements. 2 years ago I picked up this book at a used bookstore but never got down to reading it. A few weeks ago I did the invocation of discipline with Gabriel and had a solid improvement in my discipline yet I still struggled.

Shortly after that I had an impulse to pick the book up and read it but I felt lazy and decided not too. Then 2 days ago I read it, not knowing what would be in it.

The book’s called the five second rule by the way. The premise is that when you have an impulse to do something you have to act on it within 5 seconds to stop your brain from going self destruct. You count down from 5 to 1 and then physically move towards your goal. This takes you out of autopilot and puts you back in control.


For the first time in my life I’m in control. For so long I felt like my mind controlled me. I was being beat by the monkey inside. Literally the day after I read this book I tried it out thinking, cool trick but will it work?

Next thing I know I’m on fire, I’m running out of stuff on my to do list.

It’s amazing!

I never wanted to do anything that would help my personal development. Before, I would just suck. Now, I just deploy the 5 second rule and make my mind my bitch.

Today, I was like: “I don’t want to do energy work”. I deployed the rule. It was hilarious. My monkey mind threw a tantrum. It’s started a cycle where I just see what I can force my mind to do. Now my todo list is an endangered species.

This time I was in control, not my mind.

I don’t even feel bad that I never read this book earlier. I have this technique now, and that’s enough.

Sorry monkey,
but I’m the captain now.