How to scry

So here is my interpretation of learning scrying with a self made black mirror.

  1. Ask for protection or perform a LBR if you please. This can be your spirit guides, Angels, Daemons
  2. Eliminate all light sources except a dimmed light or a candle that comes from behind you.
  3. Meditate. Take a deep breath in your nose (count to 4) and breath out (count to 6) until this feels natural. Quiet your mind but don’t do it forcefully. You can do this with binaural beats in the background to.
  4. Gaze in the mirror and feel yourself going in a trans like state. Look what comes up but don’t try to force anything.
  5. Things are slowly beginning to pop up now and the mirror and surrounding will become foggy from the gazing.
  6. If you have a question, ask it and keep focusing on what comes. It can take a while give yourself a 15 till 20 minutes.
  7. Close the session. Say goodbye and if you want you can do a LBR. So the energies know the session has ended.

how do you make a black mirror ? Taking a normal mirror would not be enough i guess? Or is actually black?

Hi @princess_samedi09,

Some ideas:

or from @succupedia

I scry with my eyes closed. I don’t use tooling anymore. If that works for you, then that is fine too.

Some use an old tablet, cellphone tv or laptop screen.

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I just close my eyes and I see different colors of energies and sometimes even see images and feels emotions.

It’s like being sucked into a vortex, floating inside tunnels.


I get this as well. Always cool when someone else’s experiences line up with your own.

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I like to scry in water. If I’m a pool at night alone, pond or lake-
I will do much as you have spoken to get into that trance like state…
Wade out into the water waist deep.
Allow my head to drop to face the water as the energy surrounding intensifies.
Then opening my eyes and then in what I can only describe as “looking at that space between my eyes and the waters surface”
And staring intently into that space of implied nothingness in between- I begin to see the present as it truly is right now. The spiritual veil and fabric reveals as it is in this present moment.
Then, while focusing on now as it REALLY is- I can glimpse just past now into the face of the water to see what’s ahead… thru scrying the reflection (portal) .
I love to scry with water. I do use black mirrors and crystals as well.:slight_smile:

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