My neighbours are destroying me since 1 year with Mantra & hypnosis. I need help

Please I need help, these 4 people are destroying my life with mantra magic I get hypnotized every 5 minutes to forget everything, they ruined me and they are ruining my brother, my mother and my father. They think that no one can do them any harm. This asshole that lives beside me is ruining my reputation as a slut, pedophile on WhatsApp, he’s is treathing me if you say as I do I give you you’re old self back, this has been happening since last year. I don’t know what’s happening to me, I feel like screaming inside. my soul says that I want to wake up I want to cry hysterically. These enemies changed me I feel like I became a different person, I don’t know how my mom, or the rest of my family behaves. They have begun and they act as if I am everything at fault. I only know parts of myself, I don’t know my name or anything. They are giving me traumas like my own family members are rapists or pedos or something. This bitch that lives under me is trying to give me a trauma that I am allegedly, r*aping her son while she is and her husband are ruling my old self, I was and I am always innocent.These people belong in hell all of them who is a part of it.

I don’t have any money can someone please do anything for free? Thanks.


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Here is a getting started with magick guide.

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@lunacatxo, you can start with the banishing and see if that helps, then further go along with other stuff.

Banishing Incantation from the kingdoms of flames book

“Ashtu malku ta dat arkata
sastus seckz altamu partu
iretempal krez ta felta
vaskalla regent met senturus
ta sastrus estos melta kelta, kelta, kleta hine”

Repeat it 3 times while pushing your will out with every word.

Incantation for Banishing - angelic version - 3 times or 9 times

Ashta Malku dozef lata
esh pon ron te suro maka
Izzef mun to so rem ba te ka
Lux onf inido

see if that helps you.

Do you have any experience with the magick or magickal stuff?

Peace & Blessings :pray:


After banishing try this:

Healing and Shielding for Groups,
Extended Shielding for others,
castable from distance.
Source, Enochian

After that:

Calling the forces of healing

“Ano anu ernez’sta kalu maji’ka mahu en’spera du an lantu
es specha
kamios de la mu”

The energy healing Aura/shield

put your hands in a prayer position and visualize a white greenish energy emanating from it you are round this circle and chant

Jur’ay akmantos en ‘ji kum’ man

Now meditate on this field of energy restoring any energy that it’s missing and bringing prana to chakras and self, and visualize all your chakras as clearer and brighter than you can.

3 times, 3rd time louder:

Diminish Anxiety, Fear and Worry:
Jael Aladawon (jah-el ah-lahd-ah-whon)

If you have the parasite, imposters problems, then these incantations should be the greatest.

Lord Yeesch - The Destroyer Of Parasites and Impostors From The Legions of King Paimon

“Yayliz kamiaz’lartan veench sves’desckz mah’call mata’enturaz ovay”

this incantacion
enforces will,with right intentions can call a spirit of your choosing as authentic not impostor,heres a example

Itz Ra’cha belial,come,belial scorpion god
come,king of sabatths
belial,bel’yol come
let no impostor come
to your calling”

or as a prelimaty

no impostors or malovent energy and spirit can pass through this place and ritual
only those who have my permision as a living god can pass

incantacion for protection againsest all that binds you and targets you

lekra’x jeenas mah’jeenas entemonos lena mo

for killing parasites

enemo alatza’el mah’jeena erentinas mo

Some angelic courtesy to DarkestKinight:

To raise one’s vibration and loosen and remove negative attachments, including parasites:

AY - EEM - MA - TA - AH

Raziel’s warning: This mantra will remove all unhealthy energetic attachments, including attachments to vices, addictions, abusive people, and obsessions. When these things are removed, you may feel a sense of loss, especially if they are deeply entrenched within your energy system. One tester found themselves losing the urge to indulge in their smoking habit after chanting.

If you are host to a parasite or other vampiric entity, vibrating this mantra will shake them loose and drive them off. However, it won’t be pleasant as they will fight back and try to get you to stop using the mantra.

Peace & Blessings :pray:


@lunacatxo, I am a student and learner here, I have no such capabilities to heal you, in fact, I am fighting with my own hauntings on daily basis, but these incantations, prayers gives me a great sense of relief up to a level that at least I am doing my mundane task regularly and look after my family, hope that helps.
There are lots of wonderful spirits and beings that existed here, but the point is first you should take your initiative then things get easier for you.

Peace & Blessings :pray:


@lunacatxo, any progress?

Peace & Blessings

all will be well