My grama an IRS scam victim need help with cursing

so i never thought about cursing someone unril today. my grama who is sweet an innocent fell for an irs phone call scam and just had all her money stolen. I checked her account at the atm just now and it is negative 38 dollars. I am furious. I have never cursed anyone before and never planned on it but after this has happened my view has dramatically changed i am so fucking pissed off right now I want these bastards to suffer horribly. I really wouldn’t care if they died. that being said I have no experience in banefull magic whatsoever.
can anyone give me some tips on how to do this especially when i dont know my intended victim/s
I’d appreciate it. and im not sure how this really works but if any of you want to team up and fuck up all these scammers lives together that’s cool with me. thanks for any and all help.

all I have done that’s been successful sileybbecause of magic was gettin s specify job that i would not have gotten otherwise. I always planned on doing both dark and light type of works. but now it is obviously time to bring on the darkness


Before cursing for death, why not first do a working to get your grandma’s money back?

Andromalius can return stolen goods.

Once your grams has her money back THEN whip out the most evilest death curse you know :slight_smile:


good idea she’s going to the bank tm im going to try to do something tn if i can. I doubt the bank will give her the money she lost but idk. If you or anyone else knows of a simple an effective curse please let me know the method or point me in the right direction. I can’t buy a book right now so plz don’t include that in your answer. I’ve been searching the thread for the past half hour and can’t find anything on how to do an actual curse. it’s gotta be on here somewhwre obviously. if someone knows a solid thread with this info plz share it. I will gladly put the work in I’m not asking for anyone to do anything for me but show me the way if someone could. thanks and tell your parents and grandparents about this scam

they may not listen though. my grandmother heard get arrested and gave in to them even though I told her time and time again about this happening and that it was all a lie and a scam. she didn’t even believe she got scammed i had to show her about it online for her to finally accept it ughh I better not be like that when im old.!

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Bro thats EXTREMELY fucked up. I would be on fire. Im sorry to hear that happened to her. Before you do the curse, I would advise calling on Chameal to retrieve this money back. Then go take care of those assholes


Lol I didn read your post first. Yea what @DarkestKnight said


Do the opposite. What you want isn’t to cause the scammer to need to scam more. Give him good luck, abundance, give him a reason to leave it. Give him a reason to convince his scamming friends to stop. I understand what you are feeling and it’s reaction based, not thought based. Think about the end result you want and the best way to achieve it. Make it not personal, make it a hate towards that mentality of wanting to scam someone. From the Art of War, it’s best to turn your enemy into an ally if possible. But then again I’m a pacifist mostly…

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Im thinking. A link of some sort would be needed. Im still trying to figure out how to hit targets without a direct path to them. Find out who or where she sent that money. A bank account number? A business name? The phone number? I use peoples names as sigils and I even use their phone numbers. When a number of any kind is assigned to you, it is bound to you until it is released. Try to find a path to them, and make a sigil with it. Sorry if it is not the best advice but I hope it helps. Fuckers. I don’t believe in fucking with animals or the elderly.


This one seems appropriate. They won’t beable to talk :wink:
Can’t phone scam people if you can’t talk!
Just let the OP know how it went, he asks in the thread for people to share using it.

I’d use another spell too, tonight for your grandma getting the bank to give her money back.
Go for the lost things route. I think this would work best for her.

After this you can put a nastier curse on that scammer.


Okay, disclaimer: I am NOT trying to talk you out of this. I am trying to present you with a potentially more beneficial course of action before you curse the fucker. Because I would still fry the bastard, it just would not be priority #1.

Dude, you need to get the money back. Think of why you are enraged in the first place. Someone violated your family, leaving her to deal with all the rough crap that comes with being wiped out financially. My number one priority would be workings to get the money back however it needs to happen. This will go miles towards helping your grandmother, which will be good for both of you, where simply cursing the thief only makes you feel better.

You need to get the money first. Then break legs. With the nastiest hatred you can pull out of you. Or a demonic.

Who knows? Maybe the way you manifest the money also screws this guy royally. Winning bigly.


thanks for the comments and advice. the only thing I have is the phone number which im.going to get. unless they called private and she fell for it… I hope fucking not. how would I make a sigil with a phone number?

thank you!

yes I agree I need to get the money back. I should be in bed because I have to get up early for work tm but im going to do a ritual first. if i dont respond until tm to you guys that is why. thank you everyone for your help. I will post the phone number on here as well in case that helps anyone who wishes to curse these IRS scaling basterd. I looked up the phone scam thing to prove it to get and there is a shit ton of different scams these guys are running it’s crazy they haven’t been stopped. again thank you all for your help i greatly appreciated it

not to sound mean but that that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. with all do respect. I’m just being honest why would I reward the fuckers who stole from my grama with abundance and wealth. are u crazy?!?!?

you think they will stop once they reach a certain amount of money they steal and that’s ok? I can tell you are a RHP kind of person which is fine but your answer was ridiculous. if I’m coming off as an asshole it’s because I’m pissed and not meant to.hurt you in anyway so if wjatbinsaid does then I apologize but damn really that’s your answer!


Yeah I know it sounds crazy… … … Though I’ll be straight up with you, if I wasn’t a pacifist I’d be a serial killer. And probably dead or in jail, I can’t run all that fast.

Lol hard to explain in writing. But you can use the actual phone number itself. Best thing that I can think of. But where did she send the money

I definitely get it! And I was half expecting that answer. I’m not saying reward them, remember you hurt multiple people targeting one. I think about things like, well do they have children, they’re children are innocent. Imagine if they have to grow up living with a horribly cursed parent. It’s the way my mind works. I have had so many experiences where I could have rightfully lay someone out or worse. Do what you will! Think about it for a minute what I said, every move counts, fuck karma, like fuck your own karma. Think outside of that because I’m not talking about that. Like I said think about your end goal first before you decide your actions.

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Normally this would be against forum rules, check with @Lady_Eva before posting that.

To make the number a sigil, I would look at the numbers as designs. Get ride of any duplicates and create an interlocking pattern with the rest.

Here’s an example I just did off my head.

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nice okay. die u put a 4 in there i dont see it? amd jusy one of the same number in the sigil?

Ya don’t use any duplicates. I put the 4 in but the key is be creative, let your subconscious just make a picture out of it. You don’t have to beable to pick the numbers out, it’s better if you can’t.
You’d do the same with a name too.