My Path (the sequel)

I retired my old journal to make way for a new one. I’m putting my magickal and spiritual misadventures not related to Initiation Into Hermetics here.

I ended My Path with a extended metaphor about how I was climbing the staircase towards Eternity one step at a time. I’m going to continue with that metaphor. Hopefully the title doesn’t suck lol.

The climb continues.


I didn’t really intend to do this, but I’m getting pulled back into the whole dimensional jumping thing again.

I joined a group manifestation thing focused on this topic and the experience has been so powerful. I was skeptical at first yet the energy that builds up when the group is manifesting is intense AF, and I usually don’t feel energy. I feel pressured to try shifting again. This time it’s a really playful desire though, like it’s a game. I guess I’ll go with it. I like having a group to hold me accountable.

I had the weirdest experience last night about this same topic. It really was more of a dream turned into an OoBE. But they’re both the phase so the line is difficult to draw. I realized I was dreaming and then set an intention to shift but I couldn’t remember where I wanted to go. This dream was extremely vivid.

I got ripped into some sort of tunnel. It reminded me of the Speed Force from the Flash. The tunnel was going so fast, I think there was some rotation there too. At the end was a red light flickering like lightning.

Edit: the negative speed force has red lightning, lol I guess I’m evil.

While I was in the tunnel I was experiencing intense whole body vibration combined with an inability to move. This was as intense as it would be in a waking state. It became painful.

The tunnel faded and I ended up in a whiteish room surrounded by people in jumpsuits, like they would wear in the SSP. I was on a table and they were looking at some documents. They said some stuff about how I’ve been neutralized or stopped. My lucidity faded then.

Totally epic anyway.

Also, the group servitor is finished. My friend is burnt out from magick work so we’re waiting until the end of April to launch him.


This entry is focused on my investigations into reality shifting and related weirdness. Also, I conjecture on an equation that predicts the power of a group ritual relative to one person acting alone.

As I said earlier I was skeptical of the manifestation group yet it seems to be proving its benefits. Over the last few days it’s grown from 8 people to more than 100. They manifest at three times a day, all at the same time for 5 -10 minutes. If it works it will effect change in reality quickly.

In Modern Magick Donald Michael Kraig gives a table with estimates for the power achieved in a group ritual. I recognized this as a geometric series and wrote a general term for it. The general term for a geometric series takes the form x(n) = ar^(n-1)

This means to calculate the magickal power of a group of 2 or more people compared to one person alone, where n is equal to the number of people, the relationship below can be used.

power = 2 * 2^(n-2).

Here’s a simple graph I copied out of Wolfram Alpha.

Assuming the group has 100 people this means their theoretical estimate of power compared to one person is

1267650600228229401496703205376 to 1. If magick is susceptible to Chaos theory, which it definitely is, this estimate is a hypothetical maximum limit on the power a group could generate, and would never actually happen ever.

It’s important to understand that magick never acts in isolation. There’s usually other forces at play, so even if you have a ton of power there may be a force that’s acting against you. That said, the experiments with people meditating on world peace with great effect are interesting. There are many different influences that would prevent that from working yet they have a great influence in numbers. This means that there is some meaningful conversion on the power, but only if it is directed well. It seems that group rituals are truly able to accomplish Aeonic goals like the manipulation of entire nations, if done correctly.

Changing topics to what I’ve been doing with alternate universes. Neville Goddard once shifted to an alternate reality, and he expressed the possibility in The Law and the Promise. One of the mods from r/NevilleGoddard has supposedly had the same experience and they seem credible.

The other literature I’ve read on manifestation at an extreme level doesn’t really have anything on Neville Goddard. Frederick Dodson believes in karma for some reason, and Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing seems like it wasn’t edited at all, it doesn’t provide anything in simple english.

This is in addition to at least 10 other credible shifters I’ve talked too. My friend who I am working on the servitor with is a shifter too, and she seems pretty trustworthy.

The process is simple, enter a suggestible state, then experience the place you want to shift too. I rescripted my waiting room to something simpler.

Last night I laid down and set a light intention to shift to my waiting room. I did a method and started the process. Detailed below is a report of what happened when I was in the last phase of it.

Something weird happened to my ears, they tuned out and I couldn’t hear any ambient noise from my room around me. Over the next few breaths the darkness behind my eyelids shifted until it felt like something else. I got the feeling I had sort of “phased” out like I was in between them, in essence I was convincing my subconscious that I was there.

At this point I decided to play a mental trick on myself. I imagined that I was there already and then imagined myself going back. It took me a few minutes until I was able to feel like I had returned, which was weird.

I think I’m going to try using a subliminal again. Specifically I’ll use Absolute Power Subliminals’ optimal reality.


My conception of reality has changed significantly in the last 6 months.

