Breaking fears of opening up to demons etc

My opinion is you need to go into a graveyard at 3am. Meditate on top of a grave. Draw a circle around you and the grave and start raising all the energy you can. Then reach into your unconscious mind. Pull Fear out of you. Evoke Fear in front of you and then dominate him. Or another method is to purify your samskaras


Oh and I’m a baptized Catholic, tired of dogma. So I did got a lot of fear before starting with opening up to Demons. Lucifer was my first fear to overcome. Now I feel like he is with me often and it feels great. He gives very good vibes. Azazel was the next fear, overcome. Imposters or testing overcome. Just be respectful and you will be just fine.


This. Spend time with a spirit and know them. Then you’ll be able to spot a fraud. You’ll know when they don’t feel like themselves or speak the same way.

Learn them. Don’t be afraid. And there are always lessons especially for you not to be shared.


Sounds amazing, and i would be interested on the result on what might happen. Just have to find a undisturbed cemitary cuz around here they get open and locked at night to the public, the last thing i need is the police turning up…-than my fears will be really turning up lolm
ps how does one dominate the fear? Calling it by name?

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Conversely, there’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing not to work with demons. I only work with angels, and my abilities haven’t been less for it. If you want to work with demons, go ahead; but know that there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to. I am not afraid of demons, I’ve worked with one or two. But, I prefer to work with angels because they have such an uplifting energy. In my experience, a demon will descend to your level and work with you; whereas an angel will ascend you to their level and work with you. Furthermore, I live as a roommate to a large family, and I’d rather not have demonic entities frightening the young girls that live here. I’d rather have angelic entities protecting them.


You dominate it with sheer will. You must stare into his eyes and assert your power it. However you do that i based on you.

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So would a circle around a grave be enough of protection?
Secondly, can that be done for every fear in life, can every fear, even legitamate ones be overcome this way (by facing it. Ive heared if someone is not strong enough it can just exaserbate the fear…)
Also can you tell me more about the second suggestion.


Perhaps start working on your chakras

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Research and faith in your instincts is the way to face fear and embrace darkness… Trust in yourself and let the spiritual world guide you. You won’t get disappointed… :slight_smile: @Eve1

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The LBR has been amazing. Thanks for recommending it.
I really nead someone willing to cover the baisics with me.
Its quite embarrasing to be dabbling in everything and noone teach you the basics.
Thanks … appreciated.


As you mentioned the LBR, i guess you have some knowledge in it, can i just ask about something when i started practicing… at one point it sounded like a voice say something begining with “T” - "tao…"something. Is there something in that maybe? If so, what?

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As far as Im aware, that could be a number of different things. The LBRP is modifiable so you can do it however youd like. Here are some links for you, these helped me out immensely

I Am’s Solar Grounding & Banishing Ritual - Health, Beauty & Shapeshifting - Become A Living God

Is there a daemonic version to the LBRP - General Discussion - Become A Living God

Magician starting tips

Psychic senses

Aura sensing

Kill impastas

Black Magick Training for beginner’s and adepts - Black Magick & The Left Hand Path - Become A Living God


Thanks for putting this all together. I will make time to study and read through all this. Thanks.


How do you deal with imposters? when envoking.

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Hey @anon85346918,

Good question. Well mostly when you draw a sigil and use gazing as a method, the Spirit of your choice will hear you. So then an importer doesn’t have a chance.

Let’s get into a few steps:

  1. Work with a Sigil. If you’re not sure ask them to show their sigil in your head while meditating. I see Lucifers Sigil then :slight_smile:
  2. You feel the energy when a spirit resonates with you. Even dark energy feels powerful and good, if it’s a spirit with right intentions.
  3. Maybe this sounds strange. But when I had problems with an importer I could smell something different in my house.
  4. Grounding yourself, before evocation. Be one with nature, or do it with a pendulum.
    Go stand on a straight floor, imagine you’re in a forest. Imagine your feet sink into the earth, become one with the earth. Do that for a while.
    Or the (I Am grounding ……)

So if you have the feeling that something is not right:

  1. Preform a banishing (I Am…) or LBPR (I will put links at the end)
    You can do this on forehand too. High level spirits will come if you evoke them after the banishing and they will understand.
  2. Preform a house cleansing
    Bless water (with salt and vinegar) in the name of Source, God, Lucifer… (Choose your path), this is holy water.
    Preform the banishing first (stand in a way you reach every room with the banishing, do the ‘I Am’ or LBRP, if the LBPR do it in your sleeping room and your ritual room). Then clean your house with vacuum cleaner and vinegar and stuff you always use. Open windows. Then in every corner bless the room with that holy water (sprinkle it) and in every opening (window).



So if you ask the spirit to show you their sigil they have to?

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Yes to identify themselves. But mostly when you work with Sigils or known rituals it’s not needed. Like I said you feel when something feels right or not. And then you can banish.

And in communication always respect spirits even if they won’t do the job.

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so a spirit cant show you another spirits sigil to trick you?

Nope, let’s say a spirit would show you Lucifers Sigil to trick you. Guess what happens. A Sigil stays an easy way to communicate to the Spirit.
If a spirit or you focuses on that sigil (you with your mind, because the spirits tries to trick you) a connection is established. The last thing an imposter wants is to trigger an Archangel/Demonic king and abuse his sign :slight_smile:

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Oh another thing is if you work with Michael or Lucifer. Their sigils stand for protection. This is another easy way to protect yourself. Or just ask one of them to protect you.

And then if you still unsure about the Sigil technique focus a white light of protection surrounding you just before the evocation.

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