"My" demons might not be the same as "your" demons (GateKeepers)? Discussion?




Yes, the different methods I was alluding to were grimoire trad methods or those akin to that since grimoire magic has roots in Graeco-Egyptian magic.


If you want to win people over into working with those, post your results, with enough info that people can see the method you used and what actual and materially verifiable result you got.

We have two whole topics where people share successes: Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here! & The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick as a model for how that works.

“You shouldn’t do X because you’re all foolish Y” will only get clicks from people looking for drama, and will fall away fast, especially if a fight breaks out on that topic and it gets locked.

“I manifested a new house/$5m dollars/the perfect wife using time-tested methods” will get ongoing clicks, including via Google.

If you developed or pieced together new things that take the methods closer back to the GE origins that would also be of interest to read, since a lot of people are repelled by the Christian framework inherent in grimoire trad. :+1:

Most people are more loss-averse and will strive more not to suffer loss than they will work to gain new positive things, so usually in everyday life, stick works better than carrot, but this forum (like most of the internet) is somewhat outside that, because people join looking for solutions, whether to major life problems, increasing their existing knowledge, or just for company and social interaction from likeminded people.

Giving people what works instead of berating them for what you believe does not is therefore the most effective way to get your ideas welcomed into other people’s minds. :smiley:


Welp, better a lecture than a banhammer (again), I suppose. :wink:


I asked Belial why he appeared differently based on which methods I used to call him, and if it was the same spirit that was coming through. He said something along the lines of yes its all him, just different masks for different occasions.

So I’m guessing “my” demons are the same as “yours” just a different face.


I still believe that all who chose to work with spirits of any kind are wasting their time and energy. Feel free to attack my beliefs as you see fit


With raspberry jelly and kazoos? Fax me your address, I’ll be there at dawn. :+1:

Seriously, you’re not even alone in this, and many of us also work with Source/I Am concepts as well as working with spirits.

You’re not so self-contained you never eat, right? Therefore, forms of energy exist outside of you. :smiley:


Ofcourse I eat but only to further my own existence. It would be silly for me to eat to further someone else’s existence. That is all I’m saying.


Ben Shapiro of the balg forum



It must be pretty boring then, what is interesting about spirits is that you are speaking with something that doesn’t live on the same existence that you do. Such as the astral plane. Especially spiritual companions that you may find make my life at least more interesting.

I know that spirits aren’t everyone’s MO but it is like something that is to be tried at least like drugs (as edgy and dumb as that sounds, I am not encouraging drug use). It provides something that is new and unique to the majority. Not the drugs part, of course, everyone does that already. LOL

Seriously though good luck man with whatever you do. You are a unique person I’ve not seen on this forum before.


I never bore myself. Thanks for thinking of my entertainment though.


Well this turned out better then I was expecting it to. Rare, but still nice to see. :grin:


It is nice when the anger plague doesn’t completely take over


Many don’t understand my brand of levity.

It was never meant to make anyone laugh because it is funny. It should make you laugh because it is absurd. Laugh at its stupidity.