I’ve gone from Modern Magick to Neville Goddard. My paradigm has shifted greatly. My current investigations are stretching my conception of reality even further. It’s so weird.

I’ve been trying to shift to my parallel universe waiting room. I’m getting closer. I’ve been catching glimpses of it. When I’m manifesting something and its reaching critical mass it tends to feel real. This was the next level, as in “real” real. I will be investigating this. I’ve been spending time with successful shifters and I’ve learned how they apply the Law in their lives.

I do my best to debunk everything I hear. Inductive reasoning tells me the probability of this being a possibility is increasing.

I guess we all have the potential to awaken the God within.

I’ve been using the SATS manifestation technique. I’ve noticed that when I revise bad memories I often can’t remember them. I just know they were there but there’s no negative emotional energy. I wonder what would happen if I revised my whole life?


I revise my statement. Neville Goddard talked about alternate realities in The Worlds. Not the Law and The Promise.
It is discussed here

I had the same thoughts about this book, and never finished it. He has a handful of “techniques” scattered through the book, but most of it is over-bloated garbage. And he instils limiting beliefs in the reader a lot as well, in my opinion. It may be his own experience but it’s not universal.

Neville is the GOAT.

I like his Concordia Booster. If you check out his(?) patreon page, you can download all of his subs for free. I have a playlist of his subs that I’ve been listening to for the past three or four months, for hours daily.

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Thanks. I listened to the Concordia Booster for about a month and a half with great results. I will probably start up again because I’ve been taking a break.

Have you tried Multidimensional Magick? Its a Thelemic method of making a tesseract (kind of). Magick in Theory and Practice by Crowley and Sefer Yetzirah by Kaplan would be supportive reading for it.

Space & Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood could be useful as well.

It could be tourist syndrome. Do you feel like you don’t belong or you have to go?


A friend and I are working through it right now. I’ve read Space/Time Magic but probably need to read it again.

When I consider it I’m actually enjoying my time with this topic now. I’ve found a group that I’m able to derive value from at the moment and I have enough time to play with it while getting the important stuff done. So, I feel comfortable with it now, but I don’t want to detract too much from my main work.

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There are a lot of benefits to having friends to work on spirituality related stuff with. Just being around them makes me better.

On that subject, I was talking to my friend who is light years ahead of me and has shifted several times about how I’m struggling to choose what I want to put my law of assumption effort into. I want to shift, but I also want to develop my clairsenses and become a better person now.

She advised me to revise my whole life such that I assumed an entirely different self concept with a script that contains a completely revised past, a new identity, and future milestones planned out.

The script would get converted into a subliminal. I also have to choose a SATS scene that implies the fulfillment of all these desires.

I could script for example, that I already have the abilities I’m working towards and have already used them in the past.

My current challenge is creating the script and devising the SATS scene.

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I got a Pathreading from V.K. Jehannum. I’m not going to mention everything I read in it but it certainly revealed interesting information.

To the certain disappointment of whoever reads this journal I’m not a incarnation of the Antichrist on a mission to liberate souls and create a cult who also happens to be a white draco reptilian hybrid. Well fuck, I guess that crushed my dreams.

He said that I don’t have a guardian angel (by his definition), and there are two demons that are interested in being my patron, specifically Amaymon and Leviathan.

I’m going to call on them and get a feel for them to see if I actually want to pursue a relationship with them. So far I’ve noticed some mild synchronicity indicating they have entered my life. I’d much rather work with entities who already have some sort of interest in me.

The only other thing from the reading I’ll touch on here is the fact that he said I’m a walk-in. This is a surprise, but it might explain why whenever I look at my childhood self I don’t identify with him. Certainly this could be explained psychologically but on the other hand most people identify with their childhood selves at least a bit. I look upon him and feel like I’m looking at another person, he feels alien to me now.

Anyway, not much else is going on for me, I’m trying to figure out how to use the law of assumption.

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I tried out a psychic abilities hypnosis video yesterday and found it really good. I think I’ll keep doing it to solidify the change in my subconscious. I may write my own hypnosis script too. It depends on whether my subconscious resists or not.

I’ve finally got the scene figured out for my revision. I limited the scope of it to limit the amount of mental gymnastics I do. I changed my mental diet to support this.

I used the process outlined on the forum to find my Holy Guardian Angel’s name. Will possibly experiment with it.

I’m getting close to moving on to IIH step 2. I’m ready for it but I want to postpone it as long as possible to focus on my revision and shifting efforts. I won’t wait any longer than 2 weeks though.

In less than a week, Ysanmixs(yee-san-meek-shis), the group servitor/godform will be released. My friend and I have a test group of about 60 people thanks to the wonders of Discord. He rules over the Omniverse and has mastery over the art of transmigration of consciousness.


