My entities drawing journey!


Curiouser and curiouser …


:rofl: exactly!!!


Wait a sec. Winny the Poo is Willy in Egypt???


I know him as Willy! :thinking: brain fart? Idk but I remember in Arabic was Willy!


I am trying Prince Orobas! I don’t think I’ve seen him yet but got this inspiration :blue_heart:


I love your artwork. I would love a drawing of how I saw Lucifer,but I am unable to paint like you and describing it is too hard. Lucifer is blue to me. Have you seen Andromalius or Bune to paint? I would love to see that.


fkin awsome!


Thanks :kissing_heart:

:thinking: you can petition Lucifer to appear to me like he appeared to you! And I will ask him to show me what you see. I did this with Belial! It’s close enough to how he appeared to @gluttonfree

Great! I will work on them next! :rofl: am just asking Lucifer to give me hints to who should I approach next! Am guessing this is a sign :kissing_heart:


Yes, maybe. Lucifer appeared as a blue Harlequin figure to me, tall and looking like a little like David Bowie. Really beautiful, too beautiful to describe. I will try, thank you


Another Orobas :grinning: this is what I have seen in my mind!

:blush: human unicorn! He was holding a lance I think!


I love how you’re able to capture the type of energy they appeared in, it really shows in your drawings. You draw really well :sunflower::leaves:


Ahh I like your drawings!!! Keep it up!!!


Holy shit this image is how he has always always appeared to me, that exact outfit, the way he holds himself, always the handsome stranger, the details of his face changes but that basic silhouette is identical :heart:


These are really good. Quite the artist. Each is captivating in it’s own way. Very impressive


@anon88243269 I couldn’t see Bune fully since I was between sleep state! She is sweet! Held my hand and told me to sleep! This is all I remember :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I must try again!


Beautiful. I would love an Andromalius one if you ever can? I would print if off and frame it for my altar. x


@anon88243269 Sure I am working on building a connection to Andromalius!
For now I am taking a trip with Lucifer :thinking: not sure what I visualized but went with it!


I love it. Keep them coming. :heart:


:rofl: lol Lucifer being funny “cheese”! :hugs: the huge teeth was funny inch away from my face!

:laughing: can’t wait to see more faces! Am an addict…


He does have a good sense of humour.