My first evocation (Sitri)

Congrats! Something important to consider is how prepared you are for what you’re asking. Spirits will often deliver (with exception of those who reside within phrases like ‘for the greatest good’ or ‘given it’s the right time’). Make sure you’re ready to receive what you ask for so you can learn from it and have fun!

Are phrases like ‘for the greatest good’ or ‘given it’s the right time’ bad? What could come of adding this to your petition?

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They’re limiting.

I don’t think they’re “Bad,” but also exercise caution where you choose to use them if you’re certain you want what you want, regardless of the other consequences. When I’m asking for something, I’ll usually make sure no one who is just getting in the way gets killed or anything drastic, but I also know what I want. I’m asking for help because I’m sure I want it and I trust myself enough or have a strong enough desire that I don’t care really to say those phrases.

Some people really love them, it’s up to you. Your practice is your practice.

I’ve summoned him in the name of YHVH and gotten great results - several times…why do you say that?

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It could sabotage/limit your results, especially if angels are involved.

Always consider the possible blow back from the magic, however, and prepare yourself…use potent protection.

I was a very new student and thought I could get away with a Solomonic style command and constraint. It blew up in my face. We’ve since mended fences however.