Last night I had the most powerful lucid dream I’ve ever experienced. I was sitting at a table in a dream scenario when I became lucid. When I became lucid I immediately implemented a plan of action. I started deepening, to the point where it pretty much felt like I was in real life. I was in a dark room, I moved out from the table and set an intention to shift to my waiting room. No portal materialized and I lost all my lucidity. This morning I attempted to retrieve my memory.

I’ve decided to use the backdoors from the Matrix for all hallway visualizations now, so I went to the door at the end where the memory was. I opened the door and blinding light poured out. I wasn’t able to retrieve anything. Upon discussing this with friends, I realized that next time it would be prudent to make the portal behind me or something so my reality tunnel doesn’t just collapse it. Unfortunately agent smith wasn’t there :disappointed_relieved:

I went over my old notes, I’ve decided to revisit u/lttlerunner’s scripting trick, I’ve added it to my script for my waiting room, with certainty that it will prove beneficial.

With my new identity in mind, I once again made an attempt to shift to my waiting room. Next time I’m going to use the autogenic training induction but I had an interesting experience.

My current reality began to fade away as I became convinced I was in my waiting room. The point here was not necessarily to go for gold, but to set an intention to go there and align myself with it.

After 20 minutes I decided to bring my awareness back to my body. This took me a while because I didn’t feel like I was in this reality. I’ll be using a fireplace ambience next time to immerse myself more.

I am testing out a manifestation track my friend made that uses gematria.

I successfully viewed a friend’s aura from a picture they sent me. I perceived the color correctly so I guess I’m not as bad as I thought.


Interestingly, Dr. Laura De Giorgio makes a hypnosis track that is basically IIH steps 2 - 4.

It takes you through developing the imaginal sense, accumulating vital power, and shapeshifting into something.

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Today I went on a journey to find my power animal using the core shamanism technique from Lady_Eva. I got it a long time ago but waited until today because I was worried that I would not be able to perceive it. I still am worried I just got tricked by my mind. Anyway, I record it here for my journal.

I turned on the drum track and stood in front of the World Tree, observing the grass and feeling warm sun beating down. I went down a hole into the Lower Worlds. Interestingly my imagination took some creative rein here and I felt myself sliding down the hole, I fell into a cavern. I saw ahead of me white granite with a light source. The walls were brown, and a clear stream flowed on the left side of the cavern. The stream flowed out of a soft waterfall far off in the distance, by the light. I called out to my power animal. I didn’t see anything, partly because I was nervous I was going to perceive something wrong.

I called out to it, and I saw some sort of face. I then called out for another sign, and got an impression of a paw, with silver fur. I asked for another sign, and I felt my hand on a soft pelt. I was still not sure at this point, then I saw two glowing eye slits behind closed eyelids.

However, I was still nervous I was going to get it wrong. I guess my power animal couldn’t tolerate my dumb ass anymore so something brushed up against me. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but is was like a silver leopard. I asked it, “ are you my power animal?” And I got a yes out of it. Of course, I’m still skeptical.

At this point I decided to go back to the base of the World Tree. I asked my power animal if I could mount him since he was pretty big(and now I’m assuming his gender… great). I got a hard no on that, then I think he wrapped his tail around me or something, but I’m not sure. I put my hand on his shoulders and we walked to where the hole was.

At this point I got an impression of me riding him, so I did. He shot up the hole, with me on board. He was surprisingly fast, and I didn’t expect this at all.

We got out of the hole and came out to the base of the World Tree. From there I asked him if he would come back to my body with me. He agreed. We returned to my body and he put his head on my lap, and I started to feel like I was spinning around in circles. I opened my eyes and felt energized.

I thought that was a super interesting experience. I’m still worried a bit about the power animal, but in retrospect he gave me some obvious signs and he seems legit, also he acted in ways that did not seem like they were just my imagination.

Many times during the journey I noticed things that seemed outside my imagination, so I look forward to meeting my animal guide again sometime soon.

All in all, that was epic.


I have been working on developing skill with the law of assumption. I think I’m going to try manifesting something more material. I haven’t been able to fall asleep in the state akin to sleep yet.

My friend who is very skilled with the law of assumption channeled a mantra from her godself that causes the mind of Christ to take over, bringing about fast realization of your desires. It is as follows.


I am testing this right now.

I started listening to the optimal reality subliminal from absolute power subliminals.


That’s an awesome journey, and reminds me of my first one to find my power animal. I asked for signs more than once because I was unsure as well. Yours sounds cool!


Yeah, I’m a bit worried that it’s too cool for me. In retrospect though, it was trying hard to make itself known to me, so I’m relatively confident now.

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You should read about @anon84423462’s bee friend. He likes to sting him when he’s not paying attention :grin:


I should hang out with the dude more, I really haven’t interacted with it these last days. Way too busy with MCO and Bornless :pleading_face: