My entities drawing journey!


:rofl: yes lol! :thinking: I wonder why white not black!


So this is kinda how I saw Andromalius! :sweat_smile: blurry so I was looking for the snake to identify him… :thinking: he let his tongue out! It was the only clear thing :expressionless: I need more practice…

:thinking: then made this… the face could use improvement but I hit a block… so here it is…

@Sasha2017 :rofl: would you ask him if he approve?


I will the next time I evoke him. I only just finished a few hours ago our ritual.
I am sure he will, they are excellent. :heart:


He is very silent with me though. I have done 10 evocations with him and he has only said 2 words and that was last night. I can feel his energy however so will ask and see how that feels. I am sure honouring him with art will please him


:thinking: yeah he seems like the silent type… :rofl: but the snake is giving me practice with Clairaudiance! :expressionless: am still bad at figuring out what they say so snake noises actually is a relief… just focusing on the noises and not what it means :yum:


:slight_smile: hehehe! Lucifer spoiling me!!!


lilith come to my dream like this picture


Was this last night? Very nice.


:rofl: yes! I invoke Lucifer and slept! Was running around holding this boy like he’s the most important thing ever! He was cuter than this but I was rushing the drawing…


This is amazing, you are spectacular at drawing!


:no_mouth: has anyone seen king paimon like this? @SoliMar ?
This was in a dream and in my head! The outfit stood out! He is usually invisible! That’s why am struggling with this… :laughing:

My self progression journal

Curious to see Bathin haha


Funny you said that! Am planning to work with him soon since his name was in a dream!


Ooh, me too! Ma boi!


:hugs: another Bael!

Appearing as a cat?

:rofl: when I need help on the astral and call Michael this is how he enters! The WOW moment!


Holy crap, good job paying attention to detail!


A while back in November 2018 I had this vision coming in my mind repeatedly when I meditate but I didn’t know who! So I remembered I petitioned Sastan to help me with my senses! I was expecting a salamander so I never noticed the other form! It’s not like they come up to me with a name tag :unamused: so yeah I just figured it out… I had a gut feeling that I need to read his description. So here I am! too late but better than never!


Yes! This is exactly how I always see Paimon (Just different clothing) He usually wears a white robe around me, it’s a lot more casual. But I have seen him wearing gorgeous clothing before, he showed once this royal purple robe with gold threading that seemed to glow. He certainly has a eclectic (but beautiful) style taste!


:heart_eyes: awesome! Thanks for confirming it to